Why Destiny 2 Stuttering and Quick Fixes
Last Update: 03/27/2023

The game market has become very competitive nowadays. It is very difficult for gamers to pick a nice game. Moreover, the prices of games are constantly surging, especially for high-quality games. The high prices mean high quality, therefore, those players who either don’t have enough budget or are inclined to pay more for the games will have very few choices of high quality games. But there is a game called Destiny 2 that you can play for free here. If you are a big fan of gunplay games, particularly FPS titles, you shouldn’t be hesitant to play it.

Destiny 2, which was initially released in 2017, is a pay-to-play online first-person gunplay game. The game is now available on almost all platforms, and players are able to play it for absolutely no charge. It is because the game is free and high quality, therefore more and more gunplay fans are flooding into this game. This caused a certain pressure on the Destiny 2 servers, and some players started to have problems with Destiny 2 stuttering, which made their gaming experience terrible. Many gamers are starting to figure out how to fix the Destiny 2 stuttering issue, but it’s tough for those gamers who don’t have a specialized background. If you are also suffering from this dilemma, no need to feel anxious and worried, because this article will help you to analyze the fundamental causes of Destiny 2 stuttering on PC and offer specific ways to solve it. 

Part 1: The Main Reasons Why Destiny 2 Stuttering

Part 2: How to Quickly Fix Destiny 2 Stuttering

The Main Reasons Why Destiny 2 Stuttering

Destiny 2 stuttering is the situation where when you play a game, the images on your computer display irregularly, in many cases stems from the GPU, and this can affect your gameplay experience, For example, if you are trying to win a match of Destiny 2 nightfall but Destiny 2 stuttering after a while, you will no doubt lose the game and be annoyed.

With thorough studies and research, the following reasons for the Destiny 2 stutter were discovered.

  • Improper GPU setup on PC

As mentioned above, Destiny 2 stuttering is mainly due to the GPU, which is why a precise setting of the GPU is extremely important, otherwise, there is a high risk of Destiny 2 stuttering on PC if the gamer has not properly set up the GPU to match the requirements of the new version of Destiny 2. Therefore, Destiny 2 gamers first need to keep attention on the mismatched GPU settings that cause Destiny 2 stutter.

  • Not running Destiny 2 as an administrator

The computer system, especially Windows, imposes strict user account privileges on the games and software downloaded. If a Destiny 2 gamer is not running Destiny 2 as an administrator this can also lead to issues such as Destiny 2 stuttering. Your PC system will assume that Destiny 2 is a risky application with no privileges, which ultimately causes Destiny 2 to stutter on the PC.

  • Too many background apps are opened together with Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a high-quality multiplayer online FPS game that requires a large amount of computer memory to run stably. If the player runs Destiny 2 with many other background applications open, it will not be able to have enough memory to run stably, thus causing Destiny 2 stutter.

  • Graphics driver not updated

Destiny 2, as a high graphics quality game, demands up-to-date Graphics drivers for a more stable display of good visuals. If Destiny 2 players fail to update their device’s graphics driver to the newest version, the Destiny 2 visuals will not be presented properly, which could potentially cause Destiny 2 stuttering on PC.

  • Destiny 2 game bugs

Game bugs are also one of the main causes of Destiny 2 stuttering, Destiny 2’s official website and social media will release information to players when bugs are found, therefore if players are experiencing Destiny 2 stuttering on PC, they can check the official website and version details first to confirm whether it is due to game bugs that lead to Destiny 2 stuttering.

How to Quickly Fix Destiny 2 Stuttering

Once gamers understand the reasons for Destiny 2 stuttering, you can think of fixes for the causes. However, some players may find it difficult to solve all the factors that cause Destiny 2 stuttering on PC at the same time. If this is a challenge for you, we recommend LagoFast, the best Destiny 2 stutter fix tool. LagoFast would be your primary choice for a quick fix for Destiny 2 stuttering on PC.

LagoFast is the optimal solution to fix Destiny 2 stuttering on PC, which has many advanced features. For example, LagoFast can efficiently reduce ping in Destiny 2 and avoid game lag. It can also be used to tackle the internet connection issue that gamers may be experiencing in Destiny 2. In addition, LagoFast can assist gamers in selecting the right servers and nodes more precisely. Most importantly, LagoFast has a FPS boosting function that can assist in solving the high FPS problem in Destiny 2. This FPS boosting feature is currently free of charge. Therefore, gamers should take advantage of this opportunity.

LagoFast is now available as a free trial download for Destiny 2 gamers, follow our next tutorial to quickly fix Destiny 2 stuttering on PC.

Tutorial to Quickly Fix Destiny 2 stutter by using LagoFast

Step 1: Click on Free Download to download LagoFast.

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Step 2: Before you start running Destiny 2, you should search for it in LagoFast and click the Boost Button.



Step 3:Click on Select Server so you can choose the right server that will allow Destiny 2 to connect stably and avoid Destiny 2 stuttering, then click on the Node on the right, you can also select the best Node for Destiny 2.



Step 4:By clicking the Smart Boost Button, you can see the specific Game ping, Packet Loss and Network Type on the right side, so you can check the situation of Destiny 2. Finally, click the Start Game Button to start Destiny 2.



Optionally, if you want to spend time solving Destiny 2 stuttering on PC by yourselves, the following are very effective fixes for Destiny 2 stuttering.

  • Change the GPU settings to match the latest version of Destiny 2
  • Make Destiny 2 run as administrator in Windows settings
  • Close all background applications and games when running Destiny 2
  • Upgrade the Graphics driver to match Destiny 2’s requirements
  • Regularly update Destiny 2 as announced on the official website to fix game bugs

A high-quality game requires a great investment of time and money, and it is a virtual paradise created by those who still have a passion and hope for games. Therefore, a high-quality and free game such as Destiny 2 should be cherished by players. This exciting shooting virtual world holds some of those dreams that we can’t realize in the real world, even though it’s just a small desktop icon in the corner of your computer, but when you click on it, you will have a magical experience. Download LagoFast to avoid Destiny 2 stuttering after a while when participating in Destiny 2 nightfall matches. LagoFast will provide a better gaming experience for those who love the game, so you and your friends can have a great time in Destiny 2 without any worries.

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