Palworld Guide: Breeding Combos & How to Breed Fusion Pals
Last Update: 03/28/2024

Palworld has been a very popular game recently. It has many game elements similar to Pokémon, so it is also called Pokémon with guns by players. Currently, this game is ranked high on the Steam platform. There is a very interesting gameplay in Palworld - Fusion Pal. Players can breed special Fusion Pals through some strategies. These Fusion Pals can’t be caught directly in the wild and can only be obtained through breeding. 

Players can obtain different Fusion Pals through different Breeding combos. They all have different skills and abilities. If you don’t know how to breed Fusion Pals, this article will teach you step by step.

Part 1. Take a look at the best Palworld server hosting providers

Part 2. How To Get & Breed Fusion Pals in Palworld

Part 3. All Fusion Pals and Best Breeding Combos

FAQs About Fusion Pal in Palworld

Part 1. Take a look at the best Palworld server hosting providers

But before officially entering the Fusion Pal breeding tutorial, we strongly recommend you use LagoFast to maintain a smooth gaming experience. LagoFast is an excellent game booster that can solve various problems encountered by users in Palworld, such as dedicated server lagging, high ping, or low FPS, and connection issues.

Currently, LagoFast has updated the Login Repair function to repair problems when users log in to the game. The most important thing is that LagoFast provides a Palworld server hosting service, so players don’t hesitate, to follow the tutorial below to use LagoFast enjoy the game smoothly, and play with friends in a stable Palworld server. Click Grab it Now in the client app to enjoy a simple Palworld server hosting service:

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Host Your Own Palworld Dedicated Server Easily

Follow the steps below to get the best gaming experience:

Step 1: Download Free Trial.


Free Trial


Step 2: Before you start playing Palworld, you should search for it in LagoFast, then click the Game Boost button to explore more features.

Fusion Pal Full guide

Step 3: Click on Select Server to choose a stable server, then click on the Node on the right, you can also select a connected stable Node, then Click the Smart Boost button.

Breeding combos Palworld

Step 4: By clicking the Smart Boost button, the specific Game ping, Packet Loss, and Network Type are presented on the right side. Finally, click the Start Game button to play Palworld.

Palworld breeding guide

Part 2. How To Get & Breed Fusion Pals in Palworld

In Palworld, there are 111 cool pals to collect, but you can’t find all of them in the wild. Now, here’s the cool part – Fusion Pals! These are pals created by players, combining one named Pal with another of a specific type. You get awesome benefits, like merging traits and even changing the type of your Pal.

Breeding Your Best Fusion Pal

Follow the step-by-step guidance to get your Fusion Pal:

  • Step 1. Level up to 19
  • Step 2. Unlock the Breeding Farm then construct your breeding farm in Palworld. Note: collect 100 wood + 20 stones + 50 fibres
  • Step 3. Refer to the breeding combo list to prepare two specimens of opposite genders.
  • Step 4. Build an incubator. Note: collect 10 Palladium Fragments+2 Ancient Civilization Parts+5 Cloth+30 Stone
  • Step 5. Hatch the Fusion Pal egg
  • Step 6. Get Your Fusion Pal

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Part 3. All Fusion Pals and Best Breeding Combos & Calculators

Pal breeding isn’t just for pals of the same species. You can mix it up and breed two pals of different species, and you’ll always get an egg to hatch. This opens up a world of possibilities, creating potentially unique pals. Check out the list below for 28 breeding combinations that result in some powerful cool creatures in Palworld!

  • Relaxaurus + Sparkit = Relaxaurus Lux
  • Incineram + Maraith = Incineram Noct
  • Mau + Pengullet = Mau Cryst
  • Vanwyrm + Foxcicle = Vanwyrm Cryst
  • Eikthyrdeer + Hangyu = Eikthyrdeer Terra
  • Elphidran + Surfent = Elphidran Aqua
  • Pyrin + Katress = Pyrin Noct
  • Mammorest + Wumpo = Mammorest Cryst
  • Mossanda + Grizzbolt = Mossanda Lux
  • Dinossom + Rayhound = Dinossom Lux
  • Jolthog + Pengullet = Jolthog Cryst
  • Frostallion + Helzephyr = Frostallion Noct
  • Kingpaca + Reindrix = Kingpaca Cryst
  • Lyleen + Menasting = Lyleen Noct
  • Leezpunk + Flambelle = Leezpunk Ignis
  • Blazehowl + Felbat = Blazehowl Noct
  • Robinquill + Fuddler = Robinquill Terra
  • Broncherry + Fuack = Broncherry Aqua
  • Surfent + Dumud = Surfent Terra
  • Gobfin + Rooby = Gobfin Ignus
  • Suzaku + Jormuntide = Suzaku Aqua
  • Reptyro + Foxcicle = Reptyro Cryst
  • Hangyu + Swee = Gobfin Ignus
  • Mossanda + Petallia = Lyleen
  • Vanwyrm + Anubis = Faleris
  • Mossanda + Rayhound = Grizzbolt
  • Grizzbolt + Relaxaurus = Orserk
  • Kitsun + Astegon = Shadowbeak

If you want to know all Palworld breeding calculators, please read the following table in detail:

Parent 1 Parent 2 Result
Lamball Lamball Lamball
Lamball Cattiva Lamball
Cattiva Mau Lamball
Lamball Vixy Cattiva
Lamball Cremis Cattiva
Cattiva Cattiva Cattiva
Cattiva Cremis Cattiva
Lamball Foxparks Lifmunk
Lamball Sparkit Lifmunk
Lamball Hoocrates Lifmunk
Lamball Depresso Lifmunk
Cattiva Foxparks Lifmunk
Cattiva Sparkit Lifmunk
Cattiva Hoocrates Lifmunk
Cattiva Hangyu Lifmunk
Lamball Fuack Foxparks
Lamball Bristla Foxparks
Cattiva Fuack Foxparks
Cattiva Tocotoco Foxparks
Lamball Woolipop Fuack
Lamball Lamball Sparkit
Lamball Gumoss Pengullet
Lamball Daedream Pengullet
Cattiva Tanzee Pengullet
Cattiva Gumoss Pengullet
Lamball Tanzee Jolthog
Lamball Flopie Jolthog
Cattiva Killamari Jolthog
Cattiva Flopie Jolthog
Lamball Lifmunk Vixy
Lamball Hangyu Vixy
Cattiva Lifmunk Vixy
Lamball Ribunny Hoocrates
Cattiva Bristla Hoocrates
Lamball Killamari Depresso
Cattiva Ribunny Depresso
Cattiva Vixy Cremis
Cattiva Rushoar Killamari
Lamball Chikipi Mau
Lamball Teafant Mau
Lamball Mau Mau
Lamball Fuddler Tocotoco
Cattiva Daedream Tocotoco
Cattiva Fuddler Tocotoco
Lamball Gobfin Flopie
Lamball Nox Bristla
Cattiva Nox Bristla
Cattiva Woolipop Bristla
Lamball Jolthog Hangyu
Cattiva Jolthog Hangyu
Cattiva Depresso Hangyu
Lamball Mozzarina Woolipop
Lamball Eikthyrdeer Woolipop
Cattiva Mozzarina Woolipop
Cattiva Caprity Woolipop
Cattiva Eikthyrdeer Woolipop
Lamball Rooby Ribunny
Cattiva Rooby Ribunny
Lamball Mossanda Loupmoon
Lamball Nitewing Loupmoon
Cattiva Mossanda Loupmoon
Lamball Ice Kingpaca Loupmoon
Lamball Wumpo Loupmoon
Cattiva Mossanda Loupmoon
Cattiva Sibelyx Loupmoon
Lamball Incineram Galeclaw
Lamball Incineram Noct Galeclaw
Cattiva Incineram Galeclaw
Lamball Surfent Robinquill
Lamball Anubis Robinquill
Cattiva Incineram Noct Robinquill
Lamball Vanwyrm Cryst Gorirat
Cattiva Vanwyrm Cryst Gorirat
Maraith Lovander Gorirat
Lamball Blazehowl Noct Beegarde
Cattiva Univolt Beegarde
Quivern Jormuntide Elizabee
Anubis Jetragon Elizabee
Lamball Rushoar Swee
Lamball Leezpunk Ignis Swee
Cattiva Leezpunk Ignis Swee
Cattiva Maraith Swee
Lamball Cryolinx Chillet
Lamball Orserk Chillet
Lamball Suzaku Foxcicle
Lamball Shadowbeak Foxcicle
Lamball Necromus Foxcicle
Surfent Fenglope Foxcicle
Elizabee Ragnahawk Pyrin
Quivern Faleris Pyrin
Lamball Relaxaurus Reindrix
Lamball Mammorest Cryst Reindrix
Lamball Blazamut Rayhound
Lamball Helzephyr Kitsun
Lamball Grizzbolt Kitsun
Lamball Caprity Dazzi
Lamball Loupmoon Dazzi
Lamball Lovander Dazzi
Cattiva Loupmoon Dazzi
Cattiva Lovander Dazzi
Lamball Foxcicle Lunaris
Lamball Rayhound Lunaris
Lamball Tombat Lunaris
Cattiva Foxcicle Lunaris
Cattiva Rayhound Lunaris
Cattiva Tombat Lunaris
Lamball Astegon Dinossom
Arsox Elizabee Surfent
Lamball Kitsun Maraith
Lamball Dinossom Maraith
Cattiva Kitsun Maraith
Lamball Pyrin Nox Digtoise
Lamball Beakon Digtoise
Lamball Ice Reptyro Digtoise
Lamball 104b Digtoise
Cattiva Pyrin Nox Digtoise
Cattiva Beakon Digtoise
Hoocrates Jormuntide Digtoise
Vanwyrm Galeclaw Digtoise
Lamball Suzaku Aqua Tombat
Lamball Sweepa Lovander
Cattiva Nitewing Lovander
Lamball Tocotoco Flambelle
Cattiva Pengullet Flambelle
Verdash Jormuntide Vanwyrm
Cryolinx Quivern Beakon
Quivern Jetragon Beakon
Suzaku Faleris Beakon
Mossanda Elizabee Ragnahawk
Relaxaurus Kingpaca Ragnahawk
Lamball Celaray Wixen
Lamball Digtoise Wixen
Lamball Broncherry Wixen
Cattiva Celaray Wixen
Cattiva Reindrix Wixen
Lamball Penking Verdash
Lamball Grintale Verdash
Cattiva Penking Verdash
Mozzarina Beegarde Verdash
Leezpunk Ignis Digtoise Verdash
Reindrix Lunaris Verdash
Cattiva Bushi Vaelet
Faleris Jetragon Sibelyx
Ragnahawk Katress Elphidran
Kingpaca Incineram Elphidran
Anubis Grintale Elphidran
Lamball Direhowl Kelpsea
Lamball Gorirat Kelpsea
Lamball Vaelet Kelpsea
Cattiva Direhowl Kelpsea
Cattiva Beegarde Kelpsea
Cattiva Vaelet Kelpsea
Lamball Cawgnito Kelpsea Ignis
Lamball Beegarde Kelpsea Ignis
Cattiva Gobfin Kelpsea Ignis
Cattiva Cawgnito Kelpsea Ignis
Helzephyr Jetragon Cryolinx
Astegon Jetragon Cryolinx
Frostallion Jetragon Cryolinx
Felbat Nitewing Blazehowl
Elizabee Beakon Relaxaurus
Lamball Menasting Broncherry
Lamball Lyleen Broncherry
Eikthyrdeer Chillet Broncherry
Lamball Paladius Petallia
Lamball Jetragon Petallia
Wumpo Helzephyr Reptyro
Warsect Jormuntide Reptyro
Anubis Faleris Kingpaca
Orserk Jetragon Kingpaca
Quivern Anubis Wumpo
Elizabee Quivern Warsect
Lamball Cinnamoth Fenglope
Lamball Azurobe Fenglope
Lamball Kingpaca Fenglope
Lamball Wumpo Botan Fenglope
Cattiva Cinnamoth Fenglope
Cattiva Grintale Fenglope
Lunaris Broncherry Fenglope
Surfent Depresso Fenglope
Kingpaca Lamball Fenglope
Anubis Jolthog Fenglope
Lamball Surfent Terra Felbat
Lamball Elphidran Felbat
Cattiva Surfent Felbat
Cattiva Surfent Terra Felbat
Cattiva Elphidran Felbat
Ragnahawk Reptyro Quivern
Menasting Jetragon Helzephyr
Jormuntide Jetragon Helzephyr
Jormuntide Ignis Jetragon Helzephyr
Suzaku Relaxaurus Lux Astegon
Suzaku Aqua Relaxaurus Lux Astegon
Grizzbolt Jetragon Astegon
Lyleen Jetragon Astegon
Beakon Jormuntide Menasting
Mammorest Helzephyr Menasting
Jormuntide Faleris Menasting
Elizabee Chillet Anubis
Univolt Kingpaca Anubis
Vanwyrm Azurobe Anubis
Vanwyrm Kingpaca Anubis
Katress Sibelyx Anubis
Blazehowl Noct Kingpaca Anubis
Elizabee Relaxaurus Jormuntide
Pyrin Nox Faleris Jormuntide
Relaxaurus Lux Quivern Jormuntide
Reptyro Jormuntide Jormuntide
Quivern Menasting Jormuntide
Blazamut Jetragon Suzaku
Suzaku Jetragon Suzaku
Suzaku Aqua Jetragon Suzaku
Shadowbeak Jetragon Suzaku
Paladius Jetragon Suzaku
Necromus Jetragon Suzaku
Jormuntide Suzaku Suzaku Aqua
Suzaku Jormuntide Suzaku Aqua
Vanwyrm Anubis Faleris
Jetragon Jetragon Jetragon

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FAQ About Fusion Pal in Palworld

Q1: How To Breed Pals In Palworld

Generally speaking, to breed Pal in Palworld, you need to upgrade to level 19 first, then build a Breeding Farm and Incubator, and then prepare the corresponding Pal, resources, and items based on the Breeding Combo list, and finally start breeding the Fusion Pal.

Q2: Legendaries in Palworld

Combining Frostallion & Helzephyr will result in Frostallion Noct- an absolute Dark-type behemoth. It’s worth combining a Dark-type and Fire-type, and also worth combining Dragon element Pals with an Electric-type, like Relaxaurus Lux.


In short, breeding Fusion Pals is very simple by following our tutorial, but it may take some time for users to collect resources and level up. Also, remember to use LagoFast to make your entire Breeding Process smoother.