3 Ways to Improve Internet Speed to Play Overwatch 2 in 2023
Last Update: 03/27/2023

To have a seamless gaming experience in Overwatch 2, you might need a 3 Mbps(megabits per second) Internet connection at least. If you don’t have such an Internet speed, you may experience lag, packet loss, or higher ping.

How to increase Overwatch 2 Internet speed

Since lag, packet loss, and high ping may greatly impair your gaming experience, we should try to avoid them by increasing our Internet speed for games. But how to do that? Here are 3 ways to improve Internet speed to play Overwatch 2. Check it out!

Before we get started, we should do an Internet speed test to see where the problem is. You can search “Internet speed test” on the Internet for a free test. Before the test begins, remember to close all irrelevant programs in case they affect the accuracy of the test results.

1. Try LagoFast Game VPN

LagoFast is a renowned game VPN. It is famous for its exclusive routes all over the world. We can attribute the super-smooth and truly immersive gaming experience to its smart routing and unique LFP protocol. Moreover, LagoFast can effectively boost FPS for different games by enhancing PC performance. 

Since LagoFast is a professional game accelerator, it can solve many gaming problems, including low Internet speed in Overwatch 2. It provides a stable network connection for games to avoid latency or crash issues. Check the steps and improve your network speed in Overwatch 2 now.

Step 1. Download LagoFast and sign in;

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Step 2: Search for Overwatch 2 in LagoFast;



Step 3: Choose the server and node.



Step 4: Enjoy Overwatch 2 with boosted Internet speed!



LagoFast also has some unique advantages compared with other game accelerators, such as the pay-per-minute feature. It means that LagoFast won’t charge you for the minutes that you didn’t use. You can stop whenever you want. This certainly makes LagoFast a more economical choice for different players.

2. Follow the steps provided on the official website of Overwatch 2.

Normally, the official website of a game would provide players with all sorts of suggestions to troubleshoot game issues. The official website of Overwatch 2 is no exception. If you are experiencing low Internet speed in Overwatch 2, you may try to optimize your Internet connection like this:

Step 1: Try plugging your computer directly into your modem.

Step 2: Shut down other programs that access the internet, such as other games or download programs.

Step 3: Satellite, cellular phone, and WiMax internet connections are not stable connections and may cause further connection issues when playing Blizzard games. If possible, consider switching to a more stable connection.

You can also:

Step 1: Reset your network devices to make sure your router hasn't become flooded with data.

Step 2: Release and renew your IP and flush your DNS to resolve any network conflicts.

Step 3: Update your drivers and operating system to resolve any compatibility issues.

Step 4: If you're using a wireless connection, optimize your internet connection to rule out a connection issue.

Step 5: Close all other applications to resolve software conflicts and free up resources.

The above steps probably will help you with low Internet issues in Overwatch 2. You can have a try.

3. Close all irrelevant programs and disconnect other devices.

All the irrelevant programs and other devices connected to your Internet may severely affect your Internet speed to play Overwatch 2. So before you start to play Overwatch 2, you may want to close all these programs running on your computer to boost Internet speed.

To disconnect other devices, you can do it in a simpler and quicker way:

Step 1: Check your router’s sticker or supporting documentation, and enter its IP address into your browser’s search bar. For most routers, it’s “”.

Step 2: Log in with the router username and password, also typically found on the sticker.

Step 3: Locate the option for connected devices and click Remove or Block.

By following the above steps, you can clear all unnecessary burdens on your network connection and hopefully, you can improve your Internet speed to play Overwatch 2.


If you are experiencing a low Internet speed issue in Overwatch 2, this article is exactly what you wish to see. Go check the 3 ways provided in this article and improve your Internet speed for Overwatch 2 now! Among them, LagoFast is the easiest way, try it now!

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