Steam Price Comparison Region: Change Your Region to Get Cheaper
Last Update: 02/02/2023
We are all aware that Steam has a wide variety of games, including massive RPGs, independent games, and titles with extremely popular multiplayer aspects! However, the price of these games may vary from one region to another. Find out how by reading on!

The cost of Steam games varies by the nation due to exchange rates and other variables, with Argentina typically having the lowest prices due to its weak currency. Since switching allows users to maintain their games — a need for anyone relocating abroad—those looking for deals could previously use a VPN to spoof their location, purchase a game, and then switch back. However, Valve has been putting a stop to the practice, most recently requiring users to utilize a payment method within their chosen area in 2022. In this article, I am going to show Steam price comparison region and tell you how to change your region to get cheaper games on Steam. If you want to save some money, read on to find out how!


Part 1: Steam Price Comparison Region

Part 2: Get Cheaper Games on Steam With LagoFast - Hot

Part 3: FAQs about Changing Steam Region

Steam Price Comparison Region

Have you ever wondered how much a Steam game might cost abroad? Prices can differ little or significantly from one location to another depending on the publisher. For instance, Doom Eternal costs $60 in the US but only $27 per copy in Russia.

Generally speaking, in Turkey and Argentina, the game prices on Steam are much cheaper than that in Europe or the United States. If you alter your store region here, you can save a ton of money because Turkey offers discounted prices on the Steam store!

Here are a few examples:


Cost in the USA: $60 USD

Turkey's equivalent price is 499 TL, or about $35 USD.

  • New World

Cost in the USA: $40 USD

Cost in Turkey: 269 TL, which is almost $10 USD

  • Forza Horizon 5

Cost in the USA: $60 USD

Cost in Turkey: 269 TL, which is almost $20 USD

These are but a few illustrations. To compare game costs across regions, visit Find the game you want and check the cost.


Get Cheaper Games on Steam - LagoFast

Now that we know there are big price differences between countries on Steam, the question is: how can I achieve getting cheaper games on Steam? Is it possible for me to buy games for cheaper prices if I'm not abroad? The answer is YES!! All you need is a high-quality VPN to help you achieve all these and save your money.

LagoFast - the best game VPN to change the Steam Store region

LagoFast Game VPN
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LagoFast is without a doubt the best VPN for you to change your Steam location with! It has more than 8 years of experience improving players' in-game experiences, in addition to a sophisticated self-developed game data transport protocol. On Steam, you have the option to select the area while downloading games. In addition, LagoFast has created a Steam store server switching feature to meet consumers' demands for getting less expensive prices on Steam! The Boost button allows you to instantly change your IP address and server location with only one click. LagoFast can concurrently reduce high ping, boost FPS, and repair lag, making it more than just a simple VPN. The Pay-per-Minute plan and cost-effective free trial are its two most valuable features.


  • Server-changing technology especially for Steam Store
  • More than 8 years of experience
  • Easy to use, only click the Boost button
  • Offer a free trial
  • The one and only Pay-per-Minute plan


  • Subscription plan:


  • Pay-per-Minute plan:


Here's how to change the Steam region with LagoFast:

Step 1: Download LagoFast.

LagoFast Game VPN
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  • ✅ Increase FPS in One Click
  • ✅ Reduce Game Lag & Ping
  • ✅ Support 1000+ Popular Online Games
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Step 2: Search Steam Store in the Search Box and select it in the search result.


Step 3: Change to the region you want.


Step 4: Open Steam, then select the Store tab. A game ought to go in your buying cart. You will not yet need to make any purchases, but this is a necessary step to change the region and currency of your store.


Step 5: Go to your cart right now. The Country selection is shown here. Enter the drop-down menu and choose the nation you want to switch to.


Step 6: Choose the preferred nation in the pop-up window:


Step 7: The cost of the game should adjust as you switch countries.

via vpn 

Step 8: Enter the updated payment information and proceed through the checkout procedure. Remember that both your billing address and zip code must be in the country you selected.


Step 9: Complete the checkout process after providing the payment method information, then play your newly discounted game.

FAQs about Changing Steam Region

Why can't I change the region on Steam without using LagoFast?

As was already explained, Steam will recognize your region automatically. No matter where you are—in your home city or while traveling—Steam will only display games or pricing that are found there. Therefore, unless you use a VPN, you cannot change the area of Steam to access content that is prohibited. Additionally, under the new rule, it is not feasible to change your account country on Steam again if you did so during the previous three months.

Why can't I buy games at cheaper prices even when I change the location of my server?

On occasion, even after changing your country on Steam, you cannot purchase games. If so, kindly verify that your billing address exactly corresponds to the account region. If not, Steam will still display the price for your actual area.

Will I Get Banned by Steam If I Use a VPN?

According to the Subscriber Agreement, those who use IP proxying to change their region of residence risk having their access to their accounts canceled. But if you use a reliable VPN like LagoFast, you won't have any problems because it can evade tracking and detection thanks to its top-notch encryption. According to our test, no accounts have yet been blocked on Steam when using LagoFast.

In the end, it all comes down to how you use your VPN. The Steam subscription agreement makes it clear that location-hopping to cut costs could get you banned. However, if you take the actions I've outlined above, Steam won't see it. But if you want to boost your online security and privacy, you'll be OK if you use a VPN! By strengthening your safety in this way, neither the Subscriber Agreement nor the Steam terms of service are violated.

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