Let go of lag

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Let go of lag

LagoFast is based on an LFP data transfer protocol that was developed in-house to provide smart matching to the most optimal nodes. Exclusive routes from around the world provide super-smooth gaming so you can enjoy a truly immersive experience.
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Let go of lag
Let go of lag
Let go of lag
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LagoFast FeaturesLagoFast Features

Lag-free gaming with our unique LFP Protocol

Smart Routing
Precise Boosting
Smart, real-time network diagnosis and dynamic matching to optimal nodes ensure that every single player has lower ping and less lag.
LagoFast not only ensures super-smooth gaming, it also won't affect the use of Twitch, Spotify, or browsing any other type of online content... at all!
Unique LFP Protocol
LagoFast has 8 years of experience implementing the industy's leading data transfer protocol. Powerful compatibility allows it to not only adapt to the trickiest of network environments, it also provides 360-degree protection for your gaming experience.
FPS Boost
Enjoy HD, super-smooth visuals with our systematic, one-click boost.
Custom options allow you to unlock a truly immersive gaming experience based on your specific requirements.
Easy lobby
Warzone has a matching mechanism called Skill-based matchmaking (SBMM), where you have to keep challenging opponents with a higher Kill-to-death ratio (KD).So you just need LagoFast, a powerful Warzone VPN that grants you a lower KD, allowing you to achieve more kills and wins in easy lobbies.
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LagoFast Features

Exclusive Routes = Fast & Stable

LagoFast uses routes from around the world that are provided exclusively for our users. Network fast lanes are just one click away!

With a server network that covers over 60 countries, super-smooth gaming is guaranteed.
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Supports over 1000 games

Every game desires to be treated as a unique entity, and that is precisely what we do, customizing each plan according to the game's unique characteristics.

We believe that an excellent experience requires excellent service!
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Pay per Minute; Stop Whenever!

Cost can be calculated in minutes, so you are free to stop whenever you'd like. Not boosting? Don't pay!
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Why Gamers Choose LagoFast

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