How can players reduce lag in Minecraft easily?
Last Update: 03/27/2023

Minecraft is a sandbox video game created by Markus Alexei Poisson (Notch). The game is maintained by Mojang Studios, now part of Microsoft's Xbox Game Studios. The game revolves around players creating and destroying different kinds of blocks freely in a three-dimensional space filled with blocks. Players can complete achievements (progress) by destroying or creating stunning buildings and art, or collecting items to explore the map in single - and multiplayer mode. Players can also try things like redstone circuits and commands in creative mode (turn on cheats). Minecraft focuses on allowing players to explore, interact, and change a dynamically generated world made up of many blocks. In addition to the blocks, the environment also includes animals, plants and objects. The game involves, but is not limited to, mining minerals, fighting hostile creatures, and collecting in-game resources to synthesize new blocks and tools. The open game mode allows players to create buildings and artwork on various multiplayer servers or single-player maps. However, A useful game VPN does well in reducing lag in Minecraft always. That's why you need a suitable Minecraft game booster, LagoFast! And this article will help you know How to see ping in Minecraft easily.

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Part 1: How to reduce and stop lag in Minecraft effectively?

Part 2: Why is players’ Minecraft lagging on good personal computer?

Part 3: Whether there are other useful way for lag reducing in Minecraft?

Part 4: Minecraft Server Lag

How to reduce and stop lag in Minecraft effectively?

In Minecraft, the open game mode allows players to create buildings and artwork on various multiplayer servers or single-player maps. Other contents include redstone circuits for logic and remote control, mine cars and tracks to a mysterious world called the "Lower world" (i.e., hell). Eventually, you can choose to travel to a dimension called the Endlands and defeat the Ender Dragon. To ensure a wonderful in-game experience, you had better pay attention to those Minecraft issues like Minecraft server lag, Minecraft high ping and Minecraft fps dropping. That is why it is important to reduce or avoid latency. As a professional the Minecraft game booster, I think LagoFast should be recommended at first. It works on this side effectively.


As an excellent game VPN, LagoFast is good at solving online issues that players encounter when playing Minecraft, for instance, high ping in Minecraft and Minecraft server lag. As an experienced product, it has over 8 years of experience in resolving network issues by utilizing industry-leading internal protocols. By connecting the stabler and nearer servers, LagoFast decreases the possibility of Minecraft connection error and Minecraft login error. Minecraft lag spikes become less after clicking the boost button. Even if Minecraft crash at startup, LagoFast works on checking and resolving those ignored inside bug about Minecraft stuttering. Players who are not rich enough for full month price can afford it. Because it has a Pay-per-Minute plan and the lowest monthly plan. Totally speaking, it is a wonderful Minecraft game booster worth your choice. The following features are also the reasons why this product is worth your choice.

The features of LagoFast are as follows:

  • Exclusive routes over 60 countries
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Follow the following steps if you want to check ping in Minecraft and test ping in Minecraft

Step 1: Download LagoFast

Step 2: Type ‘Minecraft’ in the Search library and click Minecraft button.

Step 3: Choose the server nearer to you. Make sure the server is it same as your game server.

Step 4: Then you can see ping rate and status of packet loss after boosting Minecraft. 

Why is players’ Minecraft lagging on good personal computer?

Background occupation rate is too high. Everyone in the daily online surfing, some people like to open a lot of page browsing, but do not know that the memory is limited, each more process will slow down the speed of the network.


The game server is overloaded. For some games with a large number of players, the server pressure is relatively large, easy to overload. If this is the case, it is recommended that we change the game area, select a small number of people to play the area.

Network latency is also related to tcp/ip. If the network bandwidth is limited, there will be a long queue when the data is transmitted over tcp/ip. As a result, there will be a little delay when the computer receives the data. This delay is explained in network technology as the time used in the transmission medium, that is, the time between the packet entering the network and the packet leaving the network.

Whether there are useful ways for ping issues in Minecraft?

The right remedy is the fundamental solution to the problem, which can be summarized in the following three points:

Consider using an IP proxy 

IP proxy sets a large disk buffer. When external information passes through, the IP proxy also saves the information in the buffer. When other users access the same information, the IP proxy directly takes the information from the buffer and sends it to the user to improve the access speed. Sometimes an ISP may let traffic flow from server to server before it finally reaches its destination. Even if you are close to the server, this can cause high ping values. If this is the case, ip proxies can help you reduce pings because there are fewer hops between you and the game server.

Shut down network applications

Make sure to turn off any bandwidth-hogging programs before playing online games. Download services, streaming music, and open browsers all contribute significantly to game latency. Close these programs before playing the game. Look in the system tray for programs that might be running in the background.

Minecraft Server Lag

Minecraft server lag can come about when the server is running out of RAM. You can check the amount of free memory to identify if the server is lagging because out of RAM.

Reducing view distance and removing unnecessary mods and plugins help enhance your server performance. You can also try setting automated restarts to free up your server RAM usage. It's also suggested to always run the latest version of Minecraft, mods, and plugins on your server, since they mostly include bug fixes and improve performance, to reduce server lagging in Minecraft.