3 Ways to Fix Discord Lag on PC
Last Update: 04/19/2023

However, some players may face Discord lag from time to time. If Discord is lagging, you will hear the voices of your friends off and on and it might be hard for you to hear the whole sentence and know its meaning.

Why do I have Discord lag?

The reasons for Discord lagging voice may vary with individuals. Sometimes, you will find that Discord is lagging but internet is fine.Your Internet connection, the settings of Discord or the server status may be the cause of Discord lagging.

How to Fix Discord Lag?

While it is impossible to list all the reasons, I believe that we can find as many ways as possible to solve Discord app lag. In this article, we will provide you with 3 ways to fix Discord lag.

1. Try LagoFast to troubleshoot Discord app lag.

If you have any Internet issues with the games, LagoFast is exactly what you should turn to for help. LagoFast is a terrific game accelerator. It is known for its worldwide exclusive routes and unique LFP protocol. These two features enable the powerful professional ability of LagoFast to help players fix all kinds of issues, including Discord lag.

Besides, LagoFast has a really clear and easy-to-use interface. Within a few steps, you are able to fix Discord lagging.

Step 1: Download LagoFast.

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Step 2: Search for Discord at the top of the interface.

Step 3: Choose the server and node.

Step 4: Enjoy your games with no Discord lagging voice.

What makes LagoFast even better is its consideration for its users. For example, LagoFast allows users to stop whenever they want without being charged for the minutes they did not use. On LagoFast, the cost can be calculated in minutes, which makes it an economic choice for all the players from around the world.

Last but not least, LagoFast is available in over 60 countries and supports more than 1000 games. This makes sure that players can accelerate any game anywhere they want. Isn’t it good?

So don’t hesitate and download LagoFast now! Give it a shot! I believe that LagoFast would not let you down.

2. Check the settings of Discord.

Maybe Discord lag problem lies in its settings of itself. It is always a wise choice to check its settings of it when you face Discord lagging. Changing some settings in Discord probably has a magical effect on it and helps you with Discord lagging issues.

Step 1: Click on the Settings icon, which resembles a gear.

Once you find the Voice Settings, you can reset them by scrolling to the bottom and clicking on the Reset button. You can now set up your mic and speaker preferences again to use Discord as you had it.

Step 2: Update Discord.

You can go to your System Tray at the bottom of your computer screen, look for the Discord icon, and right-click Check for Updates.

If updates are available, Discord will restart after you install the update. You can also try manually restarting both your computer and Discord afterward to see if the new update helps with Discord lagging.

Step 3: Disable hardware acceleration.

Sometimes, your settings of hardware acceleration can cause Discord lag issues. Check to see if this feature is on or off in Discord by clicking on the settings within the software. Click over to Advanced to see your hardware acceleration settings.

Switching from Enable to Disable, or vice versa, may solve the issue.

Hopefully, these 3 steps will help you with your Discord lagging issue. It may be a little more complicated than the first method, but it is also worth a try!

3. Clear Discord cache.

As you may know, sometimes the cache of an app or software may greatly impair its smoothness of it. Discord is no exception. Discord will store data on your computer to make it run quicker the next time you open it. But this data can accumulate over time and become a problem. You can try:

Step 1: Close Discord by clicking on its icon in your system tray at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2: Press R and the Windows Key at the same time.

Step 3: Type “%appdata%” and press Enter on the Run.

Step 4: Find a folder labeled Discord.

Step 5: Find the Cache folder and delete it.

After deleting the cache, your Discord might be as fast as new! Clear the Discord cache now and see if it makes a difference!


In this article, we provide you with 3 ways to troubleshoot Discord lag. And you may notice that the first method is no doubt the easiest and most efficient one. LagoFast is called revolutionary by some players. Why don’t you try it by yourself? It is definitely worth a try! Download LagoFast now!

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