Best Way to Change Server in Blade and Soul 2
Last Update: 07/19/2023

Blade & Soul 2 is a fast-paced MMORPG where players assume the roles of martial artists seeking revenge. With a focus on action-oriented combat, players engage in dynamic battles, uncover dark secrets, and explore a visually stunning fantasy world. The game offers diverse races, extensive character customization, crafting professions, and PvP content, providing an immersive experience for fans of martial arts and fantasy genres. This game has been released for several years, attracting a constant influx of new gamers into its fantasy world. As more players join, there is a growing demand to change the Blade and Soul server location for an improved experience. This article aims to highlight the benefits of such a change and provide the best solution.

Benefits of The Blade And Soul 2 Change Server

Now more and more players tend to change the blade and soul server location, mainly because they can gain a lot of benefits. The main benefits are listed below, gamers can see what they will obtain after Blade and Soul change servers.

  • Reduced Latency

Most gamers who consider how to change servers in Blade and Soul By switching to a Blade and Soul server location closer to their geographic region, players can experience reduced latency or lag. This results in smoother gameplay, faster response times, and improved overall performance.

  • Enhanced Community Interaction

Each server in Blade and Soul has its own unique community. By changing the Blade and Soul server location, you can experience a different player base and interact with new people. This can be refreshing and provide opportunities to make new friends or join different guilds.

  • Population and Competition

Server populations can vary, and changing to a server with a higher population can lead to more active gameplay. It can also result in increased competition in PvP (player versus player) arenas, ranking leaderboards, and world bosses. Therefore, it is a cause that leads gamers to think about how to change servers in Blade and soul. If you enjoy a lively and competitive environment, switching to a Blade and Soul server location with a larger player base can be beneficial.

  • Language Preference

Certain servers may have a majority of players who speak a specific language. If you prefer playing with others who share your language, changing to a Blade and Soul server location with a community that matches your language preference can enhance communication and overall gameplay experience.

  • Time Zone

In some cases, gamers consider how to change servers in Blade and Soul mainly due to time zone. Servers are often located in specific regions, which can affect the time zone of the player base. If you are looking for a server where players are active during your preferred playtime, switching to Blade and Soul server locations in a different time zone can be beneficial.

  • Server Events and Bonuses

Servers often have exclusive events, bonuses, or rewards that are specific to that particular server. By changing Blade and Soul server locations, you can take advantage of these unique events and incentives, which may include special items, cosmetics, or even experience boosts. Participating in these server-specific activities can enhance your overall gaming experience.

The Best Solution For Blade And Soul 2 Change Server

Above are the main benefits that gamers can obtain by changing Blade and Soul server locations. Now, we are diving into how to change servers in Blade and Soul. If your previous Blade and Soul server status is not stable, you should focus on the rest of the content.

LagoFast is the best solution for Blade And Soul Change Server. LagoFast provides gamers with enhanced convenience and accuracy in selecting the appropriate server and node, ultimately preventing game lag. Additionally, LagoFast offers various impressive features such as minimizing high ping and optimizing FPS. What’s particularly enticing for gamers is the availability of a free trial download, making it an opportunity worth seizing.

To assist users in utilizing LagoFast effectively, a comprehensive tutorial is provided.

In-depth Guide on Utilising LagoFast In Blade And Soul 2

Step 1: Begin by visiting the official LagoFast website and selecting the “Free Trial Download” option.

Free Trial

Step 2: Prior to launching Blade And Soul, it is recommended to search for the game within LagoFast. Once located, you will notice the FPS Boost button positioned on the left side. Begin by clicking the Game Boost button to discover additional features.

Step 3: To choose a server that offers greater stability and effectiveness, click on the “Select Server” option. Additionally, by selecting the Node on the right, you can opt for the optimal Node for Blade and Soul.

Step 4: By selecting the Smart Boost button, you will be able to view the precise game ping, packet loss, and network type on the right-hand side. Lastly, click the Start Game button to initiate Blade and Soul.

In some cases, gamers may potentially tend to use other methods to change Blade and Soul servers. Nevertheless, it is important for players to be aware that alternative methods may not be effective in numerous instances and could potentially lead to issues like high ping. Therefore, it is strongly advised for players to utilize LagoFast. In comparison to other methods, which can be complex and often result in increased ping values, using LagoFast to switch regions offers both convenience and simplicity while effectively reducing game ping.


Many players inquire about the process of changing servers in Blade and Soul, as they are aware of the numerous benefits it offers, such as reduced latency and improved community interaction. This article not only highlights these advantages but also provides a top recommendation: LagoFast. LagoFast is an efficient and effective tool for changing servers in Blade and Soul, and players who wish to do so should consider giving it a try. By utilizing LagoFast, you can enhance your gameplay experience and immerse yourself further in the game.

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