Best Way to Get Into Bot Lobby in Apex Legends
Last Update: 07/02/2024

Apex Legends is a world-famous competitive game developed by Respawn's production team. As an fps game, the competition in Apex is intense. That is a double-edged sword. For part of new participants, especially rookies, that means they are likely to be defeated at the beginning. Many players are looking for an easy model which is more friendly.  Here bot lobby is worth choosing. The following article will tell you how to get Apex Legends bot lobby, both manually and automatically.

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What Are Bot Lobbies?

Bot lobbies refer to matches in online multiplayer games, particularly in battle royale or shooter games, where the majority of players are artificial intelligence (AI) bots rather than human players. These bot lobbies are often used for practice or training purposes, allowing players to familiarize themselves with the game mechanics, weapons, and tactics without the intense competition of real players. They can also be used by developers for testing and balancing game features.

Does Apex Have Bots? 

Yes, in Apex Legends, you can encounter bots in your first five games, with the majority of opponents being bots and the remaining being low-level players. Additionally, some players use mods to automate their games, artificially increasing their rank.

What is Bot Lobby in Apex Legends?

To get easier gameplay and have more fun in Apex, some gamers will search for an easier lobby.  As a result, Bot Lobby in Apex Legends refers to the creation of a virtual room controlled by a computer, where all opponents are controlled by the game AI, rather than by real players. Apex bot lobbies are often used for training, testing, or experimental purposes, such as testing the performance of a new weapon, map, or Apex Legends mode in training and preparation before a match, etc.

Like most games, Apex bot lobby provides some special functions and settings, such as adjusting the difficulty of the game AI, setting the behavior mode of the AI, customizing the game rules, etc., so that the players can conduct more accurate testing and training. It usually does not count towards the game's ranking and achievements, as it is not an actual tournament, but rather an experimental feature.

How to Get Bot Lobbies in Apex?

Apex doesn’t offer bot lobbies officially for decrease game difficulty. How can we play with bots in Apex? Here are 4 ways you can try to get bot lobbies in Apex Legends.

Method 1. Create New Apex Account

We all know that a new account will always get bot lobbies in gaming so that gamers can practice and improve their skills. So some Apex gamers will register a new account for bot lobbies. This is workable, but once you get your level up, the difficulty will increase and you will leave the bot lobby.

Method 2. Game Development Tools

Several game development tools, such as Unity, Unreal Engine, etc., provide support for Bot Lobby. Using these tools, developers can create virtual rooms and control robot behavior by writing scripts or plug-ins.

Method 3. Official Custom servers

Apex Legends support custom servers, allowing players to create their own game servers and use their own scripts or programs to control robot behavior. This approach usually requires some knowledge of server administration and programming. In general, when a novice user enters the game, the system will match it to a hall suitable for the novice user and basically meet the human machine or the same novice user. But that might mean creating a new account.

Method 4. Change Server in Apex Legends

For Apex Legends, there are multiple servers around the world. It is tested that the following 3 servers are easier than others and gamers can get bot lobbies on them.

1. Australia Server

2. Singapore Server

3. Sao Paulo Server

Manually changing your server in Apex will surely result in high ping issues. In this case, you can use LagoFast game VPN to change your server in Apex. LagoFast has put all Apex easy servers together and you can simply choose one of them without effort. After that, it will help boost your gaming speed and stabilize the network connection. All you get is Apex bot lobby, lower ping and less lag in gaming. You can check the full features of LagoFast in the following:

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Just 4 easy steps, and you will get Apex bot lobbies.

Step 1: Download LagoFast

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Step 2: Type ‘Apex Legends’ in the Search library and click Apex Legends button.

Step 3: Choose one of the easiest servers on Apex Legends.

Step 4: Then you can see the ping rate and status of packet loss after boosting Apex Legends. While you are playing the game, you can see the accurate ping test result. And in addition, LagoFast could also provide you with many other tests, like packet loss and local network fluctuation.

Tips to Get Easier Lobbies in Apex Legends

Regardless of the method used, creating the Bot Lobby pattern requires some programming and algorithmic knowledge. In addition, in order to ensure game balance and fairness, some games may prohibit the use of Bot Lobby and require players to follow the rules of the game. When creating a Bot Lobby pattern, you need to follow the rules of the game and the developer's terms. Some games may prohibit the use of Bot Lobby mode, or specify the behavior mode and quantity of robots. Therefore, it is necessary to read the game rules and developer's terms carefully and abide by relevant regulations. 

But with Lagofast you don't have to worry about that.  Lagofast simply helps you to match simpler areas. In order to provide a simpler game and better experience for the player, it can also achieve lower ping values and 0 Apex packet loss in the process, without any effect on the user's own game account.

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