How to Change Your Server in Lost Light
Last Update: 06/11/2024

Lost Light is a popular survival shooter game that offers players an immersive post-apocalyptic experience. For many gamers, the ability to change servers or region servers is crucial for optimizing gameplay, reducing lag, and connecting with friends in different geographical areas. And next we'll guide you through the common way to change a server and an even more powerful solution, by using LagoFast.

 lost light change server

Part 1:  Feasibility of Server Changes

Part 2: Impact on Game Performance

Part 3: Tips for Choosing the Best Server

Part 4: Simple Steps to Use LagoFast to Change Server

Part 1: Feasibility of Server Changes

The process to change servers in Lost Light is designed to be user-friendly, reflecting a feature that the developers have integrated to accommodate players’ needs for flexibility. The game's interface typically allows these adjustments without extensive technical knowledge, making it accessible to all players. This ease of modification encourages players to experiment with different servers to find the one that best suits their needs.

Part 2: Impact on Game Performance

Changing to a server that is geographically closer or less crowded can significantly reduce lag and improve ping times, directly impacting game performance. This is particularly beneficial in a game like Lost Light, where quick reactions and smooth gameplay are essential for survival and success. Players often report noticeable improvements in gameplay smoothness and reduced latency after switching servers.

Part 3: Tips for Choosing the Best Server

Geographical Proximity: Generally, choose a server that is geographically closest to you to minimize latency.

Server Population: Consider the population of a server. Highly populated servers might offer more interaction and competition but could also be more prone to lag during peak hours.

Ask the Community: If you're unsure which server to choose, consult the Lost Light community forums or social media groups. Experienced players can offer insights on which servers offer the best performance and community.

Limitations and Considerations

While changing servers is broadly beneficial, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Sometimes, changing servers can lead to temporary disruptions, such as the need to adjust to different play styles or community norms. Additionally, some servers might have different rules or settings that could affect gameplay. Players should be aware of these potential changes and consider them when choosing a new server.

Part 4: Simple Steps to Use LagoFast to Change Server

For players experiencing network-related issues in online games like Lost Light, using a game booster such as LagoFast can significantly enhance the gaming experience. LagoFast is designed to optimize your network connection, which can improve game responsiveness and reduce lag. Here’s a concise guide on how to use LagoFast to address common connectivity problems and improve your overall gameplay quality.

Change Lost Light server on Mobile:

Step 1: Search and download LagoFast Mobile Booster from the App Store or Google Play. Or scan the QR code below to start a free trial.

Step 2: Launch LagoFast Mobile Booster, then search Lost Light in LagoFast Mobile Booster.

lost light stuck on loading screen

Step 3: Choose the Server and Routes you like, then click the Boost button.

lost light Stuck in loading screen

Step 4: Finally, go back to Lost Light and start playing it without any game issues.

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Change Lost Light server on PC:

Step 1: Start by downloading LagoFast. Go to their official website and click on 'Free Trial' to get started.


Free Trial


Step 2: Once installed, open LagoFast before launching your game. Use the search feature to locate Lost Light, ensuring that the optimization focuses specifically on improving your experience with this game.

change lost light server

Step 3: Optimize your connection by selecting 'Select Server'. Choose a server that offers stability and low latency. Further refine your connection by selecting the best 'Node' available on the right.

lost light change region server

Step 4: Enable the ‘Smart Boost’ feature by clicking the button. This function allows you to monitor and manage your game’s ping, packet loss, and network type in real-time.

 fix lost light crashing

Maintaining a stable and fast internet connection is crucial for a seamless gaming experience, especially in fast-paced online games. LagoFast provides an effective solution for managing and improving your network environment, ensuring that you spend more time enjoying the game and less time dealing with connectivity issues. Whether you are gaming casually or competitively, LagoFast can help optimize your network settings to enhance your performance in Lost Light.


Changing your server in Lost Light can significantly enhance your gaming experience by improving latency, connection stability, and overall game dynamics. By following the steps outlined above and using LagoFast, you can easily switch to a server that better suits your geographical location or gaming preferences.