Q&As About FPS Boost

What's FPS boost?

FPS stands for "Frames Per Second". In-game, FPS constitutes as to how many frames (images) your monitor is displaying each second. The higher the FPS, the smoother and more responsive the game will seem.


How Does LagoFast work to improve FPS?

Through some simple settings on LagoFast to improve system performance and make the game run faster. Results may vary because there are many factors like CPU/GPU speed, monitor and graphics frame rate, current in-game scene complexity etc. We always recommend turning FPS boost on, by doing so you can: 

· Improve PC performance 

· Boost in-game FPS

· Avoid frequent crashes


How to turn FPS boost on?

① Click "FPS boost" on the left on LagoFast home page. 

② In the FPS settings page, you may select and save the settings you need (some settings will take effect only after restarting the computer). 

③ Start boosting in "Game Booster" tab to enable FPS boost at the same time. 

The settings will be restored when boosting is over or disconnected from LagoFast.


Does FPS boost work on all games?

It won't work on all games. Only some games can run at a higher framerate and work better with FPS boost.

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