Why You Need and How to Get Wheat Seeds in Palworld
Last Update: 01/31/2024

Within a few days of the release of Palworld, this game has become popular all over the world. Palworld is a game with many gameplays, but because the creatures in the game look very much like Pokémon, it is also humorously called “Pokémon With Gun” by many players. The gameplay of Palworld is different from Pokémon. Players can fight, breed, and build their bases in Palworld. Due to the diverse gameplay and high-quality game content created by Palworld, this game is currently ranked high on the Steam platform, and more players are beginning to play this game. There are many props and items in Palworld, one of the most important is wheat seeds, which players will need at many critical moments in the future.

Therefore, to allow new players to be fully equipped for subsequent games, this article will provide a step-by-step guide for how players can obtain wheat seeds in Palworld.

Part 1: Why Players Need To Get Wheat Seeds In Palworld

Part 2: Where and How to Get Wheat Seeds in Palworld

Why Players Need To Get Wheat Seeds In Palworld

Wheat Seeds are one of the most important items in Palworld. Players need to use them in many scenes, so players must know where to get them and how to get them. This can make the player’s subsequent gaming experience more enjoyable. Easily avoid players not knowing how to get it when they are in urgent need. Before we explore specific methods, let’s take a look at why Wheat Seeds are so important.

1. Create a Cake For Breeding Fusion Pal

Fusion Pal is a type of Pal in Palworld that players can only obtain through breeding. They have special abilities and character traits. Some Fusion Pals are very strong and are of great help to players in the game. In the process of breeding Fusion Pal, players need to make cakes from flour, and the raw material of flour is wheat. Therefore, if players want to obtain Fusion Pal, they must first obtain wheat seeds, plant them to obtain wheat, make flour, and then make cakes.

2. Wheat Plantation In Your Base

In Palworld, players have their base. In the Palworld base, players can customize many buildings, such as a house for Pal to sleep in, their own home, a warehouse for storing items, etc. Players can also plant in this base, and Wheat Plantation is one of them. Players can expand their base by building it, and building Wheat Plantation requires wheat seeds.

3. Feed Hungry Pal

In addition to cakes, wheat seeds are also the raw material for many foods. Food made from wheat seeds can feed hungry Pals. In this way, Pal can continue to complete the tasks assigned by the player, such as logging.

Where and How to Get Wheat Seeds in Palworld

There are many different methods that players can implement to obtain wheat seeds, players can choose one based on their preferences.

1. Loot Drop From Pals

In Palworld, players who randomly defeat Pals in the open world have a chance to randomly obtain various materials or items. If players want to obtain wheat seeds, it is recommended that players defeat grass-type Pals such as Robinquill, Dinossom, and Flopie, which have a chance of dropping Wheat seeds.

2. Obtain Wheat Seeds in Random Chests

When players explore the open world of Palworld, they will find a lot of Random Chests. Players can also get a lot of materials and props from these Random Chests. It is recommended that players explore the Random Chests near the Great Eagle statues area so that they have a higher probability of getting wheat seeds.

3. Buy Wheat Seeds From Merchants

Players can also buy wheat seeds or wheat plants from merchants such as some Wandering Merchants, but this method requires players to spend Gold, so this method is not recommended for players who do not have much Gold, but buying wheat plants can save players time in sowing, so it’s also a good choice for players want to skip annoying sowing process.

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Wheat seeds are vital to players as they are necessary to breed fusion Pals, expand base size, and feed hungry companions. Players can follow our detailed solution to get wheat seeds. To obtain a smooth gaming experience, it is recommended that players use LagoFast. Its rich functions can easily create a pleasant gaming experience for Palworld players.

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