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LagoFast Game Booster improves game FPS and reduces lag with just one click. It’s built-in data transfer protocol provided smart matching to the most optimal nodes, allowing you to enjoy super-fast gaming speed and lag-free gaming experience.
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Let go of lag
Let go of lag
Let go of lag
Let go of lag
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All-around & Premium Game Boost

Multipath Connection

LagoFast will boost multiple routes and choose the best one when gamers trying to connect to the server. With the advanced data transfer mechanism, LagoFast can accurately detect the nodes' status and optimize you gaming network connection. If one of the routes get stuck or unstable, the other routes will ensure your smooth and complete gameplay without disconnection.

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Real-time Automatic Server

For those multi-server games, LagoFast will analyze and transfer the servers’ status in real-time to ensure the connected server is mostly optimized. As a result, gamers will not be bothered by occasional server errors. The multipath connection and real-time automatic server contribute to double optimization for multi-server games.

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Ultimate FPS Boost

LagoFast automatically optimizes PC, CPU, and GPU status to boost FPS. It can enable game mode and disable unnecessary processes to be well-prepared for a game. Ultimately, LagoFast Game Booster can overclock AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards. Plus, it can check for a graphics driver update to increase FPS and avoid in-game ghosting and tearing in one click.

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Game Console Boost

As the first video game console booster, LagoFast supports optimizing game performance on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Once the game console is connecting the same network with your computer. Thus, allowing much faster and smoother gaming experience with no lag, low ping, and fast speed on the video game consoles.

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Easy Lobby

Easy Lobby, also called Bot Lobby, is developed for CoD gamers to achieve more kills and win the games. It is used as a Warzone VPN to break the skill-based matchmaking mechanism (SBMM) of CoD and matches more low K/D gamers for you. Plus, it boosts lobby data and game data in a way that your gaming performance is extremely stable.

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Exclusive Routes and Worldwide Servers

LagoFast covers smart game routes and stable game servers from 60+ countries and 150+ cities. It works as a game VPN in some aspects for 30,000,000+ gamers around the world. You can fastly connect with the nearest server and smart game node according to your real location. Besides, LagoFast allows you to change servers and nodes manually, just like a vpn for games.

Support Boosting 2,000+ Online Games

Each game in LagoFast is added with different routes and servers. Gamers can choose their own way to boost games with the best experience.
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