Honor of Kings Best Settings Guide
Last Update: 05/24/2024

Honor of Kings, developed by Tencent Games, is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game renowned for its strategic depth and engaging gameplay. Players select from a diverse roster of mythical heroes, each with unique abilities, and compete in intense 5v5 battles. With stunning graphics and regular updates introducing new heroes and features, Honor of Kings continues to captivate players worldwide, fostering a vibrant esports scene.

Honor of Kings is currently available in Brazil as part of its global release. It's also anticipated that other regions will soon receive the game. Upon initially starting a game, players could find it difficult to find their optimal settings. This article offers you the Honor of Kings best settings for a more seamless, comfortable gaming experience.

Part 1. How to Establish the Best Settings in Honor of Kings

1. Graphics Settings

Making changes to your graphics settings is essential since they greatly affect how well your device runs games on it. All players will start the game using the standard graphical settings. However, if you are experiencing any issues, you may be able to significantly enhance the gameplay's fluidity by changing the graphics settings.

FPS: High

Resolution: High

Camera Elevation: Standard

Anti-Aliasing: ON

UI Animations: OFF

Overall Graphics Quality: Standard

Note: You can opt to benefit from a higher configuration if your phone is better.

2. Battle Settings

During the combat, battle Settings will provide the players with information, quick buttons, and display features. During combat, the standard parameters are:

Display FPS: ON

Target Info: ON

Display Name in Battle: ON

Skill Tags: ON

Dim Area Outside FoV: OFF

Auto-Translate In-Match Text Chat: ON

Auto-Decline Surrender: OFF

Sort Heroes in Order During Selection: Proficiency

Precise Mute: OFF

Skill Description: Detailed

Battle Tips: OFF

3. Controls Settings

In essence, controls are the parameters for the gameplay process. Players will be able to fight on the battlefield more effectively with more convenient settings if these parameters are adjusted.

Settings Configuration: All Heroes

Basic Control Settings

Free Attack Mode (Advanced)

Target Prioritization: Nearest Unit

Enemy Avatar Display: Off

Auto Basic Attack: On

Auto Chase Distance: Close-Range

Movement Joystick Center: None

Camera Movement: Swipe

Camera Sensitivity: Fast

Basic Attack Target Selection: Off

Long Press to Show Descriptions: On

Directional Indicator: Precision

Skill Use Method

Skill Wheel Location: Fixed Position

Camera Follow Skills: Fixed Camera

Default Shift Direction: Target Enemies

Cast Without Target: Cancel Cast

Skill Cancel Mode

Skill Cancel Protection: 0s

Swipe to Cancel Button

4. Layout Settings

The positions of the action buttons, numbers, and icons are all controlled by the layout options, which might affect how the game feels.

In-game Equipment Position: Right

Minimap Expansion Position: Left

Shop Filter: Left

Shop Transparency: High

Detailed Match Stats Filter: Left

Detailed Match Stats Transparency: High

Setup Filter: Left

Set Transparency: High

Roulette Margin: Recommended

Skill Margin: Recommended

Hero Attribute Display: Default

5. Network Settings

Network Optimization: On

This is a guide to the ideal game settings for the smoothest possible gameplay and performance in Honor of Kings (HOK). If you want to enjoy a smoother gameplay in in Honor of Kings, continue to read.

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Part 3. Who Is the Hardest Hero in Honor of Kings

This is the Honor of Kings Tier List 2024:

Tier S

The strongest characters in Honor of Kings are these. They are so powerful that they can withstand almost any situation and deal a great deal of damage.

  • Marco Polo
  • Juniper
  • Yaria
  • Kai

Tier A

Although Tier A characters might not be as strong as Tier S characters, they are still rather strong. Furthermore, for skilled players, they are quite competitive and useful options.

  • Gongsun Li
  • Kongming
  • Eclipse

Tier B

Tier B's characters are incredibly average.

  • Sun Ce
  • Voidcaller
  • Timebender
  • Milady
  • Li Bai
  • Han Xin

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, optimize your Honor of Kings gameplay with these key settings. And enhance performance and enjoyment by trying LagoFast for the best gaming experience.