Best Genshin High Ping Reducer
Last Update: 03/27/2023

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo. In 2020, it was released for Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, and Windows. In 2021, it was published for PlayStation 5, and a Nintendo Switch release is planned. The game has an open world with an anime-inspired aesthetic and an action-based battle system that employs elemental magic and character switching. The game is free to play and is supported by in-game purchases that allow users to unlock new characters and weaponry. Using the games as a service concept, the base game is continuously enhanced through patches.

The fictional setting of Teyvat, where Genshin Impact is set, is home to seven nations, each of which is associated with a different element and ruled by a different god. The Traveler is a character in the novel who, before becoming separated from their twin sibling in Teyvat, traveled to innumerable worlds. Along with their companion Paimon, The Traveler sets out in search of the missing brother and gets entangled in the politics of Teyvat's countries. Critics generally gave the game favorable reviews, praising its engaging open world and fighting system.

Despite the great efforts of the developers, genshin high ping problem is still unavoidable. How to solve genshin high ping is really significant. Lots of players ask me what is good ping for genshin impact and how to lower ping in genshin impact. Even some user encounter genshin high ping after update. As an old player with many years of gaming experience, I recommend you to use LagoFast to solve genshin high ping on pc, which can also run genshin ping test and show ping. Besides, it can also have ability that solve lag, fps drop and other genshin problems.

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Part 1: How to Fix Genshin High Ping

Part 2: Why Genshin High Ping Happens?

Part 3: Other Ways to Fix Genshin High Ping

How to Fix Genshin High Ping

To fix high ping in Genshin, the first choice for me must be LagoFast, a convenient and efficient method. LagoFast, a professional game booster, is a powerful and versatile product, as it can help users solve many common issues supporting more than 1000 games, such as high ping, low fps, and serious lag. LagoFast, a reliable game booster, is tested thousands of times and has accumulated a large number of fixed subscribers for its high level. LagoFast, a credible game booster, is a product based on a solid technological foundation, as a self-created game data transfer protocol is developed. Above all, LagoFast has been dedicated to providing users with a wonderful gaming experience for 8 years. Only at a small cost, you can get it right now!

The following are some of LagoFast's features:

  • Improve FPS and lower latency and ping on Genshin
  • Support for over a thousand online games.
  • 8+ years of expertise in the field of game boosting
  • a sophisticated protocol for transmitting game data
  • Simple to use and reasonably priced
  • Ensure simple lobby in Genshin games.

This is how to apply it:

Step 1: Download LagoFast.

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Step 2: Type Genshin in the Search box and choose it among the results.



Step 3: Choose a server by yourself.



Step 4: To begin boosting, click the Boost button.

You can decide if it's safe to play the game by looking at this page's real-time ping rate and packet loss rate.


Why Genshin High Ping Happens?

Milliseconds, or ms, are used to describe ping. In general, ranges rather than specific numbers are used to analyze pings. The crucial thresholds for determining whether you have a good ping or not are 50ms and 100ms. 20 milliseconds or less is regarded as fairly good, 20 to 50 milliseconds is decent, and 50 to 100 milliseconds is neither awful nor unacceptable. Users will have a negative experience with a ping if it is greater than 100 ms to 250 ms, and if it is greater than 200 ms, users may get irrational. Therefore, your game runs more smoothly the lower your ping is.

Why is my ping high in genshin impact? In Genshin, high ping spikes can happen for a variety of causes that vary from player to player. Typically, these causes consist of hardware faults, software defects, and problems with Internet connectivity. We have listed a few of them below in order to explain why Genshin's ping spikes:

  • Tiny bandwidth. Low bandwidth translates to a slow network, which undoubtedly contributed to your ping spikes. It frequently occurs when there are too many open apps, files, or processes that require a lot of data to complete. Therefore, you should end these pointless duties when playing Genshin.
  • Low-quality ISP. ISPs, or internet service providers, matter to people who play multiplayer games like Genshin. If your ISP provides high-quality service, you may count on having a low ping experience when playing games. Your internet speed may be limited by your ISP, though, for a variety of reasons, including cost, dependability, availability, and more.
  • Firewall configuration errors. Your firewall checks might lengthen the time and finally result in Genshin ping spikes. Because a firewall examines the data packets that your computer sends and receives, this is true. This technique might occasionally be time-consuming and needless.

Other Ways to Fix Genshin High Ping

Apart from LagoFast, we can also implement the following three measures to fix high ping in Genshin.

  • Alter the DNS servers. Domain Name System, sometimes known as DNS, is a name database. You can find internet domain names and IP addresses that have been generated from the domain names in this database. You can change your DNS server with a faster and safer connection because the DNS server we typically use is one that is provided by our ISP, which may not be as dependable as we thought. Additionally, the closer the server is to you, the better, according to the guideline for selecting such a server.
  • Stop any unused programs. In reality, bandwidth-hungry applications like OneDrive, Skype, and Windows Update are active or running in the background as you play Genshin. It seriously disrupts your game experience and raises ping. Therefore, you should disable or close these programs before playing a game.
  • Restart the network. Restarting the network should be the first step whenever possible because it is often the simplest and fastest way to reduce ping. You can reboot your network's hardware, including your modem and router, to give it a rest. Particularly when they are overworked or warm, this is helpful.