How to Get Bot Lobbies in Warzone Mobile
Last Update: 03/21/2024

The Call of Duty series always grabs the attention of gamers worldwide, Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is no exception. This upcoming mobile game in the CoD series stands out with its 120-player lobbies and confirmed game modes including “Battle Royale” and “Resurgence”, providing players with a more dynamic and immersive gaming experience compared to other games in the franchise. 
Warzone Mobile operates similarly to Warzone, employing a matchmaking system that groups players of similar skill levels into the same lobbies. However, certain players opt to enter bot lobbies, where they may secure more kills and climb the leaderboard. If you’re interested in accessing bot lobbies, this article provides effective solutions to help you achieve this.

Part 1: What Are the Bot Lobbies in Warzone Mobile

Part 2: How to Get Bot Lobbies in Warzone Mobile

Part 3. Video tutorial: Get bot lobbies in Warzone Mobile

Part 4: FAQs About Bot Lobbies in Warzone Mobile

Part 1: What Are the Bot Lobbies in Warzone Mobile

Bot Lobbies in Warzone Mobile, are game lobbies filled with bots or low-skilled players. They provide a less competitive environment for players to face AI-controlled opponents or less skilled human players. These lobbies are often accessed by new players or by those intentionally lowering their performance (reverse boosting) to play against easier opponents.

By the way, Bot Lobbies are special lobbies created by the game system for new players to familiarize themselves with the game. Typically, only newly created low-level accounts can access these lobbies.

Part 2: 5 Ways to Get Easier Bot Lobbies in Warzone Mobile Easily

Solution 1. Get Easy Bot Lobbies Warzone Mobile with LagoFast - Best Warzone Mobile VPN

It’s worth noting that bot lobbies may not always be readily available, as matchmaking algorithms strive to create balanced and fair matches for all players. So, for players who already have high-ranking accounts and still want to play it in bot lobbies or easy lobbies, it’s suggested you use LagoFast Mobile Booster which offers players stable easy lobbies. 
LagoFast Mobile booster’s developers deeply studied the matchmaking algorithm of Warzone Mobile and designed the advanced easy lobbies feature that allows players to get more kills and wins through matching into Warzone easy lobbies with low K/D gamers, and avoid high ping. Moreover, LagoFast Mobile Booster excels in fixing various game issues like game lag and low FPS, automatically ensuring players can be always in a stable connection without any hassles. Compared with other game boosters that offer easy lobbies, LagoFast Mobile Booster is cheaper and provides multiple subscription plans.

Enjoy easier Warzone Mobile bot lobbies with LagoFast Best Warzone Mobile VPN:

Step 1: Download LagoFast Mobile Free Trial. 

  • You can download LagoFast Mobile Booster from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Or you can scan the QR code below to start a free trial.

Step 2: Search Easy Lobby in LagoFast Mobile Booster.

Get Bot Lobbies in Warzone Mobile

Step 3: Change Servers with the optimal routes, then click the “Boost” button.

bot lobbies in Warzone mobile by avoiding SBMM

Then, you can start playing CoD Warzone Mobile in bot lobbies without lag.

Get Bot Lobbies in Warzone Mobile

In Warzone Mobile, getting bot lobbies may involve changing the matchmaking system or intentionally creating new accounts with lower skill levels and so on. By doing so, players increase their chances of being matched with bots or less experienced opponents.

Here are other tips to get bot lobbies in CoD Warzone Mobile:

Solution 2. Create a New Account:

Start by creating a new account specifically for mobile Warzone. This fresh account will have no previous gaming history, making it easier to match with lower-skilled players and bots.

Solution 3. Lower Your Skill Level:

To increase your chances of entering bot lobbies, intentionally play a few matches on your current account with the goal of performing poorly, which lowers your overall skill level in the game’s matchmaking system, increasing the likelihood of being matched with less experienced players and bots.

Solution 4. Play During Off-Peak Hours:

Timing can significantly impact the matchmaking process, for example, if you try playing during off-peak hours when fewer players are online, which increases the chances of being placed in lobbies with bots due to lower player counts.

Solution 5. Avoid High-Ranked Lobbies:

In mobile Warzone, lobby rankings are often determined by factors such as your account level, kill-to-death ratio, and overall performance, therefore, to increase the chances of encountering bot lobbies, avoiding achieving high ranks or exceptional performances on your new account.

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Part 3. Video tutorial: Get bot lobbies in Warzone Mobile

Part 4. FAQs About Bot Lobbies in Warzone Mobile

Q1: Why Do I Keep Getting Sweaty Lobbies Warzone Mobile?

Experiencing sweaty lobbies in Warzone Mobile can be attributed to several factors, including skill-based matchmaking, player population, team coordination, and cross-platform play.

Q2: Is There a Way to Play Warzone Mobile With Bots?

Warzone Mobile doesn’t have an official mode specifically for playing against bots. However, players can use LagoFast to enjoy the easy lobbies in Warzone Mobile.

Q3: Can I Use VPN in Cod Warzone Mobile?

Using a VPN in Warzone Mobile is possible, it’s suggested players use LagoFast. Additionally, using a LagoFast can potentially fix latency or connection issues, enhancing your gameplay experience.

Q4: How to Play Bot Lobby With LagoFast Mobile Booster?

LagoFast Mobile Booster is an excellent tool that claims to help players get into easier lobbies. Players can follow the above tutorial to play bot lobbies with LagoFast Mobile Booster.

Q5: What VPN to Use for Warzone Mobile?

There isn’t a specific VPN recommended for Warzone Mobile, but you should choose a reputable VPN service with fast and reliable servers. It’s suggested to use LagoFast which offers easy lobbies and avoids high ping. Moreover, LagoFast can fix game issues and maximize FPS, ensuring a seamless game experience.

Q6: Will LagoFast - Easy Lobby Affect My Ping?

In contrast to other easy lobby tools, LagoFast doesn’t compromise your ping and is particularly effective in resolving high ping issues, which is why we advocate for players to opt for LagoFast.

Q7: How LagoFast Works to Get a More Stable Easy Lobby?

LagoFast is a special tool that can accurately enhance lobby and game data. The better the data separation, the steadier the bot lobbies become. Plus, with Multipath Connection & Real-time Automatic Server, your in-game ping remains unaffected.


Players can employ various strategies to access bot lobbies in Warzone Mobile, such as creating a new account or playing during off-peak hours. However, these methods aren’t always foolproof and may occasionally lead to issues like high ping. For a more reliable solution and to ensure stable bot lobbies, players can utilize LagoFast Mobile Booster. This tool not only facilitates access to bot lobbies but also helps resolve high-ping issues for a smoother gaming experience.