Is LagoFast Safe & Legit? The Safest LagoFast for You in 2023
Last Update: 04/18/2023

LagoFast game booster is a newly-grown service for online gamers to get less lag, lower ping, higher FPS and 0 packet loss in gaming. It is also called a gaming VPN for its changing server function. However, with the rapid growth of LagoFast, some gamers wonder if it’s safe and legit, here we are explaining the doubt in several aspects.

Is a Game Booster Safe?

A game booster or gaming VPN is focusing on improving gaming performance by passing the game data through its various optimized and dedicated traffic paths to solve the problems of routing, interception, and congestion, thus offering stability and fast Internet connections and reducing game lag, high ping and packet loss rate in gaming. Game booster is safe to use without invading or collecting any private information.

Is LagoFast Safe & Legit?

Yes, LagoFast is 100% safe on Windows devices that are available at present. It will support iOS, Android and all console devices in the coming future.

LagoFast Game Booster
  • ✅ Safe for PC & Console Games
  • ✅ Fast & Stable Network Connection
  • ✅ Secured by McAfee/Avast Antivirus
  • ✅ No Risk of Being Banned
  • ✅ No Collecting Privacy
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The safety of LagoFast can be clarified in the following aspects:

1. Antivirus Secure Authentication

LagoFast is secured by passing McAfee and Avast antivirus tests. No matter it is the install package or during the installation, there is no virus or malware detected. You can totally give trust to LagoFast safety.

2. No Bundleware

Unlike some phishing programs, you will get only LagoFast itself after installing it on your PC. No bundled software is allowed to add with LagoFast and it will focus on boosting your gaming performance.

3. Ad-block Software

No Ads in the program when your boost games or not. LagoFast is totally clean software with the only function of game acceleration.

4. No Risk of Being Banned

LagoFast will not change or hide your real IP address as common VPNs. There is no worry about being banned by game developers when changing servers. Play online games with ease and security.

5. No Privacy Collected

To boost games efficiently, LagoFast will collect some basic information such as the hardware configuration of your devices, IP address and the boosting log. These are gathered for improving the boosting quality. It will never access your privacy or any sensitive data.

6. Secure Payment

LagoFast is using Stripe for credit card payments and Payssion for some local payments. It provides a free trial for users to experience the features first and pay later. Also, users are allowed to get money back within 3 days after paying for the plan.

7. Trusted by 3,000,000 Users

Until now, LagoFast has more than 3,000,000 users around the world. They have tested it workable in different countries with multiple nodes. The result is that they got reduced lag and ping more or less, some of them enjoy even 0 ping in gaming.

The Final Words

After explaining the security and legality of LagoFast, you must be clearer about the program. Using a game booster to improve network status and get a better gaming experience is safe for sure. LagoFast, as the best game booster, can be your first choice to enjoy more fun in gaming.

LagoFast Game Booster
  • ✅ Safe for PC & Console Games
  • ✅ Fast & Stable Network Connection
  • ✅ Secured by McAfee/Avast Antivirus
  • ✅ No Risk of Being Banned
  • ✅ No Collecting Privacy
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