Best Starward VPN for Japan Players
Last Update: 05/28/2024

Starward is a 3D competitive game that combines mecha girls and classic GVG fighting gameplay. With its 1v1 and 2v2 battle modes, players can control unique and diverse mecha girls to experience three-dimensional combat through combat shooting, agile maneuvers, and tactical decision-making. While the game has been launched on platforms such as Steam, iOS, and Android, many Japanese players are interested in this type of anime-style game and eager to play it.

However, the game currently lacks English and Japanese language support and does not have dedicated servers in Japan, making it difficult for many Japanese players to enjoy the game. But worry not, let's explore some solutions together.

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Part 1: Why does Starward encounter issues with gameplay and network lag in Japan

Part 2: How to play Starward with a gaming VPN

Part 3: The advantages of using LagoFast VPN while playing Starward in Japan

Part 1: Why does Starward encounter issues with gameplay and network lag in Japan

Starward, developed by Game Blender Studio, is a competitive game that entered open beta on April 18, 2024. While the game has gained popularity in China and is currently available on Steam, it only supports the Chinese language. However, many Japanese players are enthusiastic about this anime-style game. Unfortunately, Japanese players have encountered delays and difficulties playing Starward due to network connectivity issues. The following are some specific reasons for the network delays:

Geographical Restrictions:

In some cases, the geographical distance between the game servers and players in Japan poses limitations on data transmission, resulting in significant obstacles.

Network Connection Problems:

The network connection quality between Starward game servers and the Japanese region may be problematic due to the physical distance. This can lead to latency or unstable connections. Signal transmission may also be restricted, causing connectivity issues.

Server Capacity Constraints:

Due to the game's popularity in Japan, the influx of players attempting to log in can strain the game servers, leading to connection problems. Server overload may prevent smooth network connections.

In addition to these factors, Japanese players may encounter various other issues while playing Starward, such as device problems and server maintenance. However, the most significant challenge lies in addressing network-related problems. So, how can these issues be effectively resolved? The most viable solution is to use a VPN to modify the game's region or server. By switching to a different game server, Japanese players can achieve network optimization. If you're unsure how to modify Starward's server region, please continue reading.

Part 2: How to play Starward with a gaming VPN

Starward games have encountered issues with poor connectivity in the Japanese region, which has caused players difficulties in the gaming experience. If you want to play Starward smoothly in Japan, we recommend using LagoFast VPN. LagoFast VPN is a solution that provides players with smooth network connectivity to improve the experience of playing Starward games in Japan

LagoFast is a powerful tool designed specifically for game optimization. LagoFast Booster provides users with a secure, stable, and high-speed network connection. By optimizing data transmission paths and reducing network latency, it enables players to achieve faster response times when connecting to Starward game servers. This helps improve the game's real-time performance and smoothness.

Most importantly, LagoFast VPN can address geographical restrictions that hinder Japanese players from logging in and playing the Starward game. By connecting to servers in other regions, LagoFast VPN allows players to bypass these limitations and provides a stable and reliable network connection.

Here's how to use LagoFast - the best Starward VPN:

Step 1: Click the Free Trial button to download and install LagoFast.


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Step 2: Type " Starward " in the Search box and click on it.

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Step 3: Choose your needed server to China and click the "Boost" button, then you can enjoy the fast gaming speed.

 Starward VPN for japan players

Step 4: Then you will find that your game server region has been successfully modified, and the previous high latency, packet loss, and disconnection issues have been effectively resolved. Once the VPN connection is established, launch Starward and enjoy improved network connectivity. The VPN will reroute your connection, optimizing the path to the game servers and potentially reducing latency.

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Part 3: The advantages of using LagoFast VPN while playing Starward in Japan

LagoFast VPN intelligently selects the best network nodes and paths to ensure that data packets from Japanese players reach the game servers at the fastest speeds, reducing latency and lag. In addition, LagoFast VPN offers the following advantages:

Overcoming geographical restrictions:

The geographical location of Starward's game servers restricts the connection for players in Japan. However, by using LagoFast VPN, players can easily switch to servers in other regions, bypassing these limitations. This means that Japanese players can enjoy the same gaming experience as players from other regions, without worrying about the impact of geographical location on connection and game performance.

Providing a stable and reliable connection:

LagoFast VPN provides a stable and reliable network connection, preventing Japanese players from experiencing disconnections and unstable connections during gameplay. This allows players to focus on the game itself without worrying about compromised gaming experiences due to network issues. A stable connection enhances players' game control and responsiveness, thereby improving competitiveness and enjoyment.

Expanding the gaming community and competitors:

By using LagoFast VPN to switch to servers in other regions, Japanese players can compete and interact with players from around the world. This not only increases the diversity of the game but also provides players with more challenges and opportunities. Engaging with players from different regions expands the gaming community and promotes cross-cultural gaming experiences.


For players experiencing connectivity issues with Starward game in Japan, using LagoFast VPN is an effective solution. It reduces latency, improves network connection experience, resolves server geographical restrictions, and provides a stable and reliable network connection. Download LagoFast VPN and enjoy a seamless Starward gaming experience!