The Best Warzone VPN for Easy Lobbies
To Get Easier Matches & More Kills
LagoFast grants you more kills and more wins by helping you connect to the best VPN server location bot lobbies in Call of Duty Warzone 2 & MW3.
Supports easy lobby on:
All-in-One Call of Duty VPN
Best Warzone VPN to Get Bot lobbies
Call of Duty: Warzone has a matching mechanism called Skill-based matchmaking (SBMM), where you have to keep challenging opponents with a higher Kill-to-death ratio (KD), followed by you being mercilessly slaughtered. You just need LagoFast, a powerful Warzone VPN that grants you a lower KD, allowing you to achieve more kills and wins in easy lobbies.
  • More Stable Easy Lobby and More Wins
    LagoFast is a specialized tool capable of precisely boosting lobby data and game data. The more precise the data division, the more stable the bot lobbies.
  • Lower ping and Faster Connection
    With the Multipath Connection & Real-time Automatic Server, there is absolutely no effect on your in-game ping. You can play now with the only Warzone VPN that guarantees an ultra-fast connection!
  • Works On All Platforms
    LagoFast fully supports all Call of Duty games series PC & Console, you just need one account to get the SBMM off without lag on PC ( & Steam) , PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series S and X !
  • Best VPN Server Location
    99+ Warzone VPN Servers, Covering 31+ countries, and more VPN locations for bot lobbies are added. LagoFast grants gamers improved access to easier lobbies  through selected server locations.
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Lower Threshold and
Cheaper Price
Check out the first-class easy lobby effect of LagoFast with the Free Trial and if you are satisfied with the trial, spend only $4.9/month on your first subscription!
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More professional client app, lowering your KD in 3 easy steps
Stop wasting your time on those tedious products with countless bugs! LagoFast is a Warzone VPN developed by a professional team with over eight years of experience. It doesn’t require you to download multiple files or carry out multiple steps of operation. You just need 3 steps to lower your Warzone KD! check detailed steps >>
Here’s what you need to do:
  • 1. Download LagoFast free trial, and register right away.
  • 2. Choose Easy Lobby in the tab.
  • 3. Start the Boost.
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How to get easier lobby Warzone with LagoFast?
LagoFast offers different ip options for you to set the ip far away from the server you are on. CoD will make adjustments when finding games for you. In this way, CoD needs to lower SBMM to be able to find games for you quickly, which makes lobby easier.
Can I get banned for using a Warzone VPN - LagoFast?
Currently you can't be banned for using LagoFast or other VPN products. LagoFast is used to tweak matchmaking and to reduce game lag, it's not against the game or the Activision's terms of service.
Will LagoFast - Easy Lobby affect my ping?
LagoFast simulates you being in another place through dedicated routes. It doesn't make your connection go around very far with high latency. Instead, it ensures stable connection to your usual server, keeping your game ping at a low level.
Will I get easy lobbies every time I play?
There are many factors that impact the match making process, including your recent K/D, queuing time and server status, etc. On occasion you may still get lobbies that are at your skill level. Nevertheless LagoFast will definitely improve the probability of consistently getting lower K/D lobbies.
How LagoFast works to get more stable easy lobby?
With 8 years of routes optimization and years of research experience with the CoD series, lagofast's intelligent routing system enables precise boost of lobby traffic and game data. The more accurate the data traffic diversion, the more stable easy lobby will be.
Does Easy Lobby count as cheating?
Easy Lobbies does not count as cheating as it does not go against the current Activision's TOS (terms of service).
Can I use it on Playstation or Xbox?
Yes, Lagofast works on PC & Console, you just need one PC to get the SBMM off without lag on Ps4/Ps5/Xbox! Check the tutorial accordingly:
How to select an IP suitable for you?
If you're located in Europe:
India IP, Egypt IP are the most recommended
If you're located in North America:
We suggest you try Kazakhstan IP, India IP, Egypt IP or Hawaii IP
If you're located in the Middle East:
EU IPs, India IP are the best with a great amount of good feedback.
In brief, we suggest you choose popular IPs (far away from your place) — India, Kazakhstan, Egypt IPs are recommended for many players. You can also try other IPs as long as it's far from where you're located.
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