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Last Update: 06/16/2023

Hong Kong, June 15, 2023 - LagoFast, an expert in providing game boost services, today releases the first hardware console game booster LagoFast Box globally on Kickstarter. LagoFast Box is developed perfectly for gamers to get no lag and lower ping in console gaming. Meanwhile, it will help to stabilize the gaming network connection without any gaming disconnects or timeout issues.

“LagoFast Box didn't simply come to life as a flash of inspiration. Instead, it emerged from a genuine need felt by us - avid gamers ourselves before joining the LagoFast team”, said Jimmy Yang, founder of LagoFast. “We yearned for an innovative solution that would effectively tackle real-time network issues in gaming. Thus, LagoFast Box was born”.

Covering worldwide game servers and nodes, LagoFast Box gets well prepared for optimizing console gaming performance in PS, Xbox, Switch, Steam Deck, PICO and Oculus Quest. Armed with the advanced Transmission Control Protocol and 8-year gaming optimization experience, LagoFast Box is skilled in dealing with any gaming latency.

LagoFast Box provides a comprehensive optimization for all console platforms:

Minimize Lag & Lowest Ping in Console Gaming

Once connecting the game console with LagoFast Box, gamers will be able to connect with the best route from their real location to the target server. What makes the best route? There are several routes between a server and the gamer’s location, in which every route has its own condition with a specific ping rate. LagoFast Box will filter one route with the lowest ping and get the gamers connected. At the same time, it will focus on the overall connection in real-time to avoid any disconnection or packet loss. As a result, LagoFast can always help get minimize lag and the lowest ping rate in console gaming.

100% Gaming Network Optimization

Working as a gaming VPN router, LagoFast Box will not only stabilize the gaming network connection but also provide cross-server gameplay.  It can optimize NAT type to A or OPEN in the console network connection, which is necessary for monitoring particular performance indicators such as bandwidth utilization, availability, packet loss, latency and jitter. Moreover, LagoFast Box can be doubled as an extender which helps to increase the network signal to a wider scale.

Easier Gaming Online

Gamers will be able to enter easier lobbies or bot lobbies in CoD series, Fortnite and Apex Legends with LagoFast Box. The easy lobbies are tested with specific lobby data and ensure the gamers inside are unskilled with low KD.

More Friendly to Use

Simply connecting the LagoFast Box, home router and LagoFast Console app, gamers will control the game optimization on their cellphones.

Premium Tech Support

Provides personalized help and remote support for LagoFast Box. Ensures a reply within 24 hours.

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About LagoFast

LagoFast is a global game boost service provider for 30,000,000+ PC and console users. It will also launch the program for mobile users in the coming future. The product concept is to reduce lag and ping in online gaming. Also, LagoFast is always centered on the gamers’ real needs and aims at providing the best game booster worldwide.

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