How to get Warzone Mobile Twitch Drops Viewership Rewards
Last Update: 03/22/2024

Warzone Mobile Twitch Drops and YouTube viewership rewards have transformed the gaming landscape, offering players exclusive in-game items just for engaging with their favorite content creators. By linking accounts and tuning into designated streams, players can effortlessly unlock rewards, elevating their Warzone Mobile experience to new heights.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of obtaining Warzone Mobile Twitch Drops and redeeming rewards while streaming on YouTube, ensuring you don't miss out on a single reward.

Part 1. What's Warzone Mobile Twitch/YouTube Viewership Rewards

Warzone Mobile Twitch and YouTube viewership rewards are part of an exciting initiative by Activision to reward players with exclusive in-game items simply for watching or streaming Warzone Mobile gameplay, without even playing the game. Featuring gameplay from top players, the streams run for 36 hours, allowing you to earn rewards on Thursday or Friday if you miss the start.

Part 2. Warzone Mobile Twitch Drops Full List of Rewards

Here's the full list of rewards you can earn as you watch the Warzone Mobile stream event on YouTube & Twitch:

  • Operation: Day Zero Weapon Charm
  • Operation: Day Zero Longbow Weapon Blueprint
  • Vapor König Operator Skin

Part 3. How To Get Free Warzone Mobile Live Viewership Rewards

1. Get Free Warzone Mobile Twitch Drops in one click

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2. Unlocking Warzone Mobile Twitch Drops By Keeping Stream Runnning

  • Link Accounts: Start by linking your Twitch account to your Activision account through the official Call of Duty website.
  • Tune into Eligible Streams: Look for streams with the "Drops Enabled" tag and watch them while logged in to Twitch.
  • Stay Connected: Keep the stream running while you play Warzone Mobile on your device to ensure eligibility.
  • Enjoy Rewards: Once you meet the criteria, rewards will automatically be added to your Warzone Mobile account.

Part 4. How to Redeem Warzone Mobile Rewards

1. How to Redeem Warzone Mobile Twitch Drops Rewards

How to Claim Warzone Mobile Twitch Drops To claim your Warzone Mobile Twitch drops, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your Activision account.
  • Connect your Activision account to your Account/Xbox Account.
  • Link your Twitch account to your Activision account.
  • Watch the Warzone Mobile live stream on the Call of Duty Twitch channel during the specified Promotion Period.
  • Once you meet the unlock criteria, redeem your drop here.

2. How to Redeem Warzone Mobile Rewards on YouTube

If you watched the stream on YouTube, here's how to claim your YouTube rewards by linking your YouTube and Activision accounts:

  • Log in to your YouTube account.
  • Go to the Account Sharing page.
  • Choose Activision and click "Connect."
  • Sign in to your Activision account.
  • Link both accounts.


Warzone Mobile Twitch Drops and YouTube viewership rewards offer players an excellent opportunity to earn exclusive in-game content simply by watching streams or streaming themselves. By following the outlined steps, players can easily unlock rewards and enhance their Warzone Mobile experience. Stay connected, tune into eligible streams, and start reaping the rewards today!