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Double Optimization,
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Multipath Connection

With the advanced data transfer mechanism, LagoFast can accurately detect the nodes' status and optimize your gaming network connection.

Real-time Automatic Server

For those multi-server games, like PUBG, LagoFast will analyze and transfer the servers' status in real-time to ensure the connected server is mostly optimized.

Support 2000+ Popular

Mobile Games

LagoFast is committed to providing the world's most complete game variety boosting service, and the technicians support the fastest response to add the games players need.

Minimalist Operation,

One-click Access To Worldwide Servers

With just one click, LagoFast intelligently provides players with the most stable and lowest latency network. LagoFast has the best servers and network nodes in over 60 countries and over 150 cities around the globe, so no matter what city in the world you are in, you can use the node that suits you best.