Fix TEKKEN 8 Lag on PS5/PS4 & Xbox
Last Update: 01/29/2024

TEKKEN 8 is a fighting game renowned for its intense martial arts battles and diverse character roster. With stunning graphics, intricate combat mechanics, and a rich storyline, it continues the legacy of the iconic TEKKEN series, captivating players with its competitive gameplay and dynamic fighting arenas.

If you're a proud owner of a PS5 or PS4 or Xbox,  and a TEKKEN 8 lover, you may have encountered 8 lagging on your console. This article endeavors to provide effective solutions to tackle this issue, like using a specific game booster, and ensuring uninterrupted and optimized gaming experiences for all enthusiasts.

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The Reasons For TEKKEN 8 Lag on PS5/ PS4/ Xbox

To effectively address this issue, it's crucial to understand the various factors that contribute to TEKKEN 8 Lag on PS5/PS4/Xbox. Let's delve into these causes:

1. Network Congestion: High traffic on the network can lead to delays in data transmission, causing lag during gameplay.

2. Hardware Limitations: Inadequate hardware specifications on the console may struggle to handle the game's demands, resulting in lag.

3. Server Issues: Problems with the game servers, such as overload or maintenance, can cause lag for players.

4. Wireless Connection: Using a wireless connection instead of a wired one can introduce interference and instability, contributing to lag.

5. Background Downloads/Updates: Automatic downloads or updates occurring in the background can consume bandwidth, leading to lag spikes.

6. Distance from Servers: Players located far from the game servers may experience higher latency and lag due to longer data travel times.

7. Software Bugs: Glitches or bugs within the game software itself can cause performance issues, including lag.

8. Network Quality: Poor network quality, including high packet loss or unstable ping, can result in laggy gameplay experiences.

Understanding these potential causes is the first step in addressing TEKKEN 8 Lag on PS5/PS4/Xbox. Keep reading, the following will help you out by the best way.

The Best Gaming VPN to Fix TEKKEN 8 Lag on PS5/PS4/Xbox - LagoFast

LagoFast Box, focus on resolving TEKKEN 8 lag issues in your game. This innovative gaming booster will fix all lagging on your PS5/PS4/Xbox like a seasoned pro.

The LagoFast Box revolutionizes your gaming experience with multipath connection, it seamlessly connects you to the optimal node among global servers through various routes, ensuring a stable and low-latency connection that eliminates lag.

But the LagoFast Box goes beyond just addressing lag issues. It also functions as a wireless extender, extending your Wi-Fi coverage to provide a wider and more robust internet connection throughout your home. One of its standout features is its plug-and-play setup, making it incredibly user-friendly. With support for accelerating multiple gaming consoles simultaneously, you can say goodbye to complex configurations and hello to effortless and efficient gaming performance enhancement.

Here is the guide for using LagoFast Box to fix TEKKEN 8 Lag on PS5/PS4/Xbox:

Step 1: Download the LagoFast Console App to control the LagoFast Box

tekken 8 lag on console

Step 2: Connect your LagoFast Box to your router and Console

input lag issue on Xbox Tekken 8

Step 3: Launch LagoFast Console App and Boost the game

input lag issue on PS5 Tekken 8

And, if you are a PC player, then you must use the LagoFast Game Booster, and adhere to these four simple steps:

Step 1: Download and install LagoFast.


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Step 2: Input “TEKKEN 8” and click the result.

TEKKEN 8 lag

Step 3: Choose the server you need.

TEKKEN 8 lagging

Step 4: Click boost and it will show you real-time ping & packet loss rate.

tekken 8 lag on pc

Other Tips To Fix TEKKEN 8 Lag on Consoles

Apart from LagoFast, try these many troubleshooting techniques to defeat the TEKKEN 8 Lag on PS5/PS4/Xbox and get back to your fluid gameplay.

1. Try Switching Wi-Fi Networks on Your PS5

Many network-related errors stem from issues with your current Wi-Fi connection. Whether it's slow or experiencing connectivity problems, switching to a different Wi-Fi network or using your mobile hotspot can help troubleshoot the issue.

2. Optimize Wi-Fi Frequency to 5GHz on PlayStation 5

Ensure your router supports the 5GHz band, and then follow these steps to adjust the frequency settings:

  • Navigate to Settings on your PS5 homepage.
  • Scroll down and select Network to access Network Settings.
  • Choose Set up Internet Connection from the expanded menu under Settings.
  • Select your connected Wi-Fi network, and press the options key to reveal a menu.
  • Navigate to Wi-Fi Frequency Bands and switch it to 5 GHz.
  • If you can't find the 5GHz option, your router may lack 5GHz support. Alternatively, attempt to connect using the 5GHz option if your router offers it.


In summary, conquering TEKKEN 8 Lag requires a bit of experimentation and perseverance. Explore these tips to fine-tune your setup for seamless gameplay, allowing you to concentrate on dominating the arena with impeccable combos!