Dark and Darker Playtest 5 Download & Updates
Last Update: 04/17/2023

Dark and Darker Playtest 5 Time Schedule

According to the Tweet from @Ironmace, Dark and Darker Playtest 5 is available from April 15 to April 19. It's not confirmed as the last playtest of Dark and Darker or not. The release date is consumed to put in the last quarter of 2023. The full timeline of Dark and Darker is as follows:

Initial Alpha Playtest

August 19 - 21, 2022

QA Playtest 1

September 23 - 28, 2022

Alpha Playtest 2

October 28 - November 2, 2022

Alpha Playtest 3

December 16 - 26, 2022

Alpha Playtest 4

February 6 - 16, 2023

Alpha Playtest 5

 April 14 - 19, 2023

Dark and Dark Playtest 5 Download on Discord

Since Steam has offloaded Dark and Darker page and it's not available to download on the platform, gamers can only download the latest Dark and Darker playtest 5 on the official discord. Ironmace has also put the hash for the torrent files to ensure their integrity. You can check them below:

SHA256 [Dark and Darker A5 Installer.exe] - 0CB1F4AC2C534771FBD27956791EF93604974DBB19658FDB176F9E037EE1BA60 
SHA256 [Dark and Darker A5 Installer.nsisbin] - 1BF807BAE191896DE05DD0FBD3BAF475932D999476A89868640685982FFAD26F

Hope you will enjoy the 5th playtest of Dark and Darker!

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Below is the information about the Dark and Darker playtest 4.

Dark and Darker Official Release Date

Dark and Darker is on its 4th test now. According to IRONMACE, Dark and Darker will be released in the last season of 2023. You can follow IRONMACE Tweet or pay attention to Dark and Darker Steam News Hob. Also, join Dark and Darker Discord for further information about Dark and Darker in time.

Dark and Darker Playtest 4 New Features & Updates

- New Gathering Hall System - Hang out at the Gathering Hall and build the perfect dungeon party.

- New Karma System - Rate your fellow allies after your adventure. Beware! Scoundrels and deviants are unable to participate.

- New VoIP - In-game voice chat to interact with other adventurers.

- New experimental Goblin Caves for a solo adventurer experience!

- New Trading Channel QoL features.

- New Report system to help us round up and punish the wicked.

- New Cosmetics.

- New Weapons - Short Sword and Quarterstaff.

- Some Unique Weapons have been greatly improved.

- Attack animation improved for the War Maul, Double Axe & Battle Axe.

- Weapon attack animations now do more varying amounts of damage.

- New Armors for the 'head' slot.

- New 'Sanctuary' spell for the Cleric.

- New Ore and Craft Items.

- New 'Valentine' NPC.

- The secretive 'Goblin Merchant' now sells mysterious wares.

- An improved party invite system.

- Added bundled items to the merchants.

- Added Flavor texts for more immersive game mood.

- Added a new Tokyo Region + preliminary Japanese localization - first draft.

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Dark and Darker Playtest 4 Download & Install

1. Go to the Dark and Darker Steam page, and click the “download demo” button to get the Dark and Darker Demo. Since it’s released on Steam only, ensure that you have installed the Steam first;


2. Create your own character and choose one of the game classes;

3. Queue up to enter a dungeon either alone or with your friends;

4. Here you can choose the map and server you want to play;

Please note that playing by yourself is pretty hard to beat the monsters or get rescued from your partners. As a starter, we recommend you to party up with your friends and get into the dungeon.

If your download speed is too slow, you can try LagoFast and improve the speed.

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Follow the steps to boost your Dark and Darker game performance.

Step 1. Log into LagoFast, search for Dark and Darker, and click the result;

Step 2. Choose the server and nodes you want to play Dark and Darker;

Now you can enjoy the adventure!

Dark and Darker Playtest 4 Maps

The Goblin Caves (Normal): solo-only. They're brand new for this playtest, and many players are reporting difficulty surviving the unforgiving mobs. Not recommended for new players.

The Forgotten Castle (Normal): It is the regular map, where teams of 1-3 players compete for loot and get the chance to escape. New players are recommended to queue into this mode and get to grips with combat first, either solo or with friends.

The Forgotten Castle (High-Roller): High Roller costs 100 Gold to enter. It's a high-difficulty dungeon, but the drop rate for high-quality gear is also increased. Experienced players who are able to bring decent gear with them are recommended to play here so that they can heal items at the very least.

Dark and Darker Servers

There are 8 servers in Dark and Darker playtest 4, including:

US East (Virginia), US West (Oregon), EU Central (Frankfurt), East Asia (Seoul), East Asia (Tokyo), SEA (Singapore), Oceania (Sydney), Brazil (Sao Paulo)


1. Dark and Darker Frankfurt Server lagging?

Many players are complaining about Dark and Darker lag on the Frankfurt server, and Ironmace has given their official reply that EU servers are having issues and they are maintaining them.

We suggest players play on other stable servers and use LagoFast to reduce the Dark and Darker high ping resulting from connection with a geographically distant server.

2. Dark and Darker crash Reddit

There have been countless threads on Reddit reporting the Dark and Darker crash since Dark and Darker playtest 4 begins. The causes of Dark and Darker crashes are various and since it's still a playtest, problems on the game itself certainly exist. We gathered common causes and the corresponding solutions for Dark and Darker crash and hope these will help those who are frustrated by the Dark and Darker crash. To fix Dark and Darker constant crashes, you may read this article for possible solutions in detail: Read more.

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