How to Fix ArcheAge War Crashing Issues
Last Update: 03/27/2023

The online launch of the game has attracted a lot of players, and the players have great expectations. Judging from the player feedback available, many players are suffering from archeage war crashing issues. In this article, you can find the fixes.

ArcheAge War is designed to be based on the original story and characters, with an emphasis on combat and combat, and developed in Unreal Engine 4. Unlike ArcheAge War, which focuses on adventure and life, Archeage War focuses on field battles on a vast continent and allows you to enjoy realistic battles such as massive siege battles and sea battles. After the press conference, many players came, eager to play the story of the game. However, after looking through the players community, it is easy to find that archeage war randomly crashing attracts many fans. Here are some recommendable ways when archeage war crash on startup.

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Part 1: Why Archeage War Crashing on Startup

Part 2: Best Archeage War Crashing Issue Reducer

Part 3: Some Reference Ways to Check Archeage Aar Crashing

Why Archeage War Crashing on Startup

ArcheAge War is an MMORPG developed by XL Games, a Korean gaming company, and published by XL Games and Trion Worlds. The game is set in a fictional world where players can choose between different races and classes, explore, fight, make items, build homes, and more. ArcheAge War also has large-scale PvP battles, including city battles, sea battles, etc. You can form guilds, build castles, recruit troops, fight wars, fight for territory, and become a force in the game. Beautiful game screen, simple operation, rich gameplay, and is deeply loved by players.

Since the trailer of archeage war came out, many players have been looking forward to its wonderful graphics, exciting backstory, and interesting and vivid gameplay. Whether it's on public platforms like Twitter or Reddit, a certain percentage of players complain about archeage war issues especially archeage war randomly crash on pc or startup.

These problems have greatly hindered players' enthusiasm and lowered expectations. For a better gaming experience, we had better pay attention to archeage war crashing issues. Here are some possible factors you can check and take into account.

Hardware issues: The game may require high performance hardware to run, and if the computer's hardware configuration is insufficient, the game may crash during the startup phase.

Software issues: The game may require specific software or drivers to run. If software or drivers are missing or outdated, the game may crash during the startup phase.

Collision problem: If other software or drivers are installed on the computer and conflict with the game, the game may crash during the archeage war startup phase.

Viruses or malware: Viruses or malware on your computer may interfere with the running of your game, causing it to archeage war crash during the startup phase.

Problems with the game itself: The game may have its own problems, such as programming errors, missing files, etc., that cause the game to crash during the launch phase.

Best Archeage War Crashing Issue Reducer

Archeage war crashing can be caused by a variety of reasons, as described above. When you face him, a lot of players will be in a hurry and not know how to settle with Archeage war crashing. Replacing higher-configuration hardware, such as game processors and graphics cards, is a great option, but it means higher financial costs. So starting from the network environment is a relatively economical and effective choice. Again, I have to strongly recommend an archeage war game booster - LagoFast. As an excellent game vpn, the above problems can be solved with a click. First of all, it has its own data transfer protocol, which can effectively avoid the game firewall or anti-virus software caused by the wrong shield. Secondly, it sets up special server nodes for the game, shortening the connection distance between the player server and the game server. This measure effectively prevents other software in the player's computer against archeage war network resources. Finally, in terms of price, this product is much more economical than replacing the hardware. More than anything else in the gaming market, it has a Pay-Per-Minute plan, an economic plan.

The following features are also the reasons why this product is worth your choice.

The features of LagoFast are as follows:

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Follow the following steps if you want to avoid crashing in Archeage war.

Step 1: Download LagoFast

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Step 2: Type ‘Archeage war’ in the Search library and click the button.



Step 3: Change the server in Archeage war. 



Step 4: Then you can see ping rate and status of packet loss after Archeage war boosting.


Some Reference Ways to Check Archeage War Crashing

In addition to Lagofast, there are a few methods you can look at. In view of the above reasons leading to archeage war crashing, the corresponding solutions are listed in this paper.

Check the computer hardware: The game may require high performance hardware to run, and if the computer's hardware configuration is inadequate, the game may crash at boot time. You are advised to check whether the computer hardware, such as CPU, memory, and graphics card, meets the requirements of the game. If the hardware does not meet the requirements, upgrade the hardware or reduce the picture quality and Settings of the game.

Check the integrity of the game file: The game file may be damaged or missing, resulting in the game crashing at boot time. It is recommended to find options such as "Verify the integrity of the game file" in the game launcher so that the game launcher can automatically check and repair the game file.

Update video card drivers: Video card drivers may be outdated or incompatible with the game, causing the game to crash at boot time. You are advised to download the latest graphics card driver from the official website of the graphics card manufacturer and install the updated driver as prompted.

Shut down other programs: Other programs running on your computer may conflict with the game, causing it to crash at boot time. It is recommended to close other programs to ensure that the game monopolizes the computer's resources.

Virus scanning: Viruses or malware on your computer may interfere with the running of your game, causing it to crash at boot time. You are advised to use anti-virus software to perform a thorough virus scan and remove any threats found.

Summary: To avoid archeage war crashing at startup, you should check many factors. Lagofast is the convenient way.