Explore the Sea of Thieves on PS5 in 2024
Last Update: 04/18/2024

Sea of Thieves Overview

Sea of Thieves is a thrilling multiplayer action-adventure game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios. Set in a captivating open-world environment, players take on the roles of pirates exploring the vast seas, embarking on daring adventures, and engaging in epic battles. With its emphasis on cooperative multiplayer gameplay, ship customization, treasure hunting, and dynamic encounters, “Sea of Thieves” offers an immersive pirate experience like no other. Whether sailing solo or with a crew, players can chart their own course, encounter other players, and uncover the mysteries of the high seas in this captivating and ever-evolving pirate world.

As Sea of Thieves is a very engaging and attractive game, therefore, many PS5 players tend to play it. This article will offer you detailed information on Sea of Thieves on PS5, allowing you to smoothly play it on PS5.

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Part 1: Is Sea of Thieves on PS5 and Time

Part 2: Is Sea of Thieves free on PS5

Part 3: Enhancing the Sea of Thieves Gaming Experience On PS5 By Using LagoFast

Part 4: Sea of Thieves FAQs

Part 1: Is Sea of Thieves on PS5

Yes. According to the official Sea of Thieves account on X, Sea of Thieves will come to PS5 on April 30, 2024. It’s been about six years and a bit since it first launched on Xbox One and Windows PC.

Previously, Sea of Thieves was not available on PlayStation platforms. It was initially released exclusively for Windows and Xbox One in 2018, later expanding to Xbox Series X/S and Steam. However, game availability and platform support can change over time due to various factors such as agreements between developers and platform holders.

Part 2: Is Sea of Thieves free on PS5

Sea of Thieves isn’t free on PS5. It typically requires a purchase to play. However, game availability and pricing can change, so it’s a good idea to check the PlayStation Store or official announcements for the most up-to-date information. After checking the information from the PlayStation Store, it shows the price of Sea of Thieves is US$39.99.

Sea of Thieves will be out on PS5 on 30th April

Part 3: Enhancing the Sea of Thieves Gaming Experience On PS5 By Using LagoFast

Elevate your Sea of Thieves gaming journey on PS5 with LagoFast! Unlock smoother sailing and quicker access to the action by harnessing the power of LagoFast Box - Ultimate Console Companion. Dive into the pirate life with reduced loading times and seamless transitions, ensuring you spend less time waiting and more time plundering treasures and battling foes. LagoFast Box tackles most gaming issues without the need for multiple tools. Its intuitive interface lets you resolve game problems swiftly with a single click, getting you back into the action in no time. Furthermore, LagoFast Box enhances performance across various platforms, ensuring stable connections and minimal disruptions in real-time. With servers spanning over 60 countries and 150 cities, gamers can effortlessly connect to the nearest server for optimal performance, no matter where they are. And importantly, LagoFast Box offers a more budget-friendly price, delivering a smooth gaming experience at a lower cost. Don’t miss the opportunity to optimize your gaming with LagoFast Box. Upgrade your adventure today with LagoFast and experience Sea of Thieves like never before.

Tutorial to use LagoFast Box for a smooth gaming experience on PS5:

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Step 1. Download the LagoFast Console App to control the LagoFast Box

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Step 2. Connect your LagoFast Box to your router and Console. You can use either wired connection or wireless connection.

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Step 2. Launch LagoFast Console App and Boost the game. After you finish LagoFast Box binding, you can boost the game in LagoFast Console App.

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For PC Players: Reduce lag and boost FPS Sea of Thieves with LagoFast PC client:

Step 1: Click to download LagoFast for free.

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Step 2: Open LagoFast then click the PC button on the left and search Sea of Thieves in the search bar, click it after appearing.

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Step 3: Click on “Server” to change to a better server that ensures a stable connection, then click on “Smart Boost”.

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Step 4: Check the specific game ping, packet loss, and multiple path connection on the right side. Finally, click the “Start Game” to play the game.

Sea of Thieves lagging issues fix


Part 4: Sea of Thieves FAQs

Q1: Is Sea of Thieves Coming to PS4?

Sea of Thieves might not be coming to PS4. Although the game initially launched on Xbox One and could likely run on PS4 and PS4 Pro, Microsoft has only announced a version for PS5 at the moment.

Q2: When Does the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta?

To access the closed beta on PS5, simply pre-order any version of Sea of Thieves for the PS5. The closed beta is scheduled to take place between April 12th and 15th, starting at 9 am UTC.