How to Fix Elden Ring Co-op Not Working on PC
Last Update: 05/24/2023

Elden Ring, the highly anticipated action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, offers an immersive co-op experience where players can team up with friends to face formidable challenges in a vast open world. If you're facing issues with Elden Ring co-op not working or Elden Ring 4 player co-op not working, it can be frustrating. Luckily, our post provides valuable insights and solutions to fix the problem, ensuring you can seamlessly connect with your friends and embark on an unforgettable co-op adventure.

Part 1: Why Is Elden Ring Co-Op Not Working

Part 2: Best Way to Fix Elden Ring Co-Op Not Working

Part 3: Other Solutions to Elden Ring Co-Op Not Working Issue

Why Is Elden Ring Co-Op Not Working

When Elden Ring co-op is not working properly, it can significantly impact the multiplayer experience and hinder players' ability to enjoy the game with friends. Several factors can contribute to Elden Ring co-op not working or Elden Ring 4 player co-op not working, and understanding why the co-op is not working in Elden Ring can help troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

  • One possible cause of Elden Ring co-op not working is network connectivity issues. This can include problems with the player's internet connection, such as slow speeds, high latency, or unstable connections. Additionally, issues with firewalls, routers, or network configurations can also disrupt the co-op functionality.
  • Another reason for Elden Ring co-op not working could be related to server problems. The game's servers may experience high traffic or technical difficulties, resulting in connection issues for players attempting to join or host co-op sessions. Server maintenance or updates can also temporarily disable the co-op feature.
  • Furthermore, compatibility issues between players' gaming platforms or game versions can lead to co-op not working as intended. If players are on different platforms (such as PC, PlayStation, or Xbox) or if their game versions are not up to date, they may encounter difficulties connecting and playing together.
  • Moreover, software conflicts, outdated drivers, or corrupted game files can also cause Elden Ring co-op not working. These issues can disrupt the proper functioning of the game's multiplayer features and require troubleshooting steps to resolve.

To address Elden Ring co-op not working, players can try using LagoFast, a trusted game VPN, which can help overcome Elden Ring co-op connection issues. LagoFast can provide a stable and secure connection, optimize network performance, and bypass any potential restrictions or region-based limitations that may affect co-op play. By utilizing LagoFast, players can ensure a smoother Elden Ring co-op experience, connecting with friends seamlessly and enjoying the game's immersive multiplayer features without disruptions.

Best Way to Fix Elden Ring Co-Op Not Working

If you're encountering issues with Elden Ring co-op not working, LagoFast can be an invaluable tool to help you overcome these challenges and enhance your multiplayer experience. LagoFast is a reliable and efficient Elden Ring boost that can address connectivity issues, optimize network performance, and provide a stable connection for seamless co-op gameplay.

By utilizing LagoFast, you can bypass any potential restrictions or region-based limitations that might be causing difficulties with Elden Ring co-op. LagoFast offers a wide range of servers in different locations, allowing you to connect to the most optimal server for improved connection quality and reduced latency.

Moreover, LagoFast's strong security features ensure that your data remains protected during online gameplay. This helps safeguard your privacy and shields you from potential threats, allowing you to focus on enjoying Elden Ring's immersive co-op gameplay without interruptions.

To fix Elden Ring co-op not working with LagoFast, simply install the LagoFast application on your device, connect to a server of your choice, and launch the game. You'll experience improved connectivity, reduced lag, and a smoother multiplayer experience, enabling you to fully immerse yourself in the cooperative adventures of Elden Ring.

Don't let co-op connection issues hinder your enjoyment of Elden Ring. Try LagoFast and unlock the true potential of multiplayer gaming, connecting with friends and fellow adventurers seamlessly as you explore the vast and captivating world of Elden Ring.


  • Strong security
  • Offer a wide range of servers in different locations
  • Simply to use
  • Address connectivity issues, such as lag, and fps drop.
  • Optimize network performance

Follow the steps below and start to deal with Elden Ring Co-Op Not Working Issue

Step 1: Click free trial and Install LagoFast.

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Step 2: Input Elden Ring in the search box and select it in the search result. 

Step 3: Choose the fastest server.

Step 4: Click on the Boost button and start boosting. Here, you can see your real-time ping & packet loss rate.

Other Solutions to Elden Ring Co-Op Not Working Issue

There are additional ways to fix Elden Ring Co-Op Not Working Issue though not as useful as LagoFast.

  1. Check your network connection: Ensure that your internet connection is stable and strong enough to support online multiplayer. If you're experiencing lag or disconnections, try restarting your router or contacting your internet service provider for assistance.
  2. Verify game compatibility: Make sure that all players have the same game version and any necessary updates installed. Mismatched versions can lead to co-op not working properly. Verify that all players are using the same platform (PC, PlayStation, Xbox) and have compatible hardware specifications.
  3. Adjust firewall and antivirus settings: Sometimes, firewall or antivirus software can block the necessary network ports for online multiplayer. Temporarily disable or configure them to allow Elden Ring to communicate freely over the network.
  4. Forward ports: If you're experiencing connectivity issues, try forwarding specific ports on your router to allow for smoother communication between players. Consult the game's official website or support documentation for the specific port numbers required for Elden Ring.
  5. Disable background applications: Certain background applications or processes running on your system can interfere with online multiplayer. Close unnecessary programs and processes to free up system resources and improve network performance.
  6. Verify game files: Corrupted or missing game files can cause the co-op not working properly. Use the game's built-in file verification tool or the respective platform's file verification feature to check for any issues and repair them if necessary.

Finally, this post shares the best way to fix Elden Ring Co-Op Not Working Issue with LagoFast and tells us why Elden Ring co-op is not working. Besides, there are 6 additional ways to fix it if issues still occur.

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