Palworld Ultimate Guide In Early Access

Discover additional details about Palworld's early access and elevate your gaming experience by utilizing LagoFast.

Palworld Overview

PocketPair is preparing to launch its creature-taming game, Palworld, into Early Access this January. This multiplayer game boasts a collection of over 100 Pals that players can capture, along with elements of base-building and challenging boss battles. Comprehensive details about Palworld's Early Access release, covering aspects such as the release date, pricing, and supported platforms, are provided here.

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Unleash the Wild Heart of Palworld 

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Part 1. Palworld Early Access Release Date and Price Details

For those eagerly anticipating the opportunity to capture adorable Pals, the moment has arrived. Palworld is set to debut in Early Access on January 19, 2024. I am thrilled to engage with some charming sheep and chickens. Even if I can't have them in reality, at least I can enjoy their presence here in the game.

1. How Much Will Palworld Cost

The PocketPair team disclosed in a recent FAQ that the Early Access price for Palworld will be $29.99, consistent across all platforms. It's important to note that this price is exclusive to the Early Access phase and is expected to increase upon Palworld's full official launch in the future. Players who already possess the game during the 1.0 release will receive a complimentary upgrade. If you have any level of interest in the game, now is the opportune moment to make your investment.

2. Palworld Early Access Content Roadmap Details

A roadmap for this development stage is frequently released by some games that are going into open beta or early access. So far, there hasn’t been any information on how long it’ll take before the complete game is ready or what we may and may not have access to at this stage. Based on my research, the entire game (as is) ought to be playable without any limitations.

Not only do users get access to all content, but there's been no news on what else will be added as Early Access goes on. A more detailed statement may be made in the run-up to or immediately following January 19. It will be up to us to wait and see whether a roadmap is released.

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