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Every gamer of LOL could have come across the latency problem. You are very likely to fail once it happens in a critical moment. One common reason is that ping spikes occur. This means your ping suddenly increases. 'Ping' represents the length of time that it takes from your PC to the server you've chosen in LOL. When it gets too high, like 250ms, you will get frustrated with the game experience. So it's really important to know whether it is acceptable. You can open the setting menu, and click on the 'Display' tab. In 'Display', find and press on 'Toggle FPS Display' button. After finishing these steps, you will see a ping in your game. Here, we also strongly recommend you to use a ping checker for LOL to do a LOL ping test. Without settings, Lagofast, as an expert ping checker, is more convenient for LOL gamers.


In general, is 30 ping good for League of Legends? Absolutely yes! A ping that is lower than 30ms is perfect for games like MOBA, and MMO. Most players feel it's OK when ping varies between 30ms to 50ms. However, when it goes up to over 50ms, players would recognize there is a subtle lag at times. Once it is more than 100ms, LOL players will be annoying, and hard to get a good performance. A low ping can be caused by several factors, such as your ISP service quality, your chosen network bandwidth, and the distance between your location and the game server you are playing in. In most cases, it's a big challenge for LOL players to find what exactly leads to low ping and fix them. So how to lower ping in LOL? We suggest players try LagoFast. It's a ping checker and game booster designed for thousands of online games. It provides an all-in customized solution including a LOL ping test, automatic troubleshooting, and lowering ping in LOL.     



Q1: How to Check LOL Ping & See Ping in LOL(League of Legends)?

You can press 'Ctrl + F' and switch 'FPS Display' mode' to the 'Ping Display' mode. If it doesn't work, the settings of the keyboard in LOL could be incorrect. You can log in to the LOL client, and enter the settings in the top right corner. In the 'Hotkeys' tab, scroll down to the 'Additional Hotkeys' and enter the 'Display' section. Then you will see the 'Toggle FPS display' line, just simply set the shortcut keyboards as your preference. Finally, remember to save your modifications. There is another simple way, which is installing a ping checker and game booster, like LagoFast, to implement the LOL ping test automatically and check the LOL ping in real-time.



Q2: How Much Ping is OK in LOL(League of Legends)?

Technically, the ping is mainly determined by the distance from your physical location to the location where the game server is allocated. Even though your network bandwidth is broad enough, ping spikes still occur. Most LOL players will take '30ms - 40ms' as an optimal range for LOL. But when your ping is more than 50ms, your LOL gaming experience will be damaged and not be OK. As it gets higher, you will be more and more annoying in LOL, until you stop playing. Choosing a trusted and effective game booster is essential. You can quickly do a LOL ping test with LagoFast, a professional ping checker.



Q3: Is 30 Ping Good for League of Legends?

Yes. 30ms is a good ping for LOL players to fully enjoy the game. If a player who lives in the US west and plays in servers in the EU, keeping 30ms is already very good. The player is very likely a user of a game booster. Because the distance is too far. Without professional support, it is hard to decrease ping and keep it in a low range. So how to see ping in LOL? You'd better do a LOL ping test to check LOL ping before you play the game.



Q4: Why is My LOL Ping So High?

Various factors can lead to high ping in LOL. Too many programs that are occupying your bandwidth can trigger out high ping in LOL. You can press the Windows logo key and R simultaneously. Then enter 'resmon' and click on 'Enter'. These steps help you clear those unneeded tasks. If you feel the high ping is still not improved. You need to check whether there is something wrong with your network, including bandwidth, ISP service, and distance from you to game servers.  



Q5: How to Lower Ping in LOL(League of Legends)?

Fast reactions and movement are very critical to your performance in LOL. So keeping your ping on a low level is a vital part. There are quite a few possibilities that could cause a high ping in LOL. You can try if it works according to these methods. First, restart the modem, PC, and router. Second, an ethernet cable connected to your PC directly will make your network bandwidth significantly improved. Third, keep your PC drivers updated to the latest version. Also, checking and closing those unnecessary programs, including browsers, will be useful. In addition, you can press the Windows logo key and R simultaneously. Then input 'ipconfig/release' and click on 'Enter' to finish your IP renewal. The LOL developer Riot Games released a tool named Hextech Repair Take, which is aimed at checking LOL ping.


We find it very efficient for LOL gamers to use a game booster directly, like LagoFast game booster for League of Legends. It's time-saving and professional. There is no need for gamers to check a lot before playing. The configuration will be done in just a few seconds and adjusted automatically to minimize your ping during LOL gameplay. Common questions like 'how to see ping in LOL', 'how much ping is ok in LOL', 'why is my LOL ping so high', 'how to lower ping in LOL' will not confuse you anymore. Now you can begin with a LOL ping test by LagoFast! 

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