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What Is FPS & Why Does FPS Matter

Frames rate stands for the frequency at which consecutive images are captured or displayed. The term applies equally to film and video cameras, computer graphics, and motion capture systems. The frequency is measured by frames per second, which we call FPS in short. FPS may also be called frame frequency, and be expressed in hertz (Hz).
FPS shows significance to games like CS:GO, Valorant, Call of Duty and more. Generally, 60 FPS and higher are better experienced while you may hard to capture the images or actions if the game FPS is lower than 60. Therefore, the higher the FPS is, the smoother the in-game animation will be. If you are a serious gamer who spend much time on gaming, get an optimized FPS is absolutely necessary. Simply check the gif below to see different FPS behaves.
In the shooting game, 240 FPS shows extremely clear image and fluent animation while 60 FPS encounters ghosting and tearing. Then it's easy to know thathigher FPS refers to smoother animations, less ghosting and reduced tearing in games.What's more, your system latency describes how long it takes from getting actions to reach on your display. Higher FPS also means lower system latency, which is deeply related to your GPU conditions.

How to Boost FPS Greatly

LagoFast FPS booster is the best program to boost FPS in real time and prepare you for a nice game. It boosts FPS by optimizing CPU, overclocking graphics card and updating graphics drivers. All FPS boost settings are shown inside LagoFast including CPU occupation, GPU performance and GPU driver updates. Once you start boosting games, LagoFast will increase FPS automatically with the default settings or according to your preferral settings. Let's see how it works as a FPS booster in details.

CPU Optimization

High RAM occupation will slow down your computer speed, especially for games. Ending unnecessary processes when gaming gives more space for the game and saves time on game launching, logging in and playing. LagoFast optimizes RAM conditions and enables game mode for a more stable frame rate. You can enable high performance mode to set power setting or disable ,NTFS updates to increase disk access performance.

GPU Overclocking

Overclock graphics card will greatly improve the graphical fidelity and performance on your screen, which contributes much to unlock higher FPS. GPU overclocking can be achieved by the built-in overclocking settings of some AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards, or changing the circuits of your computer. With LagoFast, you can just enable GPU boost to overclock the graphics card.

Graphics Driver Update

A graphics driver allows your computer to turn digital code into graphics and videos. It sends operating instructions to the graphics card and render images on your computer. The latest graphics drivers is especially important for gamers because modern video games tend to place enormous demands on GPUs, and they'll run at peak performance only if they have the latest graphics drivers. LagoFast checks for graphics driver update in real time to keep your game drivers up-to-date.
Whether CPU optimization, GPU overclocking or graphics driver update, they are all preparation for FPS boosting. Only when they are settled down before gaming, you are more likely to get high FPS in Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite etc. LagoFast is not only the best FPS booster, but also an easy-to-use lag reducer and ping booster.
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