How to Show Ping in Fortnite?
Last Update: 06/14/2024

Understanding your network performance can greatly enhance your gaming experience, particularly in fast-paced games like Fortnite. One crucial aspect of network performance is your ping, which measures the time it takes for your system to communicate with Fortnite servers. High ping values can lead to lag, which is detrimental in a competitive environment. While displaying your ping in Fortnite is crucial for understanding your current network performance, using LagoFast can actively improve that performance.

Part 1: Why Monitor Ping in Fortnite?

Part 2: How to Display Ping in Fortnite

Part 3: Enhancing Fortnite Gameplay with LagoFast for Optimal Ping

Why Monitor Ping in Fortnite?

Monitoring your ping in Fortnite can help you diagnose connection issues that might be affecting your gameplay. A lower ping means a more responsive experience, as the server gets and responds to your input more quickly. This is crucial in Fortnite, where timing and precision play pivotal roles in the outcome of the match.

How to Show Ping in Fortnite?

The process to show your ping in Fortnite is straightforward and can significantly help in managing and troubleshooting your connectivity to Fortnite servers. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Open the Sidebar and Navigate to Settings:

Start Fortnite, and once you are in the game, open the sidebar to access the main menu. Look for and select the ‘Settings’ menu to proceed.

2. Turn on Latency Debug Stats:

Within the Settings menu, find the option labeled ‘Latency Debug Stats’ and turn it on. This setting allows the game to display your ping during gameplay.

3. Turn on Net Debug Stats:

Additionally, enable the ‘Net Debug Stats’ option in the settings. This will not only show your ping but also other network-related statistics like packet loss and your connection speed to the server.

4. Check Your Ping:

After enabling these settings, exit the Settings menu and return to your game. You should now see your ping displayed on the top left corner of your screen. This will allow you to monitor your ping in real-time as you play.

Enhancing Fortnite Gameplay with LagoFast for Optimal Ping

For Fortnite players looking to optimize their network performance further, integrating LagoFast, a specialized game booster, can be a game-changer. LagoFast is designed to improve your gaming experience by reducing ping, minimizing latency, and stabilizing your connection. This can be particularly beneficial for Fortnite players who have followed the previous steps to display their ping but still experience high latency or unstable connections.

How to Use LagoFast with Fortnite?

Using LagoFast to enhance your Fortnite gaming experience involves a few simple steps:

1. Download and Install LagoFast: Visit the LagoFast website and download the application. Follow the setup instructions to install it on your device.

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2. Set Up Your Game: Open LagoFast and add Fortnite to your list of games. This ensures that the optimization is tailored specifically for Fortnite’s network requirements.

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3. Select the Optimal Server: Use LagoFast’s interface to choose the best server. The software will suggest the optimal server based on your location and the current network conditions, which is crucial for reducing ping.

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4. Activate and Monitor: With everything set up, activate LagoFast before launching Fortnite. You can now monitor your ping improvement directly within the LagoFast dashboard or continue to observe it in-game as previously set up.

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Benefits of Using LagoFast for Fortnite

  • Reduced Ping: LagoFast optimizes your network route to the Fortnite servers, potentially lowering your ping which is critical for timely in-game actions and reactions.
  • Stabilized Network Connection: By managing how your network traffic is prioritized, LagoFast ensures that your gaming data is given precedence, reducing the chance of packet loss and disconnections during crucial gameplay moments.
  • Improved Overall Network Performance: Beyond just reducing ping, LagoFast provides a smoother and more consistent internet connection, enhancing not only Fortnite but all your online activities.

For players experiencing persistent connectivity issues or those simply seeking a competitive edge, LagoFast provides a robust solution. By ensuring your network is optimized for speed and stability, you can focus more on your strategy and gameplay, knowing that your connection is as responsive and reliable as possible.


Showing your ping in Fortnite is an essential step for any player who wants to ensure they are playing under the best possible conditions. By following the steps outlined above, you can keep an eye on your ping and other network statistics, helping you to make informed decisions about your gameplay and internet settings. Whether you’re playing on PS5 or any other platform, understanding and optimizing your network performance can lead to a smoother, more enjoyable gaming experience in Fortnite.

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