What Is Good Latency in Gaming?
Last Update: 03/27/2023

Meanwhile, ping and latency are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. When a player types in a command and the server responds, a ping is sent. Games like Warzone, a first-person shooter, are particularly sensitive to ping issues. Given the stakes, even a slight delay of a few milliseconds could be the difference between scoring and missing.

It may come as a surprise to learn that there is now a latency booster for games known as LagoFast. Continue reading if you are interested in gaining additional knowledge about the topic!

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PART 1: What is the Difference Between High and Low Latency?

PART 2: What is good latency in gaming?

PART 3: What causes latency?

PART 4: What are Some Methods to Reduce Latency?

What is the Difference Between High and Low Latency?

what is latency 

Latency is a phenomenon that occurs in the realm of video games when there is a lag in the system's response time. High latency causes time lag, which makes gaming a miserable experience. If you want to have a more fluid gaming experience, you must have low latency.

In online gaming, latency of 40 to 60 milliseconds is considered acceptable; however, latency of more than 100 milliseconds is likely to result in significant lag. Ping is the amount of time it takes for one device to respond to another, and when playing online games, you want your ping to be as close to 0 milliseconds (ms) as possible.

However, if you are experiencing latency issues, LagoFast is the best solution for you. It can assist you in continuing to play your favorite game at the highest possible speed. LagoFast also has the following advantageous features:

  • Users can take advantage of the systematic, one-click boost to experience high-definition graphics.
  • Depending on the options you select, you can have a truly immersive gaming experience.
  • There's room for up to a thousand games. LagoFast customizes the strategies to cater to each game's own merits.
  • Costs can be computed in minutes, so you are free to stop whenever you'd like. There is no charge if the game is not boosted.

You may take advantage of all of these advantages by downloading LagoFast and continuing to play your game inside of it. Just listen to what everyone in this room has to say!

Downloading LagoFast is the first step.

Step 2: Find the game you want to play by entering its name into the search field and then selecting it when it appears.

Step 3: You might be given a few options for servers. Choose the one that interests you the most.

Step 4: When you are ready to begin playing, select "Boost Game" from the menu after you have selected your ping, latency, and speed.

What is good latency in gaming?

what is good latency 

A low-latency game server will have a ping time as close to 0 ms (milliseconds) as possible. It’s physically impossible to achieve zero latency for gamers, but you will need to do everything you can to minimize it by minimizing game server ping, or risk losing players.

If you ask a pro-gamer, "What is a good latency in gaming?" they’ll tell you a game server ping of 20 ms is considered extraordinarily good. In most circumstances, 21 ms to 100 ms is acceptable. Anything between 101 ms and 150 ms is workable, but dedicated gamers are likely to be dissatisfied with this sort of latency.

Given this, low ping needs to be an absolute priority when picking a server host. But don’t forget to evaluate what causes high latency as a whole, as there may be variables unrelated to your low-latency gaming server that create latency for gamers.

  • To What Extent Does 25ms of Latency Affect Gaming Performance?

The 25 ms response time is ideal for gaming. A latency of less than 150 ms is required for optimal gameplay. Latency of 100–150 milliseconds is annoying, while anything under 100 is OK.

  • Is 20 ms of latency acceptable for gaming?

If you're an experienced gamer, then a latency of 20 milliseconds is perfect. That must be stated explicitly. The latency is too high if it's more than 60 milliseconds. However, if the latency is less than 20, it's ideal.

  • To What Extent Is a Low Xbox One Latency Acceptable for Online Play?

If you're playing Xbox One games, a ping of less than 150 milliseconds is excellent. I don't see why a remote play wouldn't work with that. A ping of 60 ms or less is ideal.

What causes latency?

what causes latency 

There are numerous causes for gaming latency problems. To name a few justifications:

1) Location/ Geographical Server

When it comes to latency, the distance between your router and the server can make a difference. If you live in Chicago, for instance, it makes sense to choose a server located in the greater Chicago area rather than in New York City so that your data may travel between the two locations as quickly as possible.

2) Internet Connection

The speed and reliability of your internet connection may have an effect on the amount of latency you experience. Most DSL, cable, and fiber internet connections have more than enough download and upload speeds for almost lag-free online gaming in almost all situations. 

3) Devices

Your connection can be weak because your router is old. If numerous users are using your router simultaneously, this is to be expected. A new router may help reduce lag time when playing online games.

What are Some Methods to Reduce Latency?

methods to latency 

Don't be confused if you come across a number of methods for lowering latency. We've narrowed it down to the top ones, which you can see below:

1. Boost Internet Bandwidth and Capacity

Internet connectivity of 15 Mbps or more is recommended for optimal performance. Now, when it comes to bandwidth, if other users are playing online games, live streaming, or video calling, it will have an effect on your performance, so you’ll need a lot of it to handle everything.

2. HTTP/2

By shortening the course or route taken by a signal, it speeds up its arrival at its destination and decreases the amount of time it spends in transit.

3. CDN

With a content delivery network (CDN) in place, signals do not need to go all the way back to the source in order to retrieve data; rather, they can obtain data from cached resources that are located close to the user.

4. Stay in close proximity to your router.

Wireless signals can travel from one router to another, but they can be stopped by obstacles like walls and furniture if they encounter them along the way. Your home should have a room that has a strong signal where you can set up your system.

5. Improve Your Internet Service Plan

If you are having problems with your current broadband provider and you are able to find one that is better elsewhere, you should move to the new service as soon as possible.

6. Reboot Your Router

It is possible that your router has become overworked and requires a break if it has been functioning for an extended period of time without being restarted.

7. Exit All Open Background Applications

When you utilize live streaming or streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, or YouTube, the ping rate of your system will significantly rise.

8. Play Locally On Private Server

You might not know but playing multiplayer online games on personal PCs ensures the best connection.

9. Use a Network Extender Cable

It's recommended that you utilize a wired connection whenever possible, but keep in mind that if you do, no one else in the house will be able to access the web. In fact, it's helpful because the signals can take the shortest route through your system's wires. This keeps them from being held up by barriers along the way. 


In the disconnected society that we currently live in, the gaming business has been able to prosper. Accessories for video games may be found in almost every home. And what better method is there for people who make their living in the gaming industry, such as game developers and software engineers, to communicate with both children and adults? I hope you enjoy these helpful hints regarding your gaming experience. Have a good time at your online happy hour!