10 Popular Fortnite FPS Boosters 2024 on PC
Last Update: 03/31/2024

Fortnite is an online video game released by Epic Games in 2017. There are three modes: Fortnite Battle Royale, Fortnite: Save the World, and Fortnite Creative. Up to now, Fortnite has accumulated millions of users for well-designed clothes, equipment, and storyline. However, some problems also come to the surface especially when a large number of users play at the same time. Low FPS is one of them, which gives you a terrible gaming experience. Follow this post and find out the best FPS booster for Fortnite in 2024.

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Part 1: How to Show FPS in Fortnite

Part 2: What is an FPS Booster

Part 3: How Does an FPS Booster Work

Part 4: 10 Best Fortnite FPS Boosters

Part 5: How to Get 120 FPS on PS5 Fortnite

How to Show FPS in Fortnite

For players who are enjoying Fortnite on PC, simply open the settings menu and click the "video tab". Scroll down and check "Show FPS". After checking this option, you will be able to see your FPS at the bottom left of the screen while playing Fortnite. We will also introduce how to get 120 FPS on PS5. If you find FPS drops in Fortnite or you are not satisfied with your FPS in Fortnite, read on to find out how to boost FPS in Fortnite using FPS Booster.

What is an FPS Booster

FPS booster is a tool that helps to increase FPS in games. It optimizes hardware conditions to get more potentials to improve FPS on PC. FPS booster is essential for most first-person shooting games just as Fortnite to reducer lag and jitter in real-time. Some FPS boosters can also provide a specific game mode in which you can get an improved FPS.

How Does an FPS Booster Work

Generally, an FPS booster helps to increase FPS by optimizing your hardware conditions, as we have mentioned above. How does it work? CPU optimization, GPU overclocking, and driver updating are the main functions of an FPS booster. By ending some unnecessary processes when gaming, the FPS booster provides you more space to run Fortnite. Overclocking your graphics card to get more potential of your GPU. Last but not the least, updating the graphics driver will greatly improve your FPS with the newly-added driver features. An outdated graphics driver can be the main reason that your Fortnite FPS drops. More details about an FPS booster are as follows:

  • It frees up the RAM needed for online games as well as more system resources.
  • It shuts off any background processes and unnecessary software that your computer doesn't need while playing games.
  • It helps you drop ping and have fewer risks to meet latency by reducing CPU demand when playing online games.
  • It assists with automatic FPS boosting and optimizes your PC to provide quicker and more fluid gameplay.   

10 Best Fortnite FPS Boosters

 1. LagoFast - Best Free FPS Booster for Fortnite

Here are numerous Fortnite game boosters on the market, and you can choose any you want. For me, LagoFast is a pretty good choice to fix low FPS. It provides a game mode and fresh your RAM for more space to play games. In addition, LagoFast will help update your graphics driver to make your graphics card run well. You can check the full features of LagoFast:

  • Professional and powerful Fortnite FPS booster
  • Easy to use, save more time
  • Strong network compatibility
  • Well-developed data transfer protocol

Here's how to use it:

Step 1: Download LagoFast and sign in.

Step 2: Click on "FPS Boost" on the left side.

LagoFast FPS Boost 

Step 3: Choose the settings you want to turn on/off by clicking.

Fortnite FPS Boost 

2. Advanced System Optimizer

As it has many practical features, Advanced System Optimizer is a complete solution for your Windows computer. Using the PC optimizer and cleanup program, your computer's games can be conveniently managed.

Price – $69.95 

3. WTFast 

It can fix the high ping problems related to lags in your internet connection. This FPS booster program can improve the gaming experience. Without altering the network settings, it operates by offering a Gamers Private Network to speed up the connection.

Price – $99.90

4. Razer Cortex 

The software helps to enhance the gaming experience. As it offers numerous functions such as boosting automatically, improving FPS, and freeing up resources, it is a useful tool for gamers. Besides, the FPS booster is free to use.

Price – Free 

5. GameFire 6 Pro 

It is a trustworthy and secure program that does not overclock the CPU. It sets up your PC to play games at the fastest possible network and system speeds. It can effortlessly modify the system settings for better performance and automatically optimize RAM.

Price – $29.95 

6. GameBoost 3 

The FPS booster can organize the CPU resources to enhance game performance, and it is capable of accelerating internet speed by lowering lag and boosting latency. Besides, there is no direct patching, so the game booster program goes undetectable by networks that seek cheat detection.

Price – $19.30 

7. Smart Game Booster 5 

To keep you secure from internet risks, the game booster offers a virus scan. Additionally, it can clean up and optimize your system to get a quick game startup. It also provides you with a free driver updater and aids in maintaining the device drivers.

Price – Free 

8. Jet Boost 

Jet Boost effectively increases your PC's ability to play games at its highest setting. It helps to stop any unnecessary activities and services, so your computer can concentrate on the games you are playing. By using the game optimizer, issues related to speed and optimization are easy to be solved.

Price – Free 

9. MSI Afterburner 

The game booster gives you information about the hardware to provide you with the greatest gaming experience possible, and it uses various tools to enhance internet connection. Additionally, while playing Fortnite, it displays real-time information about your system on the screen.

Price – Free 

10. MZ Game Accelerator

The booster can terminate unneeded services and processes to intensify CPU usage, and its major functions include RAM increasing, FPS fixing, and ping lowering. Besides, this will prevent unnecessary data from any file loading when playing Fortnite.

Price – Free 







 1. Professional and powerful FPSbooster

2. Easy to use, save more time

3. Strong network compatibility

4. Well-developed data transfer protocol


No con as such



1. Boost FPS

2. Clears RAM to optimize PC

3. Enhance internet speed

- High cost


Razer Cortex

1. Boost FPS

2. Automatically boosts the system

- No security tools


GameFire 6 Pro

1. Real-time game booster

2. Manages games

3. Safe to use

- Free version is hard to use


GameBoost 3 

1. Increased FPS

2. No direct patches

- The user interface is less attractive

Smart Game Booster 5

1. Records the game

- Overclocks CPU


Jet Boost

1. Measure ping and FPS in real-time

2. Has an overclocking utility for GPUs

- Function is single


MSI Afterburner

1. Measure performance in real-time

2. Has an overclocking utility for GPUs

-Function is single


MZ Game Accelerator  

1. Free to use

2. Closes background processes

3. Boosts RAM

- Not available for the new system

- Old software

Advanced System Optimizer

1. Game optimizer

2. Updates drivers

-High cost

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How to Get 120 FPS on PS5 Fortnite

To get 120 FPS in Fortnite on PS5, follow these simple steps to enable Performance Mode in PS5 settings:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Choose Save Data and Game/App Setting - Game Presets - Performance Mode
  3. Open Fortnite
  4. Open Settings - Video - 120 FPS mode on
  5. Finally, click Apply

Through this procedure, you will be able to reach 120 FPS in Fortnite on PS5. If you don't see the 120 FPS option, that means it's not available, so unfortunately you can't play Fortnite with 120 FPS on PS5.


If you are searching for the best Fortnite FPS booster, LagoFast can be the first choice. It’s not only a perfect FPS booster but also an easy-to-use lag reducer. With LagoFast, you can boost FPS greatly and choose an easy server in Fortnite, which will surely improve your gaming experience in Fortnite. Try it now and get 240 FPS in Fortnite.

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