Best stuttering reducer for Valorant
Last Update: 12/23/2022
Recently, many players have been complaining about their terrible experience from Valorant, such as Valorant mouse stutter. Please don’t worry about valorant stutter anymore. In this article, you can find best stuttering reducer for Valorant.

Valorant is a free multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Riot Games. The background of the game is set in the near-future earth world. A major event on a global scale, called First Light, has changed the planet, bringing about a major shift in life, technology and the functioning of government. Some people on Earth acquired superpowers in this event. These people with superpowers are called "Radiants", which means that they were radiated by the original light to acquire superpowers. Interesting background story and gameplay attracts many players. However, while players enjoying the game, many of them have always complaint about the Valorant stuttering on high end pc. For a better online gaming experience, many users wonder a best stuttering reducer for Valorant., such as game booster. At this time, I think LagoFast is a very suitable choice In addition to this, the article also offers other options for reference.

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Part 1: How to fix valorant stuttering?

Part 2: Why do we encounter Valorant stuttering like mouse stutter or frame stutter?

Part 3: What is Valorant stuttering?

How to fix valorant stuttering?

Use the best Valorant stutter reducer-----LagoFast!

There is no doubt that LagoFast is the best Valorant game booster, it can greatly reduce Valorant stuttering and lagging on personal computer obviously. Here’s why LagoFast is worth to trust. Firstly, LagoFast has a self-developed internal data transfer protocol. This protocol can alleviate network instability. It can also help to reach Valorant fps spikes. It also works on improving network conditions and selecting the network node with the lowest ping rate. In terms of fixing Valorant mouse stuttering and frame stuttering, users can get a better gaming enjoyment with just one Boost button. After clicking the button, it can quickly improve server connection in Valorant. The user-friendly price is also the advantage worth your choice. LagoFast is the only Valorant fps booster and game VPN with a per-minute plan. Even if you can’t afford the monthly or yearly price, you can also afford the product every minute you wish.

LagoFast has many features, such as:

  • Has a Pay-Per-Minute plan, user-friendly, protect your wallet!
  • More than 8 years of game booster and game vpn history
  • Easy to use, just one click
  • Boost fps and reduce ping rate at the same time
  • Supports over 1000 games, you can choose something you like

The step of how to use LagoFast:

Step 1: Download LagoFast

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Step 2: Type Valorant in the Search box and click the Valorant button.


Step 3: Choose the server you like(try to make it same as your game server).


Step 4:Then you can see ping and status of packet loss after Valorant Game boosting.


Other fixes to Valorant stuttering

As what is mentioned above, Valorant stuttering can be caused by many reasons. To reduce Valorant stutter, you need to consider a variety of possibilities. But if you know exactly what is causing your Valorant mouse or frame stutter, here are some approaches you can take, I wish they can help you.

  • Close background applications: As we mentioned above, if your computer need to process many applications at the same time, the memory space will be taken up a lot. your games will be difficult to run smoothly. So in order to get better gaming experience, I suggest that you can open the task manager of your computer before playing Valorant, then close those applications which might take up your game resources.
  • Use a wired network: Although the wired network may not be as convenient as the wireless network, it is not easy to receive interference from factors such as walls, which is very important for the smooth operation of Valorant. Because using Ethernet can ensure the stability of your network connection and prevents your network from being segmented by other obstacles. However, if your environment cannot ensure limited network usage, you should minimize the distance between the computer and the router, or reduce the number of devices connected to the router.

Why do we encounter Valorant stuttering like mouse stutter or frame stutter?

Many reasons will lead to Valorant stuttering, as well as Valorant server lag and latency. For example, there is something wrong with player's computer hardware. The influence of online speed is also a factor. If there are issues in Valorant performance, high temperature of CPU leads to Valorant stuttering on pc. Here are the factors worth to consider.

Too heavy CPU load at the same time: You may be wondering why too heavy CPU load will make Valorant unable to launch. When the CPU has to perform many applications, a CPU that is too old or not advanced enough will be overwhelmed. They will cause the temperature of the CPU rise rapidly. Because the CPU has limited working space, every computer software occupies a part of it. Too high temperature may cause abnormal operation and do wrong with computer hardware.

Unstable network connection: As a game which needs ten players playing together, each players online connection is must. So if you suffer from Valoran tstuttering, but there are nothing wrong with your network, please let your teammate to check their network as the same time.

Abnormal server work: If all the methods are used, the problem still unable to solve. There may be something wrong with the official.

What is Valorant stuttering?

Valorant mouse stutter:Many users confuse the mouse with the system. The mouse card is not smooth, because the mouse is sliding in a large range and the cursor is swimming in a small distance. But the system freezes when the user moves the mouse. The mouse suddenly stops at one point on the screen and then returns to normal, but the mouse suddenly appears at another point on the screen. Move the "cursor" on the screen with the mouse. If you can see the movement from point A to point B, it's not a system problem. If the mouse cursor is skipping, there may be a problem with the system, such as a virus, Trojan horse, too many startup items, insufficient system memory, etc. Such problems can be solved by killing the virus or redoing the system. When the computer is equipped enough and the system has no problems, if the mouse cursor is not smooth when moving, it is related to "cursor speed".

Valorant frame stutter: The frame rate of the game goes up and down, suddenly dropping to the normal again. This situation is likely because the hard disk has bad tracks, or the hard disk performance is low, resulting in slow loading of the game interface, or insufficient memory, is a normal burst of memory.

Games are stuck: That is to say, the game frame rate is always low, mainly because of the graphics card or CPU bottleneck, the general probability of the graphics card is higher.

Display stalls and flower screens: Video card driver problems, resulting in mapping errors, or video memory problems, video memory welding and so on.

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