How to Change Server in Honor of Kings
Last Update: 05/24/2024

Honor of Kings, developed by Tencent Games, is a wildly popular mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. Launched in 2015, it has drawn millions worldwide with its captivating gameplay and diverse roster of legendary heroes. In this fantastical realm, players engage in strategic battles and epic quests, shaping their legends in the process. 
At the beginning, Honor of Kings only had servers open in China. Recently, Honor of Kings has gradually opened servers in other countries. The first to be released was the Brazil region, and more recently, servers have been released in Turkey, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and other regions. Therefore, many players want to switch back to servers in their own countries. This way, they can play more conveniently with friends and reduce game lag. This article will guide players on how to change servers in detail.

Part 1: How to Check Country and Server Ranking in Honor of Kings

A crucial aspect of Honor of Kings is the ladder system, which matches players based on skill levels. This guide explores checking Country and Server rankings using the Honor Board, a process that takes only a minute or two to customize player profiles.

  • Step 1. Log in to your game account and navigate to the main lobby.
  • Step 2. Locate and tap the graph icon positioned in the top right corner of the screen, next to the gear and inbox icons.
  • Step 3. Access the Honor board displaying player rankings per hero and ladder rankings.
  • Step 4. Set your city by using the provided 50 diamonds.

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Part 2: How to Change Servers in Honor of Kings

Utilize LagoFast Mobile Booster to Change Servers in Honor of Kings

First, it’s recommended to use LagoFast Mobile Game Booster to switch servers in Honor of Kings. Compared to manual server changes, LagoFast lets you switch servers faster without affecting your game’s ping, ensuring smooth gameplay. LagoFast is an all-in-one, easy-to-use booster. It not only helps with server changes but also solves game issues like lag and high ping, guaranteeing uninterrupted play. With its advanced data transfer, LagoFast detects and optimizes network connections, providing stable, low-latency networks with just one click. It boasts top-notch servers and network nodes in over 60 countries and 150+ cities globally, ensuring optimal performance wherever you are. Plus, it’s more affordable and offers more subscription options than other boosters.

Follow this tutorial to use LagoFast Mobile Booster:

Step 1: Search LagoFast Mobile in the Google Play or Apple App Store > Download and launch LagoFast Mobile Booster.

Or scan the QR code below to start a free trial.

Step 2: Launch “Honor of Kings” then search “Honor of Kings” in LagoFast Mobile Booster.

Step 3: Change its “Servers” to solve the regional restrictions, and then click the “Boost” button.

Finally, go back to “Honor of Kings” and start playing it without any lag.

Manually Change the Servers of the Honor of King

  • Step 1. Open the Game: Launch the Honor of Kings app on your device.
  • Step 2. Go to Settings: Look for the settings menu within the game. This is typically represented by a gear or cog icon and can usually be found on the main menu screen or within the game’s options.
  • Step 3. Find the Server Settings: Once you’re in the settings menu, navigate to the server settings.
  • Step 4. Select a New Server: Within the server settings, you should see a list of available servers. Choose the server you want to switch to from this list.
  • Step 5. Confirm Your Choice: After selecting the new server, the game may prompt you to confirm your decision. Confirm that you want to switch to the new server.
  • Restart the Game: In some cases, you may need to restart the game for the server change to take effect. Close the game completely and then reopen it.
  • Step 6. Log In Again: Once you’ve restarted the game, log in again.

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Part 3: Honor of Kings FAQs

How to Change Brazil Server to Global Server?

Players can follow the tutorial above to utilize LagoFast for changing from the Brazil server to the Global Server, making the process more convenient and reducing game lag

Can I Change the Server to My Home Country Server?

The accessibility of Honor of Kings to your home country depends on various factors such as regional availability and server coverage, players can go to the official website to check if Honor of Kings is available in your country now.


Changing servers in Honor of Kings lets players enjoy gaming with friends and reduces lag. In this guide, we show you two ways to change servers: LagoFast Mobile Booster and manual change. We suggest using LagoFast Mobile Booster because it helps avoid high ping issues, ensuring smooth gameplay. Enjoy lag-free gaming with LagoFast!