Download Honor of Kings in Any Country
Last Update: 03/01/2024

Honor of Kings is a MOBA masterpiece developed by Tencent Games that has garnered immense popularity worldwide.  Honor of Kings is more than just a game, it’s a phenomenon. Its strategic depth challenges players to constantly refine their skills and tactics, while its vibrant community fosters camaraderie and competition. With its dynamic gameplay, diverse heroes, and strategic depth, Honor of Kings has captivated millions of players. Recently, Honor of Kings has been officially launched in Brazil, but some regions still be restricted from downloading and playing it. Fear not, in this comprehensive guide, effective tutorials are presented and allow you to download and play it anywhere, anytime.

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Part 1: What country can directly download & Play Honor of Kings Global

Which countries are currently able to access Honor of Kings? Honor of Kings Global is currently launched in Brazil, Turkey, CIS, South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Part 2: Download and Play Honor of Kings in Any Country Without Login Restrictions

Noticeably, these methods require a gaming VPN to connect to South Asia, the Middle East, and Brazilian regions, also need a native Google Play Store, a little complicated.

LagoFast Mobile Booster is endorsed due to its simplicity and effectiveness. LagoFast Mobile Booster works not only as a gaming VPN but an all-in-one game booster, excelling in offering effective solutions to fix various mobile game issues such as game lag and low FPS. Besides, standing out as an excellent gaming booster, LagoFast is committed to solving various problems in the game: APK downloads, and Game Account sales, so that novice players can enjoy the game. With its innovative and cutting-edge features, LagoFast Mobile Booster automatically provides players with the smoothest route, keeping a lag-free gaming experience.

Follow this tutorial to use LagoFast on your mobile devices:

Step 1: Search LagoFast Mobile in the Google Play or Apple App Store > Download and launch LagoFast Mobile Booster.

Step 2: Launch “Honor of Kings” then search “Honor of Kings” in LagoFast Mobile Booster.

Step 3: Change its “Servers” to solve the regional restrictions, and then click the “Boost” button.

Finally, go back to “Honor of Kings” and start playing it without any lag.

Note: If you find account registration troublesome, you can click on the banner in the LagoFast Mobile app to get your game account (Google Play & App Store Account) with one click.

Honor of Kings Game account sales

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Part 3: How to Download Honor of Kings in Any Country on Android & iOS Normally

Typically, iOS and Android devices follow distinct processes for downloading or installing games and apps. Honor of Kings is no exception. In this guide we provide separate tutorials for downloading Honor of Kings on Android and iOS in any country, ensuring users of both systems can play it without any restrictions.

1. Download Honor of Kings Global Version on Android Devices

Step 1. Download a gaming VPN

Players need to download a gaming VPN that allows them to connect to the Brazil region because the global version was exclusively released in Brazil Now. 

Step 2. Register a South Asia, Middle East, or Brazilian Google Account

Android users usually download apps and games in Google Play that are secure and convenient,  you have to create a South Asia, the Middle East, or Brazilian Google account to download it.

Step 3. Go to The Google Play of your selected country (like Brazilian Region)

Restart your Android phone and use LagoFast Mobile Booster to connect to Brazil‘s region server, then log in to the Brazilian Google Play Store by using the account created before.

Step 4. Download Honor of Kings Global Version

Search for the Honor of Kings Global Version in the Google Play Store and download it. You can start playing it after the process is completed. Note that continue to use LagoFast Mobile Booster to connect to Brazilian region servers, ensuring a stable gaming experience.

2. Download Honor of Kings Global Version on iOS Devices

Step 1. Download a Gaming VPN on your iOS devices.

Step 2. Tap Settings and Tap Apple ID

Step 3. Tap Country&Region to Change your current region to Brazil.

Step 4. Launch VPN and connect to the Brazilian region server.

Step 5. Tap App Store and search for Honor of Kings Global Version.

Step 6. Download it and start happy gaming.

Or choose a Top-Rate Gaming VPN for Mobile -  LagoFast Mobile that allows connections to South Asia, the Middle East, or Brazil and provides Game Account Google Play & App Store.

Just one click on the banner within the application > Choose a server in one of these launch regions and establish a connection. Then enjoy your victory.

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In general, downloading Honor of Kings in your region is a straightforward process, provided you follow the tutorial provided. This guide directs you on how to download Honor of Kings on Android and iOS devices from any country. However, we recommend using LagoFast for both downloading and playing the game. LagoFast stands out as your steadfast supporter, ensuring a stable connection across different regional servers and delivering a seamless gaming experience.