What is a Game Booster?

The game booster passes the game data through its various optimized and dedicated traffic paths to solve the problems of routing, interception, and congestion, which provides stability and fast Internet connections for gamers and reduces game lag, high ping and packet loss rate.
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Why do you need a Game Booster?
How does a Game Booster work?
Is Game Booster a VPN?
Is Game Booster safe?
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Why do You need a Game Booster?

Do you need a Game Booster? It depends, the Game Boosters focus on creating the best connection possible for gaming. So if you care about your connection and want to get the best online gaming experience possible, then you NEED it! Here are a few more reasons why you need a Game Booster:
While having bad network infrastructure
Game Booster is MOST useful for places that have lousy network infrastructure and as a result, suffer from unstable internet connections. A Game Booster will definitely help smoothen your online gaming experience by eliminating packet loss and jitter. The FPS Boost feature may also come in handy for users with a low-end gaming computer.
While playing intense FPS/ Sports/ Racing games
In these kinds of games, you may easily lose your advantage in a few seconds when having a bad network connection. A Game booster optimizes data routing by instantaneously mapping out various routes and sending the packet through the optimal one. In case one route becomes unstable, the others kick in keeping the game connection unphased.
Wishing to play with gamers in a specific server
You may have a good ping when connecting to the server and looking for a match, but since there are not enough players on your server, you might have to play with gamers who live far away from your area, which may cause high ping, game lag, and other connection issues. Game Booster like LagoFast could lock or change your game data's geo-location and give an ideal gaming experience.
While playing far from the game servers
If your play games (like beta versions) that don't have servers in your country, or play region-locked games. You may have major performance issues because of the long distance to the servers. A Game Booster guarantees a stable connection through a real-time optimization system that counts on a worldwide server network spread throughout all continents.

How does a Game Booster work?

Game Booster optimizes your game data through its worldwide servers and nodes to avoid game ping, lag, and packet loss. When you download Game Booster to your PC, you only need to log in and connect. Let's takeLagoFast as an example and explain:
Here's what's going on behind the scenes:
1. Packet of Data:
Your PC constantly exchanges "packets" of data with the game's server or host when playing games, and the round-trip travel time of those packets is your ping. In a word, the shorter your traffic path is chosen, the quicker your packet of data transfers to the game's server, and the lower ping you would get.
2. Your own ISP service:
Think of internet packets as cars and highways as routes. A highway with less traffic will let the car move faster, whereas a congested one will slow it down. Similarly, if you're on a full server or have an ISP that uses bad routing, you will experience packet loss and ping spikes when playing online games.
3. LagoFast's own routing and servers:
By using its own worldwide server and node, LagoFast lets your packets move in an unobstructed traffic path, decreases your packet loss rate to 0%, and reduces game ping and game lag.

Is Game Booster a VPN?

Many Players use VPN and wish to reduce game lag, and get an ideal gaming experience. You may wonder what is the differences between a Game Booster and a VPN, Let's take lagoFast as an example of Game Booster to make comparison:
Let's summarize the differences:
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Is Game Booster Safe and Legit?

As mentioned above, Game Boosters don't change or mask your IP address, nor encrypt your traffic. It's Logical because encryption will always slow down your speeds since time is lost in the process of encrypting your traffic. Also, as it works only for gaming, the software won't transmit sensitive data.
Let's take a look at the list of information LagoFast is storing from the users:
• Your IP Address
• Log-in Information
• Operating System
• Log of Game Boost in the Software
LagoFast will only use these information to analyze and optimize the software. So there is no need to worry about the safety of LagoFast game booster.
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How to use a Game Booster?

Open LagoFast and Register/Sign in
After the installation of the software, register and get your free trial, no credit card is required.
Pick the game
LagoFast supports 1000+ popular online games, you just need to take a look at the Game Library and pick the ones you like.
Boost and Enjoy!
Choose the server and node with the lowest ping (You could choose an automatic server so LagoFast will give the best choice), press start, and enjoy your game!
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