How to Fix Honor of Kings Lag & Stutter
Last Update: 03/01/2024

Honor of Kings Overview

Honor of Kings is a mobile MOBA game that will be globally released in 2024.  It has become one of the most-played and highest-grossing mobile games globally, particularly in China. The game features fast-paced matches where players control powerful heroes, each with unique abilities, in teams of five, battling to destroy the enemy’s base while defending their own. 

The game will be available in North and South America, Europe, Oceania, and more. For most of the world, the game will launch on June 20, 2024, but for some MENA countries, it will come earlier on February 21. Players can visit the official website to learn how to pre-register for Honor of Kings if they are located in the regions where the game hasn’t yet been released. 

Notably, follow this article to explore Honor of Kings lag and get the effective methods to fix it because a smooth gaming experience is crucial for getting victory in MOBA games.

Part 1. Why Is Honor of Kings Global So Laggy

Typically, mobile game lag doesn’t stem from a single factor but rather results from a variety of reasons. Let’s begin by exploring the primary causes behind the lag experienced in Honor of Kings.

  • Insufficient RAM

Mobile phones or devices can be used in many scenarios like listening to music, watching movies, and taking photos. So, if your mobile phone has been used for a long time without clearing up memory, it tends to cause Honor of Kings lag. As mobile games require enough RAM  to run smoothly on devices, Honor of Kings is no exception.

  • Unstable Internet Connection

As an online MOBA game, Honor of Kings requires a high-quality internet connection, to ensure smooth operation. However, if players use cellular networks like 4G that may cause Honor of Kings lag, especially when you are located in weak signal areas.

  • Old Mobile Devices

Honor of Kings is constantly updated by developers, adding more new heroes, gameplay content, skins, and so on. Therefore, if players use too old mobile devices like the iPhone 6, it may easily make Honor of Kings keep lagging because the hardware and system of your old devices are too old to run the latest version of the game.

  • Overloaded Server

There were few servers that players could choose from when Honor of Kings had just been released, therefore, many players swarmed into these servers, making these servers overloaded. In peak time, when many players join these servers at the same time, which over the serves limitation, easily causes constant Honor of Kings Lag.

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Part 2. Lag-Free Gaming Experience Honor of Kings with LagoFast Mobile

According to the above reasons, primarily recommend players to use LagoFast Mobile Booster to fix Honor of Kings Lag, helping players to easily and quickly have a smooth mobile gaming. With its multipath connection, LagoFast Mobile Booster accurately detects stable nodes, which effectively fixes unstable network connections. Leveraging the real-time automatic server feature, players are automatically transferred to a connected stable server, avoiding overloaded server issues. Besides, LagoFast Mobile Booster also excels in optimizing the hardware of your devices, which is beneficial for mobile phones without sufficient RAM. Compared with other mobile gaming boosters, LagoFast shines out due to cost-effectiveness, firstly, LagoFast supports 2000+ mobile games, so if you are an avid game player, you don’t need to subscribe to other boosters. Secondly, LagoFast provides a free trial download, you can try it to see if it meets your needs, avoiding wasting money. Importantly, LagoFast offers cheaper subscription prices and multiple options, so don’t hesitate to use LagoFast to optimize your mobile gaming experience.

Follow this tutorial to use LagoFast to unlock a lag-free mobile gaming experience:

Step 1: Search LagoFast Mobile in the Google Play or Apple App Store > Download and launch LagoFast Mobile Booster.

Step 2: Launch “Honor of Kings” then search “Honor of Kings” in LagoFast Mobile Booster.

Step 3: Change its “Servers” to solve the regional restrictions, and then click the “Boost” button. Finally, go back to “Honor of Kings” and start playing it without any lag.

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Part 3. Honor of Kings Lagging & Stunning? Other Tips to Fix It:

If you find Honor of Kings lagging despite your best efforts, fret not! We've compiled advanced troubleshooting steps to tackle persistent lag issues. Follow these expert tips to eliminate lags and enjoy a lag-free gaming session:

1. Clear Up Your Device Storage

Ensure ample space on your device by removing unnecessary files and apps. This frees up resources and prevents lag or crashes during gameplay.

2. Use a More Stable Internet Connection, Such as Wi-Fi

Connect to a stable Wi-Fi network to minimize lag and disconnections during matches. Plus, a reliable internet connection enhances your responsiveness and overall gameplay experience.

3. Change Your Mobile Devices

Replace your mobile device to meet the game’s minimum operating requirements, as less old devices often offer better performance enhancements and optimizations.

4. Avoid Playing Honor of Kings on Popular Servers at Peak Times

Opt for less crowded servers or play during off-peak hours to reduce server congestion and potential lag spikes.

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Part 4. Honor of Kings FAQs

Q1: Is Honor of Kings Still Popular?

Honor of Kings remains highly popular, particularly in its home country of China. It consistently ranks among the top-grossing and most-played mobile games globally.

Q2: What Country Can You Play Honor of Kings?

While Honor of Kings is primarily available in China, it has expanded its availability to other regions as well like Brazil, Turkey, CIS, South Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East regions (access on February 21, 2024), and its global version is predicted to be released on June 20, 2024 in other countries.

Q3: Can I Play Honor of Kings in the US?

Currently, Honor of Kings is not officially available for play in the United States. However, players may use alternative methods, such as utilizing a gaming VPN like LagoFast Mobile, to download APK Package directly and play the game without regional restrictions.

Q4: Can I Play Honor of Kings Without a Gaming VPN?

In regions where Honor of Kings is officially available, such as China, Brazil, Turkey, CIS, South Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East regions. Players can typically access and play the game without the need for a gaming VPN.

However, in regions where the game is not officially supported, players may need to use a gaming VPN, like LagoFast Mobile to bypass regional restrictions and download APK Package directly.

Q5: Why Is Honor of Kings So Popular?

Several factors contribute to the popularity of Honor of Kings. These include its engaging gameplay, which combines strategy and action elements in fast-paced battles, as well as its extensive roster of characters and regular updates. Additionally, its social features, such as team-based gameplay and esports events, contribute to its enduring popularity among players.


Incorporating these strategies into your Honor of Kings gaming routine will undoubtedly elevate your experience. From pre-registering to addressing lag and reducing latency, these tips and tricks cover every aspect to ensure you make the most out of your time in the world of Honor of Kings. Say goodbye to interruptions and hello to uninterrupted gaming bliss with LagoFast Mobile Booster!