Call of Duty: How to fix packet loss Warzone
Last Update: 03/20/2024

This is because data packets are not reaching their destination, so they get stuck somewhere along the connection. As a result, you may experience other unfortunate issues such as high ping, slow motion, unresponsive menus, rubber banding, or even sudden disconnections. Do you know how frustrating it is when you've definitely locked on an enemy character, ready to take your shot, only to suddenly scoot across the map? Or watching enemy players teleport around the map?

Well, that's exactly what fix packet loss warzone looks like at first glance. Of course, without the proper tools, there's no way to determine if these are actually due to fix packet loss warzone or other similar causes.

The following examples represent different scenarios that may be more severe than others, and affect all platforms and seasons of Call of Duty Warzone.

  • Increased Warzone Packet Loss/Packet Burst
  • Warzone connection failed.
  • FPS Drop Warzone
  • Warzone lag and delay
  • Persistent, high packet loss zone vs random packet loss zone
  • Packet loss warzone After Update
  • Warzone Pack Damage PS4, PS5, Xbox,
  • PC Warzone Pack Damage Season 4, Season 5
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Part 1: What causes packet loss in warzone?

Part 2: Why am I getting packet loss in Warzone?

Part 3: Call of Duty: How to Fix packet loss Warzone

What causes packet loss in warzone?

The thing about packet loss is that there is no immediate reason for it such as no internet connection.

You should immediately check if there is any unplugged cable. You get the link, plug it back in, and there you go, the issue will be solved. Packet loss is not that easy to diagnose, which makes it difficult to get rid of. There are many internal and external factors that can trigger packet loss in Call of Duty: Warzone. Generally, the offender is a network clog. Whether it's your ISP network or a game server that's getting congested, heavy demand on limited servers can definitely lead to packet loss.

For this situation, there's nothing left but to endure it and keep away from top hours. Or on the other hand utilize a VPN assuming you put it on your ISP, yet we'll get to that later. However, just to clarify, network congestion is not the scapegoat every time you experience a drop in speed or connection. Other causes include outdated drivers, bad hardware/software, poor quality Ethernet cables, and even using Wi-Fi instead of a wired connection.

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Step 1: Download LagoFast register, and get free trial.

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Step 2: Download Lagofast and search in the box “Call of Duty: Warzone”.

warzone packet loss

Step 3: Click on server and select server.

warzone packet loss fix

Step 4: When you select any server you will see game ping, packet loss, network type, and local network fluctuation percentage.

warzone packet loss reducing

Why am I getting packet loss in Warzone?

A common cause of packet loss is network congestion, so if your local server is particularly busy, a VPN can help. This will allow you to connect to a server in a different region, which may be experiencing less traffic. Enter the correct TCP and UDP ports for your game in the respective boxes.

Packet Burst Warzone

Router-related issue – In some cases, this issue is associated with badly cached network-related data that is slowing down the connection with the game server, causing the 'packet burst' error to appear. Is. In most cases, this particular issue can be resolved by either restarting or resetting your router.

Fix Packet Loss in Call of Duty Warzone

Change the connection.

While it may be more convenient to use a wireless connection, especially when you're really far away from your router, a wired connection is always better. It's not just about speed, as wired also provides a more consistent and stable connection.

Having a wired or fiber optic cable allows data transfer in less than 10ms while wireless connections can take up to 100ms during your data transfer. A wired connection provides a fairly stable connection and hence reduces the chance of packet loss in Call of Duty.

Increase the bandwidth of your connection.

It is also important to check the upload and download speeds allocated to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Try increasing the download and upload speed of your internet connection. If it's too low, changing it can make a dent in your wallet. If it's good enough - but you still feel like the bandwidth is choking at some point - it's probably due to several applications and downloads that are leeching the bandwidth.

Reset network configurations.

Make sure that there are no other applications on your computer that use the Internet. You can check this by using the Resource Manager within the Task Manager.

Press Windows + R, type "Command Prompt" in the dialog, right-click the application and select Run as administrator.

Once in an elevated command prompt, execute the following commands:

  • ipconfig /release
  • ipconfig /renew
  • netsh winsock rese

After all the settings are reset, try restarting the game and see if the error still pops up.

Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

All data packets go through the ISP, and if it's messed up at any point, your game will suffer. This is why a clean route along with very little data congestion will ensure you have minimal fix packet loss warzone in Call of Duty.

Check network, you are being held by your ISP. If it's too congested especially when you're playing games, you might want to switch to a different network with fewer users.

If you have any more doubts, just comment below we will be more than happy to solve it.

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