How to Fix TEKKEN 8 FPS Drops Easily
Last Update: 01/26/2024

TEKKEN 8 is a fighting game renowned for its intense martial arts battles and diverse character roster. With stunning graphics, intricate combat mechanics, and a rich storyline, it continues the legacy of the iconic TEKKEN series, captivating players with its competitive gameplay and dynamic fighting arenas.

While immersing ourselves in the gaming world, experiencing occasional FPS drops can disrupt the immersive experience, hindering the fluidity and enjoyment of gameplay. This article endeavors to provide effective solutions to tackle this issue, like using a specific game booster, and ensuring uninterrupted and optimized gaming experiences for all enthusiasts.

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What Is FPS Drops In TEKKEN 8

FPS drops in Tekken 8 refer to a decline in the game's frames per second (FPS) during gameplay. When FPS drops occur, the smoothness and fluidity of the game suffer, resulting in choppy or stuttering visuals. This can interrupt the gaming experience, making movements less responsive and impacting the overall gameplay quality.

The Reasons For FPS Drops / Stutters In TEKKEN 8

Factors like hardware limitations, software conflicts, network issues, or inefficient system settings can contribute to these drops in FPS, affecting Tekken 8's performance. So, FPS drops in Tekken 8 can stem from various factors, including:

  1. Hardware Limitations: Older or less powerful hardware may struggle to maintain consistent frame rates, especially when rendering complex character movements and environments.
  2. Software or Driver Issues: Outdated graphics card drivers or conflicts with other software running in the background can cause performance issues, leading to FPS drops.
  3. Network Interference: Network-related disruptions, such as high latency, packet loss, or interruptions in communication, can impact Tekken 8's performance, resulting in FPS drops, especially in online matches.
  4. Overheating or System Resource Allocation: Overheating of components, insufficient system resources (CPU, GPU, RAM), or excessive background processes may cause FPS drops as the system struggles to manage the game's demands.
  5. Optimization and Game Settings: Inadequate in-game settings or optimizations, including high-resolution textures or demanding graphical settings, can strain the hardware, causing FPS drops.

Resolving FPS drops may involve a combination of updating drivers, optimizing system settings, and ensuring adequate hardware specifications. Keep reading, the following will help you out in the best way.

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For an enhanced gaming experience and to prevent fps drop on TEKKEN 8, adhere to these four simple steps:

Step 1: Download and install LagoFast.


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Step 2: Input “TEKKEN 8” and click the result.

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Step 3: Choose the server you need.

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Step 4: Click boost and it will show you real-time ping & packet loss rate.

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Other Possibles Fixes To Fix TEKKEN 8 FPS Drops

Apart from LagoFast, try these many troubleshooting techniques to defeat the FPS drop threat and get back to your fluid gameplay.

Adjust Refresh Rate: Tekken 8 is locked at 60 FPS.

Higher refresh rates can lead to stuttering. Head to display settings and lock the refresh rate to 60Hz before engaging in combat to prevent any disruptions.

Deactivate Unused Network Adapters

Hidden network adapters, including those from Bluetooth devices, might interfere with Tekken 8’s communication. Disable these in your Windows network settings, especially virtual adapters created by VPNs or other software.

Disable Nvidia’s SHARE:

If using Nvidia GeForce Experience, turn off the SHARE function. This social feature might cause lags in fullscreen mode, detracting from Tekken 8’s performance.

Optimize Graphics Card Performance:

Nvidia users can navigate to the Control Panel, access 3D settings, and select "Prefer Maximum Performance" to harness the graphics card's full power. AMD users can find similar settings in Radeon Software.

Update Drivers:

Outdated drivers often contribute to performance issues. Keep both graphics card and chipset drivers updated to ensure Tekken 8 runs smoothly.

Verify Game Files:

Sometimes corrupted game files are to blame. Use Steam or your platform’s verification tool to confirm Tekken 8's installation integrity and rectify any issues found.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, remember, fixing FPS drops in Tekken 8 involves trial and error or help with FPS Booster. Experiment with these tips to achieve an ideal setup for smooth gameplay, letting you focus on dominating the arena with flawless combos!