How to Fix ‘Login failed 500’ error in The Finals
Last Update: 12/08/2023

The Finals is a popular, free-to-play, combat game show where players compete in arenas. However, some players are experiencing issues with logging in to the game or matchmaking. Are login issues disrupting your journey to gaming glory in the Finals? Discover essential tips and solutions in our latest article on how to fix the Finals Login Failed 500 error and ensure a smooth path to competitive success! Don't let technical hiccups hold you back – empower yourself with the knowledge to conquer the digital battlefield.

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Part 1. What is The Finals Login Failed 500

The Finals Login Failed 500: This error message is displayed when the game’s servers are overloaded with an influx of new players trying to play the game in open beta.

On the other hand, The Finals Matchmaking Failed error message is displayed when there are issues with the game’s matchmaking feature. In the Steam page discussions, Embark Studios' developer, who is responsible for The Finals, pinned a remark stating that they are aware of the login failed: 500 problem and are attempting to resolve it.

So far, that's the greatest news we have received. Remain reassured that the team is putting in an endless effort to discover a long-term fix for The Finals login failed: 500 error. People have been able to get around the problem in the interim by using a few fixes.

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Part 2. The Best Ways to Fix The Finals Login Failed 500

  1. Close and relaunch Steam. Restarting Steam has, surprisingly, proven to be a temporary fix for many folks. Closing and relaunching the Steam window is insufficient. It will carry on operating in the background if you do that. Rather, you must log out of Steam. All you have to do to exit Steam is click the Steam tab located in the upper left of the screen. Click the drop-down menu and choose Exit. By doing this, you'll be able to completely shut down and reload Steam.
  2. Check the Finals files. Another solution I discovered helped those attempting to overcome the unsuccessful login attempt: The final files are being verified, 500 error. Choose The Finals from your Steam library to accomplish this. Choose Properties with a right-click on it. Navigate to the Installed Files tab in the new window and choose Verify integrity of files. Your computer will check all of your The Finals files automatically and correct any anomalies. Once you've completed this, you ought to be able to bypass the login failed: 500 and matchmaking problem.
  3. Check Your Internet Connection. A good Internet connection is essential for playing The Finals, which is an online game that requires constant connectivity. Make sure your Internet is not having any problems or interruptions.
  4. Wait for Embark Studios to fix it. The last thing you can do is wait for Embark Studios to fix the error. As mentioned previously, they are aware of the error and are working hard to fix it.

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Part 3. Play The Finals with a stable & faster connection

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Bonus Tips to The Finals Login Failed 500

There are other ways to fix The Finals Login Failed 500 just in case.

Modifying DNS. Another possible cause of these problems is the DNS service settings. You can try modifying your DNS settings, but before doing this, make sure you understand the changes you are making to avoid other network problems. This method will help in resolving situations where you get stuck loading screens, can't get into the game, or the game starts up and gets stuck.

Turning off real-time protection. Sometimes, real-time protection software on your computer may interfere with the normal download of the game. If you are using antivirus or firewall software, try turning it off and restarting the game. In some cases, this can fix failed downloads and allow you to play The Finals without worry.


Finally, this article shares the definition of the finals login 500 and tells 5 ways to fix the finals login failed 500 and matchmaking problem.