How to Fix FIFA 23 Unrecoverable Error on PC
Last Update: 09/22/2023

Needless to say, every soccer fan knows FIFA, the soccer sports game developed and published by EA. As a new sequel to the FIFA series, FIFA 23 also attracted a lot of attention. While FIFA 23 is an engaging and good game, it also has a lot of issues that annoy gamers such as FIFA 23 unrecoverable error pc and FIFA 23 anti-cheat bug. This article will provide gamers with detailed FIFA 23 unrecoverable error fixes and ultimately solve FIFA 23 unrecoverable errors on pc.

What is FIFA 23 Unrecoverable Error

FIFA 23 unrecoverable error refers to a PC pop-up window that displays the application encountered an unrecoverable error FIFA 23 and then prevents games from launching the game.

FIFA 23 unrecoverable error pc usually happens due to the following reasons.

  • FIFA 23 unrecoverable error pc was caused by other applications such as EA overlay or Origin overlay. It seems that these apps are preventing  FIFA 23 from launching. 
  • FIFA 23 anti-cheat bugs can also cause unrecoverable errors. FIFA 23 anti-cheat bugs originated from the FIFA 23 anti-cheat system that has the ability to detect dangerous or risky external programs. Sometimes, when this system incorrectly encounters FIFA 23 anti-cheat bugs then it will finally lead to FIFA 23 unrecoverable error pc. 

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How to Fix FIFA 23 Unrecoverable Error on PC

Ultimate Method - LagoFast Game Booster

In today's fast-paced era, time is very precious to anyone. If you don’t want to waste a lot of time solving FIFA 23 unrecoverable error pc and FIFA 23 anti-cheat. The most recommended first choice for players who want to save time is LagoFast.  Lagofast can quickly help players achieve FIFA 23 unrecoverable error fixes and has other useful features.

LagoFast is the first choice for gamers to make FIFA 23 unrecoverable error fixes. Besides, LagoFast has a special FPS boost feature, and LagoFast’s FPS boost feature is also currently free. In addition, LagoFast also has many other outstanding features. LagoFast can effectively reduce the high ping value in FIFA 23 to prevent game lag, it can also maintain a stable network connection. Besides, LagoFast can also help gamers to choose the right server and node more accurately. Of course, the most attractive thing for gamers is that LagoFast now offers users a free trial download. Therefore, gamers should take advantage of this opportunity immediately. Here is a detailed tutorial on how to use LagoFast.

Step 1: Download and sign in. 

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Step 2: Before you start running FIFA 23, you should search for it in LagoFast. Then you will find the FPS Boost button on the left, you can first click the Game Boost button to explore more features.

Step 3:Click on Select Server so you can choose the right server that will allow FIFA 23 to connect stably, then click on the Node on the right, you can also select the best Node for FIFA 23.

Step 4:By clicking the Smart Boost button, you can see the specific Game ping, Packet Loss and Network Type on the right side. Finally, click the Start Game button to start FIFA 23.

Alternatively, if you have enough time to make FIFA 23 unrecoverable error fixes and want to solve FIFA 23 unrecoverable error pc step by step. You can follow the methods below.

Method 2. Launch FIFA 23 as administrator

As mentioned above, sometimes anti-virus software may incorrectly detect FIFA 23. FIFA 23 will be recognized as an app that is risky and dangerous. Therefore, if gamers launch FIFA 23 administrators, this situation will be stopped. Finally, players can achieve FIFA 23 unrecoverable error fixes.

Method 3. Close all the anti-virus software 

Similarly, in order to avoid incorrectly detecting, players need to close all the anti-virus software before launching FIFA 23. By the way, they will successfully solve FIFA 23 unrecoverable error pc or FIFA 23 anti-cheat bug.

Method 4. Restart FIFA 23 anti-cheat system

As mentioned earlier, the inaccurate detection of the FIFA 23 anti-cheat system is one of the crucial reasons that lead to the FIFA 23 unrecoverable error. Therefore, when gamers encounter FIFA unrecoverable error pc, they can try to restart the FIFA 23 anti-cheat system to see if FIFA 23 unrecoverable error is fixed.

Method 5. Reinstall or update FIFA 23

If gamers have tried all fixes above, but still can’t fix FIFA 23 unrecoverable errors. You have to reinstall or update FIFA 23 because this case is mainly caused by FIFA 23 bugs. FIFA 23 unrecoverable error pc will be addressed by reinstalling or updating.


Totally, FIFA 23 unrecoverable errors refer to PC pop-ups caused by EA overlay, origin overlay, or FIFA 23 anti-cheat system. While there are many ways that players can solve it themselves, these are complex and time-consuming. LagoFast as a first choice can help players to make FIFA 23 unrecoverable errors fixed. Download LagoFast then enjoy your FIFA 23 experience delightedly and smoothly with your friends!

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