How to Fix Lethal Company Low FPS & FPS Drops

If you’re struggling with Lethal Company low fps, check out this post on how to increase fps in Lethal Company!

A Brief Introduction of Lethal Company

In the first-person perspective game Lethal Company, players must gather scrap from industrialized, abandoned moons to achieve the company's profit target. The game emphasizes exploration, survival, and strategy while offering a balanced risk-reward ratio. Zeekerss is the developer and publisher of the game. It is accessible on Steam and Lethal Company's release date is October 23, 2023. Although the game is still in early access, users have already given it great reviews, with many complimenting its distinct computer log system and cooperative horror gameplay.

But most players have encountered low FPS or FPS drops on PC suddenly, especially Lethal Company has bad FPS issues when using the larger lobby mod. If you also encounter the annoying FPS drops, please continue reading below to learn how to fix FPS drops easily.

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Why Lethal Company low FPS Happened

Possible reasons for low FPS in Lethal Company:

  1. Outdated or incorrect drivers. Ensure graphics card drivers are updated from the manufacturer's website. Use a driver updater if unsure.
  2. Overheating can slow down performance. Check the cooling system, clean fans, and close background programs. Adjust display settings (lower resolution, disable V-Sync, reduce graphics quality).
  3. Corrupted game files. Verify file integrity through Steam; missing or corrupted files will be automatically replaced.

If these ways do not solve Lethal Company low FPS, you have to keep reading to learn how to increase FPS in Lethal Company.

Fix low FPS in Lethal Company with FPS Booster

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