Fix Diablo 4 Unable to Find a Valid License in the Preload
Last Update: 06/02/2023

Diablo 4 preload starts on June 2, 2023. Gamers have been waiting for so long time that a large number of users rush into Diablo 4 preload. However, due to the big crowd of the game server and routes, many of the users find it unable to find a valid license in Diablo 4. It shows as an error code 315306 and fails the gamers to load Diablo 4 successfully.


Fix Diablo 4 Error Code 315306 with 3 Methods

According to the gamers’ report on Reddit, some of them have fixed the error effectively. You can check the following 3 ways to get this issue solved.

Method 1. Download a free game on

You can launch and go to the store. Find any free game to download and then load Diablo 4. This method works for some gamers. After downloading the game, they have successfully loaded into Diablo 4.

Method 2. Make a Purchase in Store

If the way of downloading a free game doesn’t work for you, making a small purchase can help. “If you purchase anything of the store it fixes it. I had the same issue until I bought the $2 bundle of coins”. A gamer on Reddit said this.

Method 3. Change the Server in Diablo 4

Every time when launches the test of Diablo 4, there are some errors occurring. This is mainly because the server is overloaded and fails to afford so many logins. In this case, you may change the server to a relatively uncrowded one and try to load again. LagoFast provides the best way to change server in Diablo 4 and you can try it now.

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Unfortunately, if the above all methods don’t fix Diablo 4 unable to find a valid license error, you may wait 5-10 minutes and then try to log in again. This is what Blizzard recommended in its official forum.