How To Unlock All Weapons in Modern Warfare 3
Last Update: 11/11/2023

Modern Warfare III features remastered maps from Modern Warfare 2 in multiplayer and introduces a Zombies mode set in an open world—a first for the series. MW3 has attracted the attention of many players before it was released. 
However, recently, MW3 has received negative reviews from some players. The main reason is that its latest Armory mission has too many restrictions, making it impossible for players to quickly unlock all weapons MW3 Fast. This article will help players quickly know how to unlock secret weapons fast.

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Part 1. Hot Topic: Unlock All Armory Weapons MW3 Fast

Why is this topic so popular in the MW3 game discussion forum recently? After MW3 was launched, players had a high degree of discussion about the Armory Unlocks task and there were many negative comments. This is because unlocking the Armory requires completing daily tasks, but there are only 6 daily tasks in a day, making the time to fully unlock it relatively long. So many players have to wait for a long time to Unlock all Weapons MW3 Fast, which makes many players lose patience and get bored.

Imagine how sad and disappointing it is when others know How to Unlock Secret Weapons Fast and start happily using these weapons in the game, but you can’t. But don’t worry, after you understand the problem and situation clearly, you will get tips immediately on How to Unlock Secret Weapons Fast.

Part 2. Quickly Unlock all Weapons MW3 - Use the zombie mode

For MW3 players looking to swiftly unlock all weapons, a solution lies in utilizing the zombie mode extract feature.

Firstly, enter zombie mode, access the box, and employ unlocked tactics or lethal items. Alternatively, weapons can be directly acquired through extract, bypassing the requirement for completing daily missions. This approach streamlines armory missions without the requirement for constant unlocks on a daily basis.

Moreover, within zombie mode, collaborative exchanges with teammates enhance the experience. For instance, if teammate A picks up an item previously unlocked by teammate B, but teammate A hasn’t unlocked it yet, they can exchange items. This cooperative strategy extends to both props and weapons. Notably, a single round of zombie mode extract can yield the unlocking of two weapons and two props.

Part 3. How to Level Up FAST MW3 Then Unlock Secret Weapons Fast

Normally, to unlock all Weapons MW3, you must attain level 25. After reaching this level, choose the weapon you want to unlock and successfully complete the three daily challenges associated with it.

The following are some “How to Level Up FAST MW3” methods. Players can try these fastest weapon XP methods to MAX Level to gradually solve the problem of How to Unlock Secret Weapons Fast.

How to Level Up FAST MW3

  • Complete daily challenges: Consistently accomplishing daily challenges is an effective way to earn XP and level up swiftly.
  • Stick to the objective: Focusing on the objectives in the game is another great strategy for fast levelling in Modern Warfare 3.
  • Win matches: Winning matches not only contributes to your team but also earns you a substantial amount of XP, helping you progress faster.

Fastest Weapon XP Method to MAX Level

  • Use your chosen weapon frequently: The more you use a specific weapon, the faster you’ll accumulate XP for that weapon.
  • Complete weapon-related daily challenges: Take on daily challenges specifically tailored to your chosen weapon to maximise your XP gains.
  • Complete attachment challenges: By fulfilling challenges related to weapon attachments, you can further boost your weapon’s XP.
  • Complete weapon-specific challenges: Engaging in challenges specifically designed for your chosen weapon class contributes significantly to its rapid levelling.
  • Take advantage of Double XP events: Keep an eye out for Double XP events, as they provide a valuable opportunity to accelerate your overall levelling progress in MW3.

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In general, players can choose the method that suits them according to the method mentioned in the article to unlock all weapons MW3 Fast such as easy xp method or zombie mode. If players have other game issues such as lag or high ping when playing MW3, it is recommended to download LagoFast, it can quickly help players solve all problems.