10 Best Ping Reducers for Online Gaming 2024
Last Update: 06/22/2024

Most players have encountered high ping or ping spikes in games. Such gaming issues are annoying and will greatly influence the gaming experience. High ping can result in game lag too. A ping over 100 will slow down the gaming speed and lead to a failure. In this case, a ping booster is necessary for players to get rid of high ping, lag spikes, and latency in games. How to choose the best ping reducer? Here we are introducing the 10 best ping reducers 2024 and you can choose the best one for gaming.

  • ✅ Reduce Lag and High Ping.
  • ✅ Boost FPS in Real Time.
  • ✅ End All Network Connection Issues.
  • ✅ Change Server Region Easily.
  • ✅ Support 2000+ Popular Games.
  • ✅ Support Multiplatform Games.
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Part 1: What Is a Ping Reducer

Part 2: Why Do Gamers Need a Ping Reducer

Part 3: Does a Ping Reducer Really Work

Part 4. 10 Best Ping Reducers for Gaming 2024 - HOT

Part 5: Differences Between a Ping Reducer & VPN

Part 1. What Is a Ping Reducer

A Ping reducer refers to an application that optimizes your network traffic for online gaming, especially for multiplayer games. It is accomplished by redirecting your Internet traffic to a different server that is situated closer to the game server with lower ping and less lag. Moreover, a good ping reducer will also optimize your hardware conditions such as updating the graphics drivers, releasing more space for your RAM and booting into a game mode when playing online.

Part 2. Why Do Game Players Need A Ping Reducer

As mentioned above, game lag issues are usually associated with high ping problems. But what causes high ping? If your network or bandwidth is congested, your network connection is unstable, or your game routing is bad, you will experience a high ping problem. In addition, a WiFi connection is slower than a wired connection sometimes. To fix congested network and bandwidth problems, a good ping reducer optimizes your computer so that it could send the data packets in the most effective manner possible. To fix the unstable connection, the ping reducer could also offer more stable connections, which reduces jitters and ping spikes and reduces the possibility of phenomena like rubber banding by minimizing bounces within your local NSP. What’s more, a ping reducer could help you to govern your computer processes running to leave more performance to run the game.

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Part 3. Does A Ping Reducer Really Work?

Different ping reducers work in different ways, but they will reduce your ping respectively according to how it works for gaming. As an all-in-one ping reducer, it should conclude the following features for online gaming:

  • Choose/change game servers and nodes smartly;
  • Multiple nodes for various online games;
  • Real-time ping test when gaming;
  • Reduce ping and lag issues;
  • Boost FPS, including updating the driver and overclocking the graphics card;
  • Game-only Software.

Let’s check the 10 best ping reducers and choose your preferred one.

Part 4. 10 Best Ping Reducers for Gaming 2024

1. LagoFast - Best Ping Reducer for Gaming

LagoFast is the best ping reducer trusted by 30,000,000 gamers worldwide. It operates multiple servers located in 150+ cities across 60+ countries. All game servers have blazing-fast speeds boasting advanced stability. At the same time, LagoFast provides a smart network connection for more than 2000 online games, greatly reducing ping and lag issues. You can check the full functions of LagoFast ping reducer in the following:

  • Smartly Optimizing Network Traffic
  • Reduce Lag & Ping in Real-time
  • Boost FPS for Smoother Animation
  • Support Easy Lobby for CoD Series, Apex, and Fortnite.
  • Boost Console Games with PC Application
  • Support 2000+ popular online games including Fortnite, Call of Duty Series, and Roblox.

To use LagoFast ping reducers, you can simply follow the steps:

Step 1. Free download and sign in;

Step 2. You should first click the “Scan” button to find the game you want to play.

Step 3. Or you can type the game that you want to play, and click the “Boost” button.

 best ping reducer 2024

Step 4. LagoFast will then ensure your smooth gaming experience in the background. And you can see the ping test, packet loss situation, and your local network fluctuation in LagoFast.

 best ping reducer 2024

You can also search for games inside LagoFast and boost them directly (as long as you have installed it). Now you have a chance to get LagoFast ping reducer for FREE! Use the code “bestping” to get free boost hours in LagoFast and enjoy smoother gaming!

2. WTFast

It could also be called a GPN, the abbreviation for gamers' private network. Without altering the network settings, it operates by offering a Gamers Private Network to speed up the connection. You will be able to play online games without interruptions because it can find the least-congested path for your internet connection. Boost FPS.

gaming ping 

WTFast could help you to clear RAM to optimize your PC, enhance internet speed, saves last game settings, and reduces high ping issues. But WTFast is Costly for a game optimizer-only tool.

3. Exitlag

Exitlag is similar to LagoFast but it doesn’t provide driver updates and graphics overclocking service. Gamers can use it to change servers and nodes in gaming, which will help to reduce ping. Exitlag works as a gaming VPN and boosts games on Windows PC only. If you are a Windows game player, you can have a try.

4. NoPing Tunnel

NoPing Tunnel is a VPN used for reducing lag and increasing FPS in gaming. It has now supported over 1000 games online. NoPing VPN is popular in Latin America.

5. Pingzapper

Pingzapper is VPN that provides ping-reducing services to gamers. It has 49 servers located in 22 cities across 16 countries. Pingzapper doesn’t include an FPS boost feature. You can try it for server-changing demands only.

6. Kill Ping

Kill Ping is also a VPN for online gaming that helps to automatically select the game route on your game server. And it has nonstop agent support. Once paid in the program, it will block Ads and optimize game nodes for players to get a better gaming experience.


7. Ping Booster

Ping Booster is another gaming VPN used to fix high-ping issues. It doesn’t support FPS boost so you cannot use Ping Booster to update drivers or overclock the graphics card. Ping Booster supports boosting hundreds of online games now.

8. Razer Cortex

It excels not only at creating hardware but also at creating gaming software. The performance of games is greatly enhanced with the game booster for Windows 11, 10, and other operating systems. By giving gaming priority, it is able to eliminate undesirable programs and background tasks.

 ping reducer

Razer Cortex can help you to maximize FPS, automatically boosts the system, disables CPU sleep mode, customize settings manually, and activated when the game launches. Therefore, It can prove to be one of the most comprehensive game boosters. But there are no security tools in Razer.

9. Wise Game Booster

This ping reducer could lightweight file size, game mode, free application, and manual optimization, and can add games to it to reduce gaming ping.

game ping test 

10. Smart Game Booster

Smart Game Booster is more like an FPS booster without changing servers or nodes for games. It helps to update drivers and overclock graphics cards to reduce ping and increase FPS.

Part 5. Differences Between a Ping Reducer & VPN

What are the differences between a game ping reducer and VPN? Generally speaking, VPN always has very few globally distributed servers, while LagoFast has servers all over the world to ensure that users can access the accelerated network near them. VPN routes for games are not of high quality, while LagoFast provides a smooth game experience with dedicated routes, with which lower ping and more stable data transmission are realized. VPN routes are non-self-developed, resulting in easy to be cracked. Security, privacy, and stability are relatively poor. Check more detailed information below:

  Normal VPN LagoFast

Reduce Lag


Improve Game Connection


Privacy & Security


Passing Game Traffic Only


Smart Routing Systems


Game Specific


Server Distribution

Few Regions/Countries Globally

Game Boost Mode

Open Source/Third-party Self-developed

The Final Words

You can choose a ping reducer from the above according to your own way and boost gaming performance. If you need an all-in-one ping reducer, LagoFast is by no means the best one to get 0 ping in gaming. It’s both easy-to-use and automatic software for gaming only. Try LagoFast now and enjoy a better gaming experience.

LagoFast Ping Reducer
  • ✅ Reduce Lag and High Ping
  • ✅ Boost FPS at the Same Time
  • ✅ End All Network Connection Issues.
  • ✅ Support Multiplatform Games.
  • ✅ Support Easy Lobby Server in CoD, Apex Legends, and Fortnite.
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