Packet Loss: Valorant, Why It Matters, And How To Fix It?
Last Update: 03/27/2023

High packet loss in Valorant results from many factors from hardware to software; these factors may be present individually or combined. To troubleshoot both aspects, a step-by-step process is required involving checking and removing the problematic areas. This can be a tedious task and requires time and effort depending on the OS or hardware device used for network and processing. Lagofast has options like game boost and FPS boost that help the end user to have a better experience while playing games like Valorant and other supported titles.

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Part 1: How to find packet loss in Valorant?

Part 2: What exactly is packet loss in Gaming terms?

Part 3: How to fix/stop packet loss in Valorant?

Valorant packet loss spikes can hurt the gaming experience of casual gamers and have a drastic impact on the performance of competitive players. There are plenty of hints gamers can get that indicate high packet loss. Valorant depends on high-speed networks and machines with good processing power. With all this equipment and high-end routers, gamers can still experience packet loss, and their game can have lags and frequent disconnections. Being a game of skills that include reaction time and decision-making in using tactical abilities, packet loss or high pings can impact the performance of any team.

LagoFast can solve the packet loss problem in Valorant by optimizing and enabling various Windows features. These features and background processes consume the much-needed processing power or network resources. Lagofast is easy to download and use and comes with a free trial as well. It has worldwide nodes and routes to make the gaming experience smooth and lag-free. Features like FPS boost and game boost let gamers have more control over the network and hardware resources. LagoFast supports 1000+ games on PC, Consol, and Switch.

So the big question is how to fix packet loss in Valorant using LagoFast. Valorant packet loss fix starts by downloading the LagoFast application. Follow the steps to know how to fix the packet loss issue in Valorant.

5 Steps Help You Reduce Packet Loss

Step 1: Download and install Lagofast from the link below.

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Step 2: Open the LagoFast application and look for Valorant. If not able to find it then use the search option.

Step 3: Select Valorant from the list. This option will choose the game to be boosted.

 loss fix

Step 4: Select the desired server from the list.

valorant server lag reducer

Step 5: Click on game boost and check for packet loss value and launch the game.

valorant packet loss

How to find packet loss in Valorant?

If your game has a lag, high ping, or a drop in FPS then try to find the reason. One reason for sure is network congestion or limited bandwidth. Start by opening the network adapter properties and check if the network connection is stable and connected. Then proceed to the next part of checking the packet loss using the windows command prompt.

Run the command ping followed by the IP address of the regional Valorant server. Enter the number of pings to this server and in the end, get the desired percentage of packet loss. If the percentage is on the higher side, then check for packet loss in other servers like through the same process. This way anyone can check if Valorant is showing packet loss or overall internet connection is impacted.


The other way is to use the Lagofast app and check for packet loss in Valorant. If everything is fine it will show no or less packet loss.

loss fix 

What exactly is packet loss in Gaming terms?

Packet loss is missing information or data that did not reach the destination. In gaming terms, it could be the change in the location of a player or an action performed. It could be the location of the other team player in the multiplayer setup. A lack of this information can result in choppy or laggy gameplay or simply Desync. Desync in gaming impacts multiplayer games on PC or console. Desync is an information mismatch due to packet loss. This mismatch or lack of packets results in weird events in the game. Like packet loss in Valorant can result in desync and hence shots fired will not be counted or the screen will freeze and the player might die from shots that were desynced. A team member might appear and disappear and the same goes for the enemies. The only solution is to look for problems in software(OS or game application) hardware or the network.

How to fix/ stop packet loss in Valorant?

Packet loss in Valorant can also be due to an array of reasons in the form of errors. These range from simple connection errors to unavailable servers. Based on this information from the game, necessary steps can be taken on how to fix or stop packet loss in Valorant.


  • OS update. The operating system handles all the applications and network resources actively or in the background. Therefore updating the OS can help remove network errors and run the games smoothly. Keep the operating system up to date and make sure the update process is set outside of active hours to save bandwidth. Sometimes updating requires a large amount of data and occupies the majority of the bandwidth.
  • Game update. Update the Riot client game launcher, and the Valorant application itself. Riot client is a game launcher that has all the Riot games titles and helps to log in and play the downloaded games. After login, the particular game can be played or updated with the desired action.
  • Game settings. Use the in-game audio and video settings optimally to unburden low-speed internet connections. For example, low graphic settings or no in-game sound can be a quick remedy for Valorant’s high pack loss.  


  • PC configuration. Check the official Riot games page for minimum system requirements. Sometimes users have to upgrade their system configuration to run the game smoothly.
  • Network drivers. Check network adaptor drivers to make sure they are up to date.
  • Router settings. Check router settings for optimal use and updated software to access the network smoothly.

The valorant server status page can tell users about the problems that might be affecting their gameplay at that time. If the servers are down there won't be any communication with the clients, hence this might result in packet loss.

Network connection

Try switching from a wireless connection to a LAN connection to remove any possibility of interference. Moreover, wired connections are more stable than Wi-Fi.

One major factor for packet loss in Valorant is the limited bandwidth. Limited bandwidth means the possibility of congestion in the network. A simple upgrade of the network speed can help get better results in terms of packet loss and latency.

In summary, this article answers the question of how to reduce packet loss in Valorant and how to fix packet loss in Valorant. Also, look for solutions online from the user experience by searching the term “Valorant packet loss Reddit.” The search results might have solutions to the problems that are latest and have updated solutions.