How to Fix High Ping Issue in Honkai Star Rail

Is Honkai Star Rail high ping ruining your game experience? Let LagoFast help you out!

A Brief Introduction About Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail is a fast-paced action RPG game developed by miHoYo, the same studio behind the popular game Genshin Impact. It features high-quality graphics, an engaging storyline, and challenging gameplay, which has made it a hit among fans of the genre. However, like any online game, Honkai Star Rail high ping and lag can significantly impact the gameplay experience.

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Why Is My Ping so High in Honkai Star Rail?

Honkai Star Rail Ping is the time it takes for data to travel from your device to the game server and back again. The lower your Honkai Star Rail ping, the faster your game responds to your inputs, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience. On the other hand, high ping means that your game is slower to respond to your inputs, leading to lags, delays, and even disconnections.

Several factors can explain why my ping is so high in Honkai Star Rail. 

Firstly, it could be due to the distance between your device and the game server. The farther away you are from the server, the higher the ping you'll experience. This is because the data needs to travel a greater distance, leading to longer response times. 

Additionally, network congestion or traffic can also cause high ping, particularly during peak hours when many players are online.

Outdated or slow hardware can also contribute to high ping. For example, an old router may not be able to handle the game's data traffic, leading to slower connections and higher pings. 

Moreover, a weak graphics card or insufficient RAM can also cause high ping as they struggle to keep up with the game's demands.

Lastly, the use of certain programs or apps that consume a lot of bandwidth, such as downloading files or streaming videos, can also cause high ping while playing Honkai Star Rail. These programs use up valuable bandwidth, resulting in slower connections and higher pings.

When playing Honkai Star Rail with high ping, players may experience various issues. These include Honkai Star Rail lags, delays, stuttering, rubber-banding, and even disconnections. Players may find it difficult to execute combos, move around the map, and interact with other players. Moreover, Honkai Star Rail high ping can negatively affect the game's competitive aspects, such as PvP battles, where every second counts.

To avoid such issues and enjoy a seamless Honkai Star Rail experience, players can take several measures to fix high ping. These include using a VPN service like LagoFast, which can help reduce ping by rerouting the game's data traffic through optimized servers. 

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How to Fix Honkai Star Rail High Ping?

After knowing why my ping is so high in Honkai Star Rail, next part is how to reduce ping in Honkai Star Rail. The best Honkai Star Rail ping reducer for lower ping in 2023 is LagoFast. It is simple for gamers to use. By changing server and utilizing a unique data transmission method, it can also accelerate transfer. In order to address the network connection, LagoFast also offers global nodes and unique routes, which will significantly cut down on transmission time and enhance the network connection. Depending on your geological location, you might choose these nodes before the game even started. Thirdly, in addition to minimizing ping, LagoFast can assist you in boosting your games FPS. Gamers may easily alter the parameters to improve PC speed and enable HD and high FPS gaming. In order to meet different needs, LagoFast has now launched the plan per-minute billing method.


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Step 1: Click the Free Trial button to download the LagoFast client and experience Honkai Star Rail ping boost service. 

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Step 2: Before running Honkai Star Rail, you just need to find Honkai Star Rail in LagoFast and click the Boost button.

Step 3: Choose the server you want.

Step 4: After this easy click, LagoFast game booster will improve your game internet connection, decrease high ping and reduce lag issues in the background. And also provide you with many other tests, like real-time ping test, packet loss and local network fluctuation.

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