8 Best TFT Set 11 Comps To Play On PBE
Last Update: 03/07/2024

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is an auto-battler game mode within the popular multiplayer online battle arena game, League of Legends. It was developed and published by Riot Games. TFT is known for its dynamic gameplay, ever-changing meta, and strategic depth. Each set introduces new champions, traits, items, and mechanics, providing players with fresh challenges and opportunities to experiment with different strategies. 

To build a successful team, you need to adapt to the current meta, your available champions, and items. The latest version of TFT, Set 11 - Inkborn Fables, was released on March 3, 2024, in this guide, we will explore the most reliable and powerful Comps & Builds in TFT Set 11.

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Part 1. What is a comp in TFT

Part 2. Common TFT comps

Part 3: The 8 Best TFT Set 11 Comps

Part 4: Elevating Your League of Legends PBE Gaming Experience by LagoFast

Part 5. FAQs about TFT Comps

Part 1. What is a Comp in TFT

In TFT, Comps stands for a strategic combination of champions, items, and positioning. Players pursue the best Comps to get more victories by creating powerful synergies between units and items.

These Comps can include synergies between champions of the same origin or class, as well as strategic itemization to enhance their abilities. The best TFT Comps will be changed with regular updates and balance changes. 

Part 2. Common TFT Comps in TFT

Here are some common Teamfight Tactics (TFT) comps:

  • Dark Star Jhin: A front-to-back comp that has a simple game plan. It involves building a strong frontline and having a strong backline carry.
  • Pentakill Karthus: A comp that focuses on picking up the Superfan trait early in the game. This trait can then lead to a deeper use of the Pentakill trait.
  • Country Roads: An S-tier comp that involves Samira, Urgot, and Sett.
  • EDMoshing: An S-tier comp that involves Jax and Lux.
  • GIANTS: An S-tier comp that involves Ekko, Senna, and Akali.
  • High Notes: An S-tier comp that involves Seraphine, Ahri, Ekko, and Neeko.
  • Penta-Kayle: An S-tier comp that involves Kayle, Yorick, Karthus, and Viego.
  • Grammy Nominees: An S-tier comp that involves Illaoi, Lucian, and Ezreal. 

Part 3: The 8 Best Strongest TFT Comps & Builds in Set 11

1. Best Strongest TFT Comps & Builds 1 - LILLIA INVOKER

This comp focuses on Lillia and Hwei as your main attackers, with Annie and Nautilus serving as your main tanks. Lillia deals significant damage by frequently using her abilities, while Hwei's impact is massive despite longer cooldowns. One great thing about Hwei is his special trait, Artist, which lets him copy units on your bench. This makes it easier to find 5-cost 2-star units to fill your board. Hwei is especially useful if you’re aiming for powerful 3-star units, making him a key part of your team.

TFT Set 11 Comps

2. Best Strongest TFT Comps & Builds 2 - Big Shot Ezreal

One of the most dominant compositions in TFT Set 11 Comps is Big Shot Ezreal, owing to its ability to field high-value champions effectively. Big Shot Ezreal boasts an average placement of 3.88, making it the top-performing composition in the mode. It excels at incorporating five-cost champions into its lineup without sacrificing effectiveness. In the mid-game, Ezreal serves as the primary carry, while in the late game, the five-cost champions take center stage. Additionally, the composition fully leverages the potential of the Jazz trait.

3. Best Strongest TFT Comps & Builds 3 -TRICKSHOT INKSHADOW KAISA

This composition boasts exceptional scaling potential as it can easily accommodate numerous 4-cost and 5-cost units. Kaisa serves as a captivating AD carry, primarily relying on her ability to inflict damage. Her unique ability, Trickshot, allows her damage to bounce to additional targets. Moreover, her ability triggers multiple Runaan procs, greatly enhancing the value of this item for her. Conversely, Xayah is best suited as a secondary carry or support carry, equipped with leftover items and utility items like Red Buff and Last Whisper. As for Udyr, he thrives with tank items or AP bruiser items, enabling him to both absorb damage and deal significant magic damage.

TFT Set 11 Comps

4. Best Strongest TFT Comps & Builds 4 - Mythic

This composition grants players bonus stats, with additional bonuses unlocked after 4 rounds. Kog’Maw synergizes well with Caitlyn, Cho‘Gath, and Shen. Ghostly enhances the team’s overall damage output, with Kog serving as the primary carry.

5. Best Strongest TFT Comps & Builds 5 - Pentakill Mordekaiser

The Pentakill strategy featuring Kayle as the primary damage dealer has gained significant popularity in the standard game mode recently. Mordekaiser acts as the main tank, supported by other high-cost champions. While this composition performs admirably, it faces a unique challenge: acquiring three-star versions of both Kayle and Mordekaiser. However, achieving this feat elevates the composition to a top-tier threat. Maxing out Kayle and Mordekaiser's star levels is often sufficient to secure victories, especially when complemented by three-star Viego, Karthus, or Akali in the late game.

6. Best Strongest TFT Comps & Builds 6 - Storyweaver Inkshadow

Combining the two traits, Kai'Sa's Trickshot and Jax's Warden with Garen, synergizes effectively, paving the way for a potentially powerful level 9 board.

7. Best Strongest TFT Comps & Builds 7 - Heavenly

Each Heavenly unit boosts the Heavenly trait, with buffs escalating at higher tiers and star ratings. This creates a straightforward reroll composition centered around the Heavenly trait. Kayn and Morgana serve as flexible slots, primarily aimed at providing Reaper and Sage bonuses, but other options such as Behemoth or Duelist could also prove effective.

8. Best Strongest TFT Comps & Builds 8 - Punk Jinx

This composition was formidable in the standard mode for most of the set. With the ability to come online swiftly and deliver devastating blows, especially with the support of a partner to secure late-game victories, Punk Jinx becomes even more formidable. The core strategy remains unchanged: Jinx serves as the primary damage dealer, supported by Pantheon as the main tank, while Twitch and Vi provide additional firepower.

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TFT Set 11 Comps

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TFT Set 11 Comps

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The Best Comps & Builds in Set 11

Part 5. FAQs about TFT Comps

Q1: How do I know what to build in TFT?

As a general rule, you should build whatever item you believe will make you the strongest at that point, without sacrificing too much late-game potential. Items like Statikk Shiv or Luden's Echo are great for the early game but fall off heavily in the late game.

Remember that the TFT meta can shift with balance changes and new additions to the game, so staying informed about the latest patches and strategies will help you make the most effective choices in each match.

Q2: What is the easiest comp to play in TFT?

Riven is currently one of the easiest comps to hard force and has great power spikes all around. Thanks to buffs to 8 Bit and Viego you now have much better secondary carries to help you win your fights. The core concept is to run two 8 Bit with 3 Edgelords in early/ mid game.


The best TFT Set 11 Comps can allow players to increase their chances of victory, the 8 best comps are listed in this article that players can use in TFT Set 11 and enjoy happy winning. Additionally, it’s strongly suggested players use LagoFast to ensure seamless and immersive gameplay which is also quite important for players to win. Use LagoFast and enjoy happy winning!