How To Fix Palworld Black Screen Error
Last Update: 01/25/2024

Palworld is an exciting and innovative game that seamlessly blends elements of simulation, strategy, and adventure. Developed by Pocketpair, this captivating title introduces players to a unique world where adorable creatures called "Pals" coexist with humans. Unlike traditional games, Palworld features a dynamic ecosystem where Pals serve not only as companions but also as valuable assets for resource gathering and crafting. The game's stunning graphics and immersive gameplay create a visually appealing experience. 

While video games are not immune to glitches, the occurrence of the black screen issue in online games is not uncommon. Palworld, unfortunately, is not exempt from this, and it seems to be stemming from a settings optimization problem on the developer's end. Fortunately, the gaming community has come to the rescue with a user-suggested fix for this pesky problem, by utilizing a reliable VPN, LagoFast is recommended.

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Part 1: What Caused Black Screen On Launch Palworld

When the Black screen on Launch of Palworld happens, instead of the anticipated gaming landscape, a mysterious canvas of darkness challenges adventurers, adding an unexpected twist to the virtual journey. Various factors can trigger black screen problems within Palworld:

1. Settings Optimization Issue:

The black screen on launch in Palworld is likely caused by a settings optimization problem on the developer's side. This suggests that certain configurations or parameters within the game's code may not be optimized correctly for some users' systems.

2. Development Oversight:

It could result from an oversight during the game development process where compatibility issues with certain hardware configurations or software environments were not adequately addressed.

3. Graphic Drivers or Software Conflicts:

Black screen problems can also arise from conflicts with graphic drivers or other software running on the player's system. Incompatibilities with specific driver versions or conflicts with background applications might be contributing to the issue.

4. Bug in Game Code:

Another possibility is that there may be a bug in the game's code that triggers the black screen under certain conditions. This could be a more intricate issue requiring a detailed analysis of the game's programming.

5. Network or Server Issues:

Network or server issues could potentially lead to the black screen problem on launch, especially in online games like Palworld. If the game relies on online connectivity during launch, disruptions or instability in the connection might be a factor.

Understanding these potential causes is essential for developers to diagnose and address the black screen issue effectively. Stay tuned for the following passage, which will provide optimal solutions to address these challenges effectively.

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Part 2. The Efficient Way To Fix Black Screen - LagoFast

While video games are prone to glitches, the black screen problem is not uncommon in online gaming, Palworld included. This issue likely stems from Network issues. The good news is that there is a solution to tackle this inconvenience.

LagoFast, a reputable VPN service, emerges as a dependable solution to tackle Palworld’s black screen issues effectively. LagoFast, a seasoned problem solver, adeptly tackles the black screen issue in Palworld, ensuring a smooth gaming journey. Armed with optimized pathways, broad game compatibility, and a rich 8-year gaming history, LagoFast stands out as a dependable solution. Additionally, it provides a complimentary trial, promising an uninterrupted Palworld experience free from network interruptions. The strength of LagoFast is as follows:

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Follow these four easy actions to improve your game experience and stop Palworld's black screen issues:

Step 1: Download and install LagoFast.


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Step 2: Input “Palworld” and click the result.

Palworld Black screen fix

Step 3: Choose the server you like.

Palworld Black screen

Step 4: Click boost and it will show you real-time ping & packet loss rate.

Fix The Palworld Black Screen on Launch

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Part 3. Further Troubleshooting Steps

Fixing Palworld’s black screen error on Steam

To address the issue, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on the Palworld launcher icon and choose Properties.
  2. Navigate to the Compatibility tab and tick the boxes next to "Disable full-screen optimizations" and "Run as administrator."
  3. Save the changes and close the window.
  4. Launch Palworld again and verify if the problem persists.

Try the following if this doesn't resolve the problem:

  1. Since Palworld is currently in early access, you should keep an eye out for updates and hotfixes and install them as soon as you can to prevent issues like the black screen.
  2. Verify that the operating system and graphics drivers on your computer are current.
  3. Close any open apps. Certain background apps have the potential to crash games and result in black screen errors.
  4. Try checking the files' integrity or fixing any corrupted ones. To accomplish this on Steam, right-click Palworld in your library, choose Installed Files from the menu, and then click Verify integrity of files. Click the three dots on Palworld's play page in the Xbox app, choose Manage, and then click Verify and Fix under General.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, to fix the Palworld black screen issue, for a reliable solution, consider using LagoFast.

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