Best Free VPNs To Play Warzone Mobile 2024
Last Update: 03/21/2024

Are you a mobile FPS fan? Don't miss Warzone Mobile! It brings the excitement of Call of Duty: Warzone to your device, with familiar combat, dynamic maps like Verdansk, and multiplayer battles against over a hundred players. Enjoy social features and the Battle Pass for seamless FPS multiplayer. While Warzone Mobile is limited to certain regions like Australia, Chile, and Norway, this article will help you optimize your gaming experience without region locked.

Great News: Warzone Mobile global servers are accessible now!!!

Part 1: Best 5 VPNs To Play Warzone Mobile Anywhere - Free/ Paid

Part 2: Do I Need a VPN for Warzone Mobile

Part 3: Video Tuto Fix stuttering & lagging in Warzone Mobile

Part 4: Warzone Mobile FAQs

Great News: Warzone Mobile global servers are accessible now!!!

According to our test result: Warzone Mobile Global Servers are accessible Now! Playing on the Australian server will match players from Japan. The game can now be accessed through the Google Play and App Store in Malaysia and Australia, and the region lock has been lifted. Except for Malaysia and Australia, other regions are temporarily unable to download and need to wait until the 21st, at 9 AM PT.

1. How To Get Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Early Right Now

How to Download and Play Warzone Mobile on Android on March 20

How to Download and Play Warzone Mobile on iOS on March 20

You can download Warzone Mobile from the App Store in Malaysia and Australia, then change server for early access with reliable Warzone Mobile VPN - LagoFast.

2. Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Release Date and Time

cod warzone mobile release time

Part 1: Best 5 VPNs To Play Warzone Mobile Anywhere - Free/ Paid

1. LagoFast - Best Free Warzone Mobile VPN & Game Booster

Simplicity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness are three important factors for gamers to judge Best VPNs for CoD Warzone Mobile. LagoFast stands out as the best VPN for Warzone Mobile with its instant and fast connections, a large global server network, high-end security, and easy match in Bot Lobbies. That's why we mainly suggest you use LagoFast. 

In terms of simplicity, LagoFast Mobile Booster was designed as user-friendly as possible, so users needn’t spend much time learning. With one click, LagoFast Mobile Booster can fix various mobile game issues such as servers change, unstable network connections, and lag, it’s pretty efficient. In addition, if you are looking for a free VPN for Warzone Mobile, you can first try the free trial of LagoFast to enjoy a temporary free gaming booster, notably, LagoFast is also cost-effective compared with other game VPNs. Don’t hesitate to use LagoFast now.

How to Get More Wins in Warzone Mobile with LagoFast Mobile Booster:

Step 1: Download LagoFast Mobile Free Trial. 

  • You can download LagoFast Mobile Booster from the App Store or Google Play
  • Or scan the QR code below to start a free trial.

Step 2: Search Easy Lobby in LagoFast Mobile Booster.

access bot lobbies with warzone mobile vpn LagoFast

Step 3: Change Servers with the optimal routes, then click the “Boost” button.

What VPN to use for Warzone mobile - LagoFast

Then, you can start playing CoD Warzone Mobile in bot lobbies without lag.

 LagoFast Best Free VPN To Play Warzone Mobile

Or you can directly search Warzone Mobile > Change Servers to enjoy a lag-free experience without any network connection issues.

Warzone Mobile lag fix

2. ExpressVPN - User-friendly VPN for Warzone Mobile

ExpressVPN is another well-known VPN option, it stands out as the only service on this list supporting four VPN protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, IKEv2, and Lightway. When you subscribe, you'll gain access to over 3,000 servers across 105 countries. But for playing Warzone Mobile with more kills, you'll prefer LagoFast due to its bot lobbies feature, top-notch speeds, and minimal latency.

3. IPVanish - Budget Warzone Mobile VPN

IPVanish provides users with secure and stable internet connections, but in comparison to other VPNs, it performs normally with simplicity and efficiency.

4. Nord VPN - Secure Warzone Mobile VPN

NordVPN mobile version offers a vast network of servers globally, making it a decent choice for Warzone Mobile players who want to connect to servers closest to the game’s servers. But compared to LagoFast, it falls short in terms of latency reduction and extended functionality.

5. TunnelBear - Only Android

TunnelBear is a public VPN service that offers a free plan with 2GB of monthly data, and paid plans with unlimited simultaneous connections. But it lacks some advanced features, and has issues with speed and unblocking. 

Part 2: Do I Need a VPN for Warzone Mobile

Do you need a VPN for Warzone Mobile? This is a common question for most Warzone Mobile players. The answer is a definite YES, especially since Warzone Mobile is still in its early access. Using a VPN for Warzone Mobile is a better choice to bypass regional restrictions, even if you're not playing the mobile version. To help you figure out whether you need a CoD Warzone Mobile VPN, let’s first explore its importance:

1. Bypass Geo-Restrictions:

Certain regions may have restrictions on Warzone Mobile as mentioned before, limiting your access to the game. A vpn for Warzone Mobile allows you to connect to servers in different locations, bypassing geo-restrictions and ensuring you can play Warzone Mobile from anywhere in the world.

2. Enhanced Connectivity:

Playing Warzone Mobile requires a stable and secure internet connection. Using the best VPN to play Warzone Mobile not only provides an added layer of security but also helps improve your connectivity by bypassing geographical restrictions and optimizing your network for gaming.

3. Reduced Lag and Ping:

CoD Warzone Mobile vpn can route your internet traffic through servers strategically located around the world. By connecting to a server closer to the game’s server location, you can reduce latency, minimize lag, and achieve a smoother gaming experience, crucial for fast-paced games like Warzone Mobile.

4. Protecting Against In-Game Tracking:

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lives, some games may track your in-game activities for various reasons and send you customized notifications that are annoying for most gamers. Using a VPN can help prevent such tracking, giving you more control over your gaming privacy.

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Part 3: Video Tuto Fix stuttering & lagging in Warzone Mobile

Part 4: Warzone Mobile FAQs

Q1: Can I play Warzone Mobile with a VPN or Game Booster

Yes. The gamers can play Warzone Mobile by using a VPN. But an Ultimate Gaming VPN (Game Booster), like LagoFast Mobile Booster, will help you fix many issues such as region restrictions, lag issues and get more kills with in Bot Lobbies. 

Q2: Which VPN is safe for Warzone Mobile

LagoFast Mobile Booster excels in secure safety and privacy for mobile gamers, compared to other VPNs, LagoFast encrypts your data, and you will also be protected from potential DDoS attacks. Its real-time optimization function can ensure a fast connection with minimal latency (low ping for Warzone Mobile).  

Q3: How to play Warzone mobile without VPN

If you are located in an accessible region, you can play Warzone mobile without a VPN. But, if you can’t access Warzone Mobile in your current region, it’s better to use a VPN like LagoFast Mobile.

Q4: How Warzone Mobile VPN works

Warzone Mobile VPN encrypts outgoing traffic and assigns users a unique VPN IP address. This ensures privacy and allows players to appear as if they are in a different country, granting access to Warzone Mobile from anywhere in the world.

Q5: Why is my connection so slow on VPN

A VPN can slow down your internet due to the time it takes to encrypt and decrypt data, the distance to the VPN server, server congestion, and the quality of your internet service provider (ISP). You can choose a professional Game Booster to end lag, high ping, packet loss, and connection problems!


In conclusion, a VPN is crucial for smartphone gaming, offering a combination of enhanced security, privacy, and performance optimization. Whether you’re playing Warzone Mobile or any other mobile game, a VPN can significantly improve your gaming experience by addressing various challenges associated with online gaming. Please remember that LagoFast is your first choice of mobile game VPN, with a single click, quickly enjoy seamless and smooth mobile gaming. Don’t hesitate, to try its free trial download!